Fix Issues With Equalizer APO On Windows

Issues With Equalizer APO On Windows

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The right sound from your computer can make a big difference to videos you are watching or music you are listening to.

However, Microsoft doesn’t provide many options when it comes to improving the sound or changing the sound settings.

This is the reason why most people explore the world of third-party equalizers, and this is where Equalizer APO comes in.

We take a look at how to fix some of the main issues with Equalizer APO on Windows.

Causes Of Equalizer APO Not Working

There could be any number of causes that mean Equalizer APO is not working on your Windows computer.

You will need to find out the right cause of the problem first, and then you can sort out the issue.

Blocked By Firewall

If you have an antivirus program installed on your PC, chances are it has blocked access to the audio device.

The solution here is simple: disable the firewall for a few minutes so that the audio driver can use the microphone.

You may also need to add an exception to the firewall to ensure your Equalizer APO is running.

Disabled Device Enhancements

Equalizer APO needs certain enhancements to work properly.

These enhancements include support for surround sound and support for Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound.

When these features are disabled, they cannot be used by any other software.

No Sound At All

Sometimes, there is no sound coming through the speakers, even though the volume is turned up all the way.

In this case, check if the audio drivers are updated. If the drivers are outdated, update them.

Audio Hardware Acceleration

When you have hardware acceleration for audio enabled in your computer’s properties settings, then you may find that Equalizer APO isn’t running on your machine.

You need to disable hardware acceleration and try again if this has resolved the issue.

How To Fix Issues With Equalizer APO On Windows

Depending on the type of issue, you can try fixing any problems with Equalizer APO on Windows with the following solutions.



Enable Enhancements

If you disable all Enhancements on your computer, then likely Equalizer APO won’t run. You should always enable Enhancements in your computer’s Properties section.

To enable Enhancements you need to right-click on the Volume icon in the bottom right corner of your Windows screen.

Then select the Sounds option. Next, go to the Playback tab. Then click with the left on your device and click on Properties.

You will now see the Enhancements tab where you need to uncheck the box for disabling Enhancements.



Create An Exception In Your Firewall

Navigate to your antivirus program or firewall, and create an exception there for Equalizer APO. You will then need to test whether this has resolved the issue.



Disable Hardware Acceleration Of Audio

Not everyone may be able to disable hardware acceleration for audio but it’s worth checking out.

Right-click on the speaker icon in the right-hand corner of your screen, and then select the Sounds option.

Go to the Playback tab and then left-click on the headset. Click the Properties option and go to the Advanced tab in Microphone Properties.

Here you just uncheck the box for Allow hardware acceleration of audio.

What Can You Use Equalizer APO For?

Equalizer APO allows you to adjust the levels of different frequencies of sound to suit your preferences.
Some of the things you can do with Equalizer APO include:

  • Adjusting the bass level
  • Reducing the high-frequency noise
  • Reduce the overall volume
  • Boost the low end
  • Increase the mid-range
  • Improve the clarity of the sound
  • Change the balance between left and right channels
  • Create a more balanced stereo mix

What Operating Systems Are Supported With Equalizer APO?

You could install Equalizer APO on all Windows desktop PCs and laptops with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10. However, Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 are no longer actively supported with security fixes from Microsoft, and are best avoided or upgraded where possible.


The best thing about Equalizer APO is that it allows you to change the levels of various sounds on your PC
Although the program sometimes does stop working, we found it to be very useful.

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