John Buckley

About John Buckley

John is a seasoned writer and creative media producer who explores the intersection of technology and human identity. He joined PC Guide in 2024.

John holds a degree in Media Practices and Multimedia from the University of Bedford, and enjoys covering the latest AI news with expert opinion and analysis. John brings a unique perspective to his work, having been one of the UK’s first podcasters and a long-time observer of the industry. Throughout his career, John has interviewed a diverse array of individuals, from cyborgs and CEOs to wearable tech fashion designers and VR and AR game designers.

His path has crossed with industry giants like Microsoft and HTC, speaking at the UK Microsoft campus and interviewing them about their first-generation VR and AR products. He has also chaired panel discussions featuring top journalists from The Guardian and the BBC. On top of his work for PC Guide, John is the owner and creative head of Poetec, a bespoke technology writing service that explores the intersection of AI and storytelling.

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