How Long Does It Take to Cure 3D Prints?

Factors Affecting Curing Time

How Long Does It Take to Cure 3D Prints

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The time required to cure a 3D print depends on a few factors. Most 3D prints need curing before they become fit for use. People suggest different methods and time frames to cure these 3D prints.

Let’s find out more about it.  

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What is the Duration Required for 3D Prints to Cure?

Generally speaking, most people claim that a 3D resin print only takes hardly five minutes if you cure it under a UV lamp. Further, if the 3D print is miniature, it would only take a minute to get cured. In the case of a larger-sized 3D print, it can take 3–5 minutes to cure.

However, these are all speculations or assumptions from different people. All these cures may take an hour or even more to recover properly. This entirely depends on the method, the size of the print, and the materials used during printing.

Moreover, it can take even a few hours to dry out completely if sunlight is used. With UV light, you will get a consistent light source, whereas, with sunlight, the clouds, or weather conditions in an open place will come into play and alter the time-lapse.

Which Method is the Most Effective to Cure 3D Prints?

An artificial UV light lamp is the most effective and consistent method of curing your 3D prints. It is more reliable and guarantees positive results than sunlight cure or any other method.

In addition, it would require only a few ways. The other methods may take an hour or even more, depending on their conditions.


There can’t be a fixed time-lapse to determine the cure of a 3D print. Different types of 3D images can require different periods depending on their material, size, conditions, or construction method. Therefore, we recommend best follow the manufacturer’s instructions as their guidelines will best help since they consider all factors in their advice.