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Best Multiplayer VR Games in 2022

Everything’s better with friends
Last Updated on February 1, 2022
best multiplayer vr games

Though VR gaming is rightly lauded for its immersive qualities, it can be an isolating experience: dimming the lights, donning a headset, and shutting out the outside world for hours on end can leave even the most self-sufficient gamers longing for a bit of company.

Fortunately, alongside fantastic solo VR games like Half-Life: Alyx, there’s a growing library of equally enjoyable multiplayer titles. These inject a welcome dose of interaction, some collective goals, and plenty of fun into the mix, all in a shared virtual playground. After all, most things are better with friends.

From tactical shooters to sports sims by way of devilishly challenging co-op puzzle games and RPGs, there are VR multiplayer games that fall pretty much under every genre out there. So, if you and your friends have recently picked up headsets and are looking for your first challenge, read on as we share our picks for the best multiplayer VR games you can jump into right now.

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Best Multiplayer VR Games in 2022

Editor's Choice


  • Realistic military sim
  • Three 5v5 multiplayer objective-based modes
  • Competitive multiplayer scene
  • Valve Index, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift/Quest, WMD headset compatible
  • Graphics downgrade on Oculus
Best Battle Royale

Population: One

  • Fortnite-style VR battle royale
  • Three-person squad play
  • Verticality and building mechanics
  • Full crossplay between all versions and headsets
  • Matches capped at 18 players
  • Lacks variety
  • Free
  • Novel premise and mechanics
  • High energy, zero-gravity gameplay
  • Competitive multiplayer
  • Only available on Oculus headsets
  • Realistic table tennis sim in VR
  • Superb ball physics
  • Full crossplay between Steam VR and Oculus
  • Challenging AI
  • Rating system
  • Limited replayability for casual players
  • Realistic fishing sim
  • Available on SteamVR and Oculus
  • Cozy, social experience
  • Not one for those that want a high-energy, action-packed experience

Our Verdict

Editor's Choice


Devilishly realistic, Onward grants VR it’s very own standout shooter, and not just a run-of-the-mill variant; a deep, hardcore experience where cunning, tactics, and cooperation win games. Jump in with up to 10 players with full crossplay across SteamVR and Oculus for one of the most intense VR multiplayer games out there.

Fortnite for VR? Population: One delivers just that, mimicking many of the elements that catapulted Epic Games’ flagship title to the forefront of the gaming world a few years back. Throw in breakneck flying and construction mechanics, and Population: One is a must-play for multiplayer VR fans.

While Echo VR should be on your radar because it’s completely free for Oculus players, it also deserves our attention because it delivers a unique premise and unusual gameplay. Vaguely similar to Rocket League in zero gravity, Echo VR is one of the most memorable VR experiences out there and is a must-play for anyone with a compatible headset.

Eleven Table Tennis is exactly what it says on the tin; ping pong VR, but with beautifully responsive and crafted mechanics, a competitive rating system, and disconcertingly immersive gameplay.

Real VR Fishing is much more than a simple fishing sim in VR. It’s an extremely tranquil yet social game that perfectly captures the joy of a gentle fishing expedition bathed in laughs and compelling stories told by strangers. Real Fishing VR comes highly recommended to those hungry for something entirely opposed to the high-energy gameplay and furious action of most games.

We’ll now wrap up our guide to the best multiplayer VR games. The comments section is open for any questions or suggestions you may want to send our way.