Steve Hook

AI content writer

About Steve Hook

Summary Steve is the AI Content Manager for PC Guide. Steve has 7 years of experience in creative digital media, starting as a music video director in London. Experience With a background of 7 years in creative digital media, Steve started his career as a music video director in London. While studying for his degree in audio engineering, he edited and directed music videos and lyrics videos for labels like Universal Music Group and SONY AMG as well as social clients like Proximity and Trap Nation. After various appointments such as Print and Digital Marketing Lead, around London’s iconic Mayfair – as well as brand strategist and event video director to Beyonce songwriter Carla Marie Williams – Steve moved to Manchester to become a social media presenter. 300+ million views later, he invests in and writes about emerging technologies, plays D&D with pals, and enjoys a long hike up a big hill. Education Steve holds a Bachelor’s degree in Audio-engineering from the Academy of Contemporary music.