How to get Boneworks on Oculus Quest 2

Everything you need to know about Boneworks and your Quest headset

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The Oculus Quest 2 has a whole host of VR experiences and games for you to enjoy right on the headset itself, removing the need for any wires crippling your immersion. It can, however, be a little confusing when trying to load up some of the best experiences around as some are only compatible with certain headsets.

One piece of VR software that many headset owners have been talking about is Boneworks and especially Quest 2 owners, have been wondering if it’s available on their headset. Below, we’ll be taking you through what Boneworks is is as well as if you can get Boneworks on your Quest 2.

What is Boneworks?

Boneworks is a fantastic VR experience that someone who has a headset should look to get installed on their device no matter what. Boneworks aims to provide a totally unique, experimental physics VR adventure that tests both your combat skills and reaction times, pushing the boundaries of virtual reality immersion.

Can you get Boneworks on Oculus Quest 2?

So, you now know what Boneworks is but are you actually able to get it on the Oculus Quest 2? Well, yes and no.

You can’t install it directly on the headset itself simply due to the fact that the game’s developer isn’t looking to port the experience over. However, what you can do is have it installed on your PC and use methods of outputting it to your Quest 2 thus allowing you to get into the experience seamlessly.

Read on to find out exactly what you need to do to get Boneworks on the Quest 2.


How to get Boneworks on Oculus Quest 2

You know what Boneworks is, you know you can get it on the Oculus Quest 2, but what do you need to do to get experiencing it? Below, we’ll be providing the steps you need to follow to get Boneworks on your Quest 2 headset.


Open the Oculus app on your PC

Have the Oculus app installed on your PC, locate it, and load it up.


Boot up your Oculus Quest 2

Turn on your Quest 2 headset by either waking it from its sleep mode or powering it from a fully off state.


Insert a Link Cable

Plug in your Link Cable, whether that’s the official Oculus variant or a third-party brand, into both your PC and your Quest 2 headset.


Enable Oculus Link

Upon inserting both ends of the cable into their relevant ports, you will receive a confirmation prompt to enable the link between PC and headset. Select ‘Enable’ to continue.


Download Boneworks

Locate Boneworks in the Oculus Store on your PC and download the experience.


Open Boneworks

Once downloaded, choose Boneworks from your Oculus Library to start playing it on your Quest 2 headset.