Halo Infinite Release Date Leaked By Microsoft, others

The game was missing from the Xbox Gamescom conference

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Master Chief’s return in Halo Infinite appears to be in a flux of rumoured dates and a quagmire of negativity about the current state of the game.

Infinite was absent from Xbox’s Gamescom lineup, with rumours circling that it might actually just be at the opening show for the biggest splash. The game was delayed from last year to this year as it was met with hostility and disappointment over how it looked, as well as rumours that it was going to be released in parts.

According to Aggiornamenti Lumia, an Italian outlet, the latest Halo game is now set for a December 8th release date. Their screenshot of the Microsoft Store appears to be from their region, as the UK website has not been updated.

This is corroborated by Taiwanese rating boards and a French user who works in a games store, that the date has already hit retailers in Europe.


The Halo Infinite Campaign is currently under a cloud of disappointment after it was leaked that the co-op and Forge modes (its creative suite) won’t be available at launch.

Infinite’s multiplayer is going to be entire free-to-play, with this appearing to be Microsoft’s last-ditch effort to bring popularity to its flagship shooter after a fair few stumbles with the remaster, The Master Chief Collection, which spent multiple years in a state of either being entirely broken or just about working before finally finding its footing.

Halo 5 did not set the world on fire, to the point that it appears from trailers that Halo Infinite will be pretty much ignoring the overall plot of the game and instead focusing on new things in the fallout of 5, rather than a direct sequel.

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