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Best Seated VR Games in 2023

Why stand to play VR when you can sit?
Last Updated on February 1, 2022
best seated vr games

Ask VR purists, and you’ll invariably get a lengthy tirade about the proper way to experience VR, the importance of a full-body room-scale experience, and the physical benefits of darting to and fro across a room and waving your arms about.

But, what of those that prefer settling into their favorite couch after a long day and still want to enjoy VR Games, not to speak of accessibility for those unable to play standing up or those that simply don’t have space for a room-scale setup?

Contrary to what you’d expect and has been drilled into our heads through glossy marketing shots, there are games primed to deliver as thrilling an experience sitting down as standing up, perfect for when all that physical exertion feels a bit too much to handle.

To that end, we’ve handpicked some of the best seated VR games you can play right now. Despite being off your feet, you’ll still have the full, deeply immersive experience VR is known for with our top game recommendations without having to flail across a room.

Products at a Glance

Our Recommended

Best Seated VR Games in 2023

  • Simple, clever premise
  • As enjoyable sitting down as standing up
  • Highly replayable
  • Available on most headsets and platforms
  • Standing up does provide a better experience
  • Award-winning single-player VR action-adventure
  • Charming and compelling story
  • Seated play recommended
  • Available for all major headsets
  • Only single-player
  • First-person shooter
  • Translates well to seated play
  • Satisfying arcade-style gunplay
  • Hordes of evil robots to gun down
  • Only available on Oculus Rift and Oculus Quest
  • Spy-themed VR puzzle game
  • Compatible with Oculus, Valve, PSVR, and HTC headsets
  • Perfect for seated VR gaming
  • A little outdated at this point
  • Action-packed space flight sim
  • MMO elements
  • Designed for seated play
  • Compatible with all major headsets
  • Motion sickness

Our Verdict

A staple of the VR gaming scene, Beat Saber translates equally well to seated play. High re-playability rooted in a simple yet addictive concept ensures hours of seated fun whether you are on SteamVR, Oculus, or PSVR.

A charming single-player action-adventure that’s as gentle and compelling as it is tailored-made for VR, Moss and its unique companion-based puzzle-solving will delight those that like to sit back and relax when they game.

Despite its action-packed first-person shooter gameplay, Robo Recall is a pleasure to play from the comfort of a couch. Fast, thrilling, and visually stunning, it’s easily one of the best shooters VR’s produced to date.

I Expect You To Die is not just a fun and humor-packed spy game but a challenging puzzler that offers an immersive experience, all while limiting the need to stand and move around. Perfect for seated gamers.

Charting your own course across a recreation of the Milky Way aboard a starship in Elite Dangerous sounds excellent as it is, but in VR, the glow of distant stars and the intensity of space combat feel as immersive as it gets.

We’ll now end our guide to the best seated VR games. Send any questions, suggestions, or comments our way via the comments section below.