Midjourney vs Bing Image Creator — Best AI generator?

Is free Bing mage creator better than paid Midjourney?

Midjourney vs Bing Image Creator — AI art generators compared.

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our personal favorite AI image generator goes head-to-head with the new kid on the block. Each of them is capable of producing text-to-image art generations (often referred to as AI art) in a variety of different art styles, unique creativity and proper aspect ratios. When we say AI-generated high-quality images, we mean digital images (JPEG or JPG, and PNG files etc.) that were created using an AI image generator. Even OpenAI’s ChatGPT can create realistic imagery and detailed art; If you’re a ChatGPT Plus or Enterprise user, GPT-4V update added image output to the newly multimodal AI chatbot. Interestingly, ChatGPT with vision uses the same AI art generator as Bing to output images files from a simple text prompt input. So, how do the free versions and subscription plans of Bing Image Creator and Midjourney compare?

Midjourney vs Bing Image Creator

Unlike Mid-journey, Microsoft Bing seems to be going with a public-friendly naming approach — The software product itself will forever be called free Bing Image Creator, while keeping the messy LLM (Large Language Model) name and AI model number hidden. Not too hidden though, proudly wearing “powered by DALL·E 3” like a badge of honor. Only hidden enough to keep the interface user-friendly for those less au fait with generative AI (an approach we expect to pay off in terms of mass adoption). It runs on a boost credit system that ensures the AI program renders image prompts quickly. You can get more boosts by spending Microsoft Rewards points that you can earn by using the Microsft ecosystem. Bing Image generator offers a Surprise Me button that suggests different prompts if you don’t what to type.

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In terms of usability, Microsoft Binge Image Creator is forever free and only requires a Microsoft account to use it. On the other hand, you need Midjourney’s subscriptions to use its AI-image generation hardware. Midjourney has three subscription plans- the basic plan kicks off at $8 per month, the standard plan starts at $24 per month, and the Pro Plan begins at $48 per month. However, Midjourney AI image generation performance depends upon the plan you choose. With a high-end plan, it will generate images quickly compared to the basic and standard plans. Sometimes the process is too slow and the image generation time fully relies on how busy the server is. The popular messaging platform Discord is hosted within Midjourney, meaning you can also experience Midjourney on Discord if you have a free account.

Midjourney vs Bing Image Creator AI images.
Midjourney vs Bing Image Creator — AI image quality comparison.
Midjourney vs Bing Image Creator AI art generator interface.
Midjourney vs Bing Image Creator AI art generator interface.

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Does Microsoft’s AI Image Creator use DALL·E 3?

Yes, the AI art generator from Bing uses the openai’s DALL-E 3 model. In fact, when visiting the site, you’ll see “powered by DALL·E 3” brandished in the top left corner. There’s no attempt to hide it, considering the very public corporate partnership between Bings’ parent company Microsoft, and ChatGPT creator OpenAI; A co-operation that began in 2019 with a $1 billion USD investment, swelling to $13 billion USD to date. As a result, Bing Chat uses OpenAI technology — which the software tech giant essentially paid for, to be fair.