How to use ChatGPT in Hindi

How to use ChatGPT in Hindi - a useful skill for 600+ million people. But can ChatGPT understand Hindi and write in the devanagari script?

How to use ChatGPT in Hindi

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ChatGPT is the worlds leading LLM (Large Language Model). So, it’s only fair that it should be fluent in more than one language. OpenAI’s GPT-4 model is predominantly trained on English language training data, but with a global user base, of which Hindi is the 4th most natively spoken language, at least 345 million people should know how to use ChatGPT in Hindi.

Does ChatGPT know Hindi?

Yes, ChatGPT knows Hindi. The AI chat bot can both understand queries in the Devanagari script, as well as returning Hindi answers even from prompts in another language.

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An AI models proficiency in a language does depend on the extensiveness, comprehensiveness, and quality of writing style present in the training data. This means that the conclusion ‘ChatGPT can speak Hindi’ is a simplified one. It’s not quite as fluent as it is in English – but still very useful.

Training an LLM is a monumental task when you consider that all of the advances we have made so far in accuracy, succinctness, tone, and relevancy – realistic human writing, to put it simply – had to be made across multiple languages in parallel.

How to use ChatGPT in Hindi

With 600+ million speakers around the globe (345+ million of those as their first language) Hindi is one the worlds most common languages.

As it turns out, using ChatGPT in Hindi, with the Devanagari script, is super easy. Just as with any of the other 50+ languages that ChatGPT can handle, simply ask the AI chatbot a question, while specifying which language ou’d like your response in.

How to use ChatGPT in Hindi
How to use ChatGPT in Hindi

How to set language to Hindi in ChatGPT

You can also explicitly change your language settings as shown here.