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Best Oculus Quest 2 case in 2024

Last Updated on February 22, 2024
best oculus quest 2 case

Oculus Quest 2 is built well, but users would be wise to pop it in the best Oculus Quest 2 case to keep it safe from bumps and scrapes when not in use. But what’s so special about Oculus Quest 2, and why is it best to store it correctly when at home or traveling? Let’s dive in.

Oculus Quest 2 is the go-to virtual reality headset for many. It has an ever-expanding library of games that rule the sales charts as far as virtual reality games are concerned. Also, if users have the correct software, they can sideload a plethora of independent games and projects that blow the lid on what’s capable in VR. Users can even tether Oculus Quest 2 to a capable PC to run Stream VR and Oculus Rift titles, games that usually need a high-end gaming PC to produce some next-level VR experiences.

Oculus Quest 2 contains a Snapdragon XR2 Snapdragon processor, 6GB RAM, and around 50 percent more pixels on display than the original Oculus Quest. It’s one of the latest steps big tech has made in making games and life-like experiences more accessible in the digital world.

Nintendo is surprisingly a prominent innovator in this space, albeit its first forte into virtual reality tanking quicker than the infamous Wii U launch. It was released way before its time and before virtual reality began to bear fruit, and Virtual Boy launched on August 21st, 1995. It featured an odd red color palette which helped players with motion stickiness and sat on a table stand with an accompanied (and arguably the worst) gamepad.

Nintendo Wii launched 11 years after the Virtual Boy on November 19th, 2006. While the console hardware itself was severely out of date for its time, Nintendo brought gaming to a mass market and into the forefront of popular culture thanks to its motion controller. Oculus Quest and virtual reality also rely on motion controls, which Nintendo saw great success in. The Wii-mote successfully brought motion controls into gaming for the first time, and everyone from Grandmas to parents was getting into games like Mario Galaxy and Wii Sports. It changed the gaming landscape forever.

Oculus Quest 2 took this concept one step further with their hand tracking controllers. Rather than using gyroscopes and sensor bars to track movement, Oculus Quest controllers have a tracking ring and motion sensors on Oculus Quest 2 to track where hands are. Hand tracking modes are in development and don’t require users to use a controller. Much like Microsofts Kinect cameras, this may very well be the future of VR. Honestly, Kinect was another product that was ahead of its time.

Oculus Quest 2 storage goes from 128GB to 256GB, with the initial entry-level 64GB model discontinued in 2021. The headset lenses themselves have a 1920 x 1832 resolution alongside a 90-hertz refresh rate, which means motion sickness is significantly reduced thanks to no blurred images and a high refresh rate for smoother frame rates.

Products at a Glance

The best Oculus Quest 2 case

As you’ll now be able to tell, there are multiple reasons for keeping that Oculus Quest 2 setup tidy and protected. So, we’ve scrapped the internet and found some of the best storage and travel options for a user’s Oculus Quest 2, primarily by finding the best Oculus Quest 2 cases.

We’ve got smaller handheld cases ideal for vanilla setups to more significant cases that carry any third-party headset and the elite headset strap. These bags all have enough room for controllers and other necessary equipment to get Oculus Quest 2 up and running wherever you are.

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  • Compatible with official and most third-party head straps
  • EVA, Oxford Fabric, and Dacron materials
  • Some third-party straps will not fit

This best Oculus Quest 2 case features a hard shell exterior and contoured EVA inner molding for ultimate security and protection. This case will fit an Oculus Quest 2 headset, controllers, charging cable, power plug, and any other accessories within reason.

This will also fit the Oculus Quest 2 elite strap and most third-party straps that match a similar profile to the elite headstrap. According to the items, official description, this best Oculus Quest 2 case will not fit head straps similar to BOBOVR M2 and belts with a built-in battery.

This best Oculus Quest 2 case is made from high-quality oxford fabric, EVA, and dacron, which, when used together, provides excellent protection against scratches, drops, shocks, water, and moisture.

  • The durable hard outer shell
  • Carry handle
  • No shoulder strap provided

Like other best Oculus Quest 2 cases in this buyer’s guide, the AMVR Travel case for Oculus Quest 2 has been custom designed for Oculus Quest 2. There are individual compartments for Oculus Quest 2 VR headset alongside both controllers and a power adaptor. There’s a zip-locked mesh compartment that holds any loose accessories without scratching Oculus Quest 2.

A lens protector is also included, ensuring the lenses don’t get scratched during transit. It has a durable hard outer shell and soft interior, so the shock is absorbed within the case while the hardcover protects the package in general.

