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How long does the Apple Vision Pro take to charge? Everything we’ve heard

Plan ahead by knowing how long your Vision Pro takes to charge
Last Updated on March 8, 2024
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We’ve all been there, mid-game or movie, then suddenly notified with a low battery warning. Waiting for your device to recharge while you’re in the middle of using it can be an annoyance, this is why it’s a good idea to know how long it takes to fully charge. Luckily, you can re-charge the Vision Pro whilst using it, however, it does mean that the headset will be connected to a charging cable, restricting your movement and overall experience. Therefore, we thought it would be a good idea to answer the question – how long does the Apple Vision Pro take to charge? So you can get back to fully charged, cable-free use it in no time!

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How long does it take to fully charge the Apple Vision Pro battery?

Early reviews of the product state that it takes around 1.5 hours of charging for 2.5 hours of wireless usage. However, the charging time of the Apple Vision Pro battery depends on various factors, including the battery’s remaining charge level and the power adapter’s wattage. Using a compatible 30W or higher power adapter should provide efficient charging. However, the exact charging time may vary.

✓ Eve’s thoughts

Charge and play

If, like me, you’re thinking that 1.5 hours of charging is quite a while to wait before getting back to your game. Its good to remember the charge while using function. You’ll have to be slightly weary of the 5-foot USB-C cable, but if your itching to get back to using your Vision Pro, this is a good option.

Indicators of charging status

The light next to the USB-C port on the Apple Vision Pro external battery pack provides useful information about its charging status. Here’s what the different light colors indicate:

Green for several seconds

The battery is charged to its full capacity

Amber for several seconds

The battery’s charge level is less than 100% but sufficient for using the Apple Vision Pro

Amber pulsing slowly

The battery’s charge level is too low to power the device adequately. Charge the battery for at least 10 minutes, or until the light shows a steady amber color when tapped.

Can I use a power adapter with lower wattage to charge the Apple Vision Pro battery?

While it is possible to use a power adapter with lower wattage, it may result in slower charging or insufficient power supply to the Apple Vision Pro battery. To ensure optimal charging performance, it is recommended to use an Apple USB-C power adapter rated for 30W or higher. Using your iPhone or iPad adapter will work but as it is only 20W it may take a little longer to charge.

Troubleshooting battery charging issues

If you encounter any issues while charging your Apple Vision Pro battery, consider the following troubleshooting steps:

  • Ensure that you are using a compatible USB-C power adapter rated for 30W or higher.
  • Try using a different USB-C charging cable to rule out any cable-related issues.
  • Verify that the power source you are connected to can power other devices.
  • If the battery’s light does not come on when connected to power, try using a different power adapter or cable to identify if the issue lies with the accessories.

If the issue persists, it is recommended to contact Apple Support for further assistance.

How long does the Apple Vision Pro take to charge – wrapping up

Having to charge your headset while you’re in the middle of a game can be an annoyance, but at least with this handy guide, you’re able to figure out just how long it’ll take until you’re at full charge again. Additionally, if you’re having battery charging issues with your Vision Pro, try out some of the suggested troubleshooting steps above.

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