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Is PSVR2 multiplayer?

Virtual reality has come quite along way but is it at the point where PSVR2 offers multiplayer support

Reviewed By: Kevin Pocock

Last Updated on May 10, 2023
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The PSVR2 is now available and users are already debating over its potential. Among these debates is whether the PSVR2 is multiplayer or not. The simple answer to whether the PSVR2 system has multiplayer functionality would be both a Yes and No.

The PSVR2 device isn’t multiplayer, but PS5 games would become multiplayer. Moreover, the PSVR2 will not feature local multiplayer support, as PlayStation has already confirmed.

Continue reading below to learn more about what PSVR2 can offer in terms of multiplayer fun.

Is PSVR2 Multiplayer?

The launch date for PSVR2 is getting closer each day, which is now only a few days away. Many rumors are now speculating about what it can offer and how capable or better it would be than its predecessor. Another ongoing debate between the masses is whether the PSVR2 has multiplayer functionality.

The simple answer to that is both Yes and No. It all depends upon the games that would support VR compatibility. Sony has already released a full list of the latest PS5 games compatible with the upcoming PSVR2.

However, speaking about the local multiplayer, it’ll be no surprise that the PSVR2 won’t support it since no one can put two heads in a single headset to allow multiplayer. Moreover, for multiplayer support, Sony has confirmed that connecting two PSVR2 headsets to the same PS5 console would not be possible either.

So, how does it support multiplayer? Unfortunately, you could only connect the PSVR2 to the internet for online play. However, it all comes down to which titles the PSVR2 supports. Sony has already released a list of a few games, so check them out first before hitting the purchase button.

Besides, even online multiplayer support would only be possible with the PSVR2 if that game’s developers put multiplayer support in that title. Otherwise, the headset would be no good without any multiplayer mode in the game.

According to the PSVR2 datasheet, there isn’t an option for online compatibility. It only says about online updates or downloads. However, those games you play on your PS5 are listed as PSVR2 compatible. So, they would offer online multiplayer compatibility.

So, we are now waiting to check if online compatibility is possible. However, fans still have to wait for the local multiplayer option until Sony releases a patch that isn’t yet tangible.

How to Connect Your PSVR 2 With Your PS5?

Connecting PSVR2 with a PS5 is simple and doesn’t take much time. Just plug the cable into your PS5 console’s Type-C port, then press the power button from your PSVR2 scope section from the goggles.

An option screen will ask you to pair the controllers for the headset’s adjustment. Once you put the headset on, you must adjust the (IPD) or interpupillary distance. You would need to adjust some vision-critical settings for the whole process to end.

During this process, pay close attention to each option or instruction presented. Otherwise, you may end up repeating the process. Once you have successfully paired it with the PS5 console, you can enjoy all the compatible game titles in VR mode.


PSVR2 is already being touted as among the best VR headsets released, especially for gaming. Sadly, it will not be able to offer any local multiplayer compatibility. However, players would still be able to enjoy a selection of PS5 titles for their VR experience. As the rumors state, it might be possible in the future via a patch or any other way through which local multiplayer compatibility becomes possible. Still, until then, the simple answer to whether the PSVR2 has multiplayer remains both a yes and no.

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