This best Oculus Quest 2 case keeps Oculus Quest 2 secure using velcro straps and smooth-performing zippers. This makes for an excellent option for users looking to take their Oculus QWuest 2 with them in a small handy case.

  • Hard EVA shell
  • Convenient zip design
  • Not compatible with third party head straps

Retears carrying case for Oculus Quest 2 is a great best Oculus Quest 2 case. It’s supposed to make sure users can carry around oculus Quest 2 in a small, portable package complete with a carrying handle. It certainly looks the part.

This best Oculus Quest 2 case features a Hard EVA shell case that protects Oculus Quest 2 from drops, scratches, bumps, moisture, and dust. A soft liner protects Oculus Quest 2 from getting scratches. What’s included in the package? 1 x VR Headset Carrying Case, 1 x Lens Protect Cover, 1 x VR Face Silicone Cover Mask, 1 x Drawstring Bag, 2 x Cable Ties, 2 x Rocker Cap.

This best Oculus Quest 2 case is easy to carry with a comfy handle. The all-around zip is easy to open and close. Everything is easy to put in and take out and fits securely—drawstring bag convenient storage cables and accessories.

  • Water-resistant
  • EVA hard protection
  • It can be a tight fit

This best Oculus Quest 2 case is a specially designed hard EVA case for Oculus Quest 2 whilst also fitting the Oculus Quest 2 Elite Strap. ProCase hard travel case comes with two cable ties, a drawstring bag, one dustproof lens cover, and one detachable shoulder strap. The measurement is 13.78 x 8.66 x 4.33 inches.

The Premium water-resistant hard EVA material exterior and customized shock-absorbing soft lining interior offer multiple protection against spills, impacts, bumps, dents, and scratches, keeping them well-organized and protected.

Two internal zippered mesh pockets and a drawstring bag, along with two cable ties, are designed for managing accessories (charge, cable, batteries, etc.) and designed with a smooth and sturdy 360-degree double zipper for easy opening and closing. This best Oculus Quest 2 case also comes with a washable dustproof lens cover, ensuring a better user experience. A fully adjustable shoulder strap and hand strap are also included.

  • Comfortable and lightweight to carry
  • Hand strap or single shoulder strap design
  • The rear of the case is not reinforced

This best Oculus Quest 2 protective shoulder case is designed with a diamond edge aesthetic in mind. The front of the case is a rigid shell skeleton structure constructed through 3D geometric patterns to resist shocks and bumps. The sides and rear of this best Oculus Quest 2 case are soft and comfortable with thickened sponge pads. This allows the shoulder bag to efficiently protect Oculus Quest 2 while keeping the backpack’s weight down.

Annapros carrying case is quite spacious and leaves room for various types of Oculus Quest head straps, including elite, third-party, and battery pack head straps. There are four separate storage spaces inside the backpack, ensuring all aspects of Oculus Quest 2 are protected.

The point of this backpack is to look modern and stand out from the crowd. The single strap shoulder design is meant to go across a user’s chest but over a shoulder instead. If this is a user’s style, it’s an excellent choice for the best Oculus Quest 2 case.

From handheld to over-shoulder best Oculus Quest 2 cases, there is something for everyone in this buyer’s guide. Every one of these cases will protect an Oculus Quest 2 and any accessories for the most part. The best pick out of these products is entirely down to what users need from the best Oculus Quest 2 case, but we wanted to give our verdict. We’ve picked choices that tick most users’ boxes and are a good deal.

For those looking to get even more out of Oculus Quest 2, check out our guide to the best battery packs on the market.

What size case do I need to buy?

Users will get away with a minor travel case if they don’t have any accessories and the standard headstrap. We’d recommend going for a backpack design for users who have the elite headstrap or other third-party accessories.

Does my case need a hard shell?

We would highly recommend it. Keeping Oculus Quest in a soft bag isn’t protecting it from anything bar dust.

Do these cases protect my Oculus Quest 2 from shocks?

The hard shell and soft foam interior design effectively keep an Oculus Quest 2 safe from bumps and scrapes.

Won't Oculus Quest 2 bang against controllers and accessories inside the case?

These cases and custom-designed for the hardware that fits snugly and offers separate compartments or foam separators to prevent this.

Our Verdict

This best Oculus Quest 2 case from Topcube has Oculus Quest owners’ space and features. It has a handle shoulder strap and has a significant form factor that will slide under a user’s bed or couch when not in use. 

It also looks nice enough to carry around with friends or take on holiday. It’s made a sturdy material and is compatible with most headset straps. There’s hardly any reason not to choose this best Oculus Quest 2 case.