How To Find Wi-Fi Password On Mac

Finding Wi-Fi passwords on your Mac is easier than you think

How To Find WiFi Password On Mac

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The Wi-Fi password is a crucial key to accessing the wonders of the internet – but remembering the password for each network and each location that you visit is almost impossible.

Fortunately, Macs are pretty smart machines and have the ability to locate, store and automatically connect to Wi-Fi networks, no matter where you go.

Uncovering the location of these Wi-Fi passwords can, however, be easier said than done – unless you have the ultimate guide to help you locate the Wi-Fi password on your Mac.

Read on for everything that you need to know – and rest assured that you never need to worry about losing a Wi-Fi password again!

Why Might I Need To Find My Wi-Fi Password On A Mac?

Using Wi-Fi networks around the world without an internet connection can be extremely useful when traveling. Whether it’s getting online from an airport terminal or if you’re in a foreign country trying to find a local place to buy food or directions.

And when you do manage to get connected to the internet, transferring files from one computer to another can also become very difficult otherwise.

However, having access to the fastest internet connections shouldn’t come at any expense – especially considering how many people use their home broadband while they’re away from the house or even abroad.

Unfortunately, many ISPs don’t allow users to change their default settings, meaning that they must keep using the same password throughout their entire journey.

This means that they might not remember this sensitive piece of information, which could leave them vulnerable to identity theft.

If you want to ensure your own security as well as those of others around you then it’s best to make sure that you always log off from public Wi-Fi hotspots before leaving the vicinity.

But what if you forget exactly where you were connecting to the last time you used the internet?

You might struggle to recall all locations that you’ve been to over the past few days, let alone weeks or months.

Even worse still, it’s likely that you won’t need to remember every single username and password combination that you’ve used during a trip around the world.

That’s why the ability to quickly spot and memorize Wi-Fi login details is so important and why we created this simple step-by-step tutorial today.

How To Find WiFi Password On Mac

How Do I Find My Wi-Fi Password On A Mac?

When it comes to locating the Wi-Fi password on your Mac, there are two main options, and we will explore these below:



Find Saved Wi-Fi Passwords on Your Mac

  1. To use this method, begin by opening the Spotlight search, and type in “Keychain Access”.
  2. This will launch the relevant app on your device. Select “System”, and then head to “Categories” and click on “Passwords”.
  3. You will be presented with a list of Wi-Fi networks, and can then click on it to select the name of the Wi-Fi network that you are searching for the password for.
  4. Once you find the required network, click “Attributes”, and tick on the option to “Show Password”. You will then be asked to enter the Username and Password of the Administrator and click on “OK” to confirm this.
  5. The device may ask you to repeat your Username and Password again – if this is the case, enter them again, and clock to “Allow”.
  6. When you click back, your Wi-Fi password will be displayed in the area “Show Password”, allowing you to access the password for that particular network.



How To See Saved Wi-Fi Passwords Using the “Terminal” Function

  1. Another option is to use the “Terminal” function on the Mac – this can be accessed and opened using the Spotlight Search bar.
  2. Once you have the Terminal window open in front of you, you can type the relevant command “security find-generic-password-ga WIFI NAME grep “password:” and then select “Enter” to confirm this.
  3. Once you have pressed “Enter”, you will be asked for your Administrator-only Username and Password.
  4. Enter the necessary details, and then click on “Allow” to confirm this.
  5. Your Wi-Fi password will then be visible in the Terminal app, under the Command box.

As a side note, you can locate your Administrator Username and Password using the Apple icon, located in the top-left corner of your screen. This will provide the information that you need to proceed, and should allow you to find the relevant Wi-Fi password for your wireless network.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a quick way to keep track of your Wi-Fi passwords without needing to write them down, then this tool could come in handy.

Not only does it allow you to store hundreds of different accounts at any given point in time, but also provides a convenient way of keeping an eye on which networks you need to secure when moving between locations.

The Wi-Fi Password Finder App is ideal for people who travel often and need to stay connected to their networks wherever they go, as well as students and professionals who need to access multiple websites and files from across the globe.

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