How To Reset Netgear Router

Learn how to reset your Netgear router and get your connection back on track.

How To Reset Netgear Router

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Netgear routers are very useful devices, which are designed to provide high-speed Internet access to millions of homes around the globe.

Unfortunately, they also come with a number of problems, and knowing how to reset your router can be the difference between a productive afternoon of work, and a serious headache.

Netgear routers are widely used because they are reliable and affordable. They offer great performance and support advanced features such as parental controls, smart home control, and Wi-Fi security, making them popular for workers and families alike.

On the downside, however, these routers tend to be more prone to errors and malfunctions than some other brands. When this happens, you might experience slow or unstable connection speeds.

In addition, some issues can cause your device to crash, and this means that you will have to restart your router manually in order to regain function.


Why Might You Need To Reset Your Netgear Router?

There are many reasons why you may end up needing to reset your Netgear router. Some of the most common problems include:



Poor Connection Speeds

A major reason for experiencing poor connection speeds is an overloaded network. It is possible that there is too much traffic on your network due to something like a computer game or a large video streaming service.

This creates congestion, which limits the amount of data that can be transferred through the router.

When there is too much traffic, it slows down the entire system. Sometimes, when connection speeds fall below a certain threshold, you may need to reset your wireless router.

This helps to ensure that your network has sufficient bandwidth and does not run into any other troubles.

In addition, if you are using a VPN (a virtual private network) on your internet connection, you may need to update to the latest version so that you do not encounter any more connectivity issues.

The good news is that we have all the steps necessary to help you out!



No Wi-Fi Network Connections

Sometimes, users must connect their laptops or smartphones to their home networks through external USB adapters. These types of adapters cannot always be turned off or unplugged by mistake. 

In cases where the adapter remains connected, you will not be able to utilize its functionality. For example, if it was previously attached to a printer, then you won’t be able to print any more until you remove the USB cable from your PC.

If this happens, you will have to reboot your Netgear router in order to reestablish the proper connections between various network components and regain an internet connection.



The Power Supply Is Low On Battery

Another issue that can lead to router resetting is low battery levels.

Even in situations where your Netgear router still functions properly, sometimes its power supply gets weak. As soon as this occurs, it starts to act differently compared to how your router normally behaves. 

For instance, the LED lights may start flashing quickly, or you may hear a clicking sound while trying to turn on your network. Most times, this happens when the battery level drops below a certain point.

This problem typically requires manual intervention. Otherwise, you will need to replace the dead battery with a new one.



Hardware Malfunction

There are several instances where hardware parts malfunction leading to the need to reset your Netgear router. One of them includes hard drive failures.

If you use a hard disk to store important information (such as photos, videos, music, and documents), they could become inaccessible because of hard drive failure.

Another instance involves overheating issues. When this happens, your router will probably experience unusual symptoms. At first, you will notice sluggish performance and frequent reboots. 

Then, you will learn that your router stopped responding altogether. After that, you will experience further issues such as the inability to make telephone calls through the handset and the inability to access the wireless range.

Fortunately, you can prevent these scenarios by clearing up your Netgear router settings so that you can regain full router functionality. 


How Can I Reset My Netgear Router?

Resetting your Netgear router is a fairly simple process, with just a few short steps, and we will explore these below:



Enter The Setup Menu

To reset your Netgear router, first, connect it to the power supply. Then press the setup button on its back panel.

You’ll see the setup menu appear on the screen. Use your browser at this point if you need to make any changes before beginning the process.



Choose “Reset” Option

At this stage, you will be asked to choose from three options: factory default settings, factory restore defaults or erase all settings (this option is only available when you use a USB drive).

Now, select factory restore defaults in order to delete everything you have done on your router so far. A factory reset will essentially restore your Netgear router.



Restart Your Device

The next step is to shut down your Wi-Fi router. Do this by pressing the reset button provided on its front side for about 10 seconds.

At this point, your router will reboot automatically. Next, wait until your device restarts completely before using your Internet. 

Also, note that you cannot restart your router while connected to the web.

In other words, don’t try logging into your router’s admin account unless you’re not already connected to the web. This is an example of how to reset your Netgear router!

How Long Will It Take To Reset My Netgear Router?

In most cases, resetting your Netgear router should be a fast, easy process – in most cases, this procedure takes less than 3 minutes, but on rare occasions, it could take much longer depending on the cause.

If something unexpected happens during the process, such as the loss of connection between the Wi-Fi router and computer, then you should repeat the same steps described above even though it might seem like a waste. 

All you do during this time is wait for the router to reconnect with the system. It really doesn’t hurt anything except wasting some of your time.

Final Thoughts

When you want to reset your Netgear network router, there are usually two reasons behind that action: software problems and hardware problems. In either case, you must follow the instructions outlined above in order to perform the task successfully. 

As a last point, remember to set your password after performing any configuration changes. That way, you can protect yourself against unauthorized users who may be able to log onto your router, even under different names and passwords.

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