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Midjourney logo creation – mastering logo design for your brand

We take you through the logo creaton process for this powerful tool

Reviewed By: Kevin Pocock

Last Updated on March 21, 2024
A collage of various stylized icons and logos representing different concepts and entities, including those from midjourney projects.
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If you want to create a stunning logo for your website or business, Midjourney is an excellent choice. It understands virtually the entire history of human art and design and has vast graphical and design-based knowledge. In many ways, its abilities are on par with those of an agency staffed with top designers! In this article, we’ll explore the world of Midjourney logo design and show you how you can leverage this innovative tool to create captivating logos quickly.

Midjourney logo creation – decoding logo language

Midjourney can help you simplify the dizzyingly complex work of logo design into a few key elements – and a whole lot more. Check out our Midjoureny review to see what we think overall when it comes to the tool. But, before we begin prompting in Midjourney, let’s consider the type of logo you’re looking to create. It needs to suit your brand’s vibe and convey the right feel. I’ve outlined the five main types of logos you should consider below.

  • Type: This could be a wordmark (think Google), a lettermark (think HBO), or a combination (Adidas), a brandmark (Apple’s fruit), or an emblem (Starbucks).
  • Subject: It’s about who you and your company are – For this article let’s say you’re ‘Green Leaf Cafe’ a local coffee sanctuary in the heart of the city. You offer a cosy alternative to those stuffy corporate coffee brands, and you use high-quality organic ingredients.
  • Style: Green Leaf Cafe is warm, and inclusive, with an organic earthy vibe. A place for conscious consumers and coffee lovers.
  • Avoid: What you’re steering clear of. You don’t always need to include this in your prompt, but it can help if you’re getting something you don’t like. Maybe it’s dark heavy colors or symbols that are too abstract, or even fonts that are too edgey and don’t offer that welcoming vibe your brand represents.

If you’re looking for help with this kind of conversation, try booting up ChatGPT and asking it to “act as a brand designer that can help you design a logo.” It’s very familiar with the world of branding and can give you some great pointers. Regardless, there are a few key things any designer will tell you to keep in mind when designing your logo:

  • Simplicity: Don’t overcomplicate it. It should be easy to recognize and reproduce.
  • Memorable: Aim for something that stands out AND is easy to remember.
  • Timeless: Try not to use elements that will date quickly.
  • Balance: You’re looking for something aesthetically pleasing.
  • Typography: Select a font that reflects your brand.
  • Color: Choose your colors wisely. They play a role in how people view you.
  • Story: Think about what the logo really says about your brand, and how it conveys who and what your company is.

Ok. So now we’ve got your creative juices flowing and you’ve come up with a few logo ideas you’d like to try out in Midjourney, lets get to the prompt window and start creating them!

The basic elements of a Midjourney logo prompt

When you break it down, a good Midjourney logo prompt has a few key elements: the type of logo, the subject of the logo, the style of the logo, and (if needed) what you don’t want.

It’s important to remember that Midjourney is not perfect, especially where type is concerned. You may need to re-roll the prompt a few times to get what you’re looking for. Or, simply prompt the logo in Midjourney and then use any number of graphic design tools to add your type or other elements later.

For the purpose of this article, I’ve created a fictional brand called “Green Leaf Cafe.” The basic brief is that it’s a local cafe destination with a warm, inclusive environment, frequented by conscious consumers who like the fact that the coffee is both excellent and uses organic ingredients. It’s essential to convey these values in the logo. Considering the café’s ethos, the logo should be warm, friendly, approachable, and (if possible) sum up the essence of the brand.

Here are some of the prompts I created in Midjourney (with a little bit of help from ChatGPT) to encapsulate these qualities:

Create a sleek and modern wordmark for the text ‘Green Leaf Cafe’ in a font that suggests organic elegance, set against a pure white background. The font should convey warmth and inclusivity, with subtle natural elements integrated into the letters, avoiding overly complex or decorative details.”

“A cozy, inviting logo for Green Leaf Café, highlighting sustainability and organic ingredients. Incorporate elements of green leaves, coffee beans, and warm, earthy tones. The style should be minimalist yet warm, evoking a sense of community and eco-consciousness. Use soft, rounded typography to enhance the logo’s approachability.”

“A simple flat vector-based illustration of a coffee cup on a plain white background. The coffee cup has a green leaf and coffee beans on the side. The coffee cup has steam coming out of the top.”

“A mascot logo for a cheerful coffee bean character named ‘Beanie,’ who wears a leaf as a cap. On the cap, it says ‘Green Leaf Cafe.’ He represents the coffee brand Green Leaf Cafe. Beanie has a big, welcoming smile. The logo should be on a plain white background.”

Midjourney managed to produce a variety of interesting results which provided us with a great starting point to begin thinking about our brand. From here, there are several ways we could go. We might continue to refine these rough outputs, experimenting and fine-tuning the basic prompts. We might also consider using a third-party application like Photoshop or Canva, and then feed back those ideas into Midjourney. Alternatively, we could use these ideas as the foundation for a conversation with a graphic designer. Either way, Midjourney has helped us progress from an initial idea to something much more interesting.

It’s important to remember that you can create great logos with really simple prompts. You don’t have to get very detailed if you don’t want to. All of the logo’s for the cover image of this article were created with prompts like:

  • A logo named “Angel” for a clothing company where you design your own clothes.
  • Create a logo for a meditation app.
  • Create logo for brand that sells luxury add-on’s for Tesla cars.
  • Create a logo for a platform that offers public scientific tools for AI in science.

Rounded Versions

As many logos are circular, I also took the liberty of rounding them in Figma. They look great, and while I’d certainly expect to do more work here, we have the beginning of a Green Cafe Logo. 🙂

Final thoughts

As you can see, Midjourney is quite capable of helping you generate logo designs for your business. The designs here were the product of just over an hour’s worth of prompting. Taking time to refine your approach further, and thinking things through in more detail, could produce much higher-quality results.

As the world of AI art evolves, tools like Midjourney continue to grow in importance, providing easy, straightforward access to incredible generative AI software that lets you create images, logos, photos, product designs, and more that accelerate your business and beautify your life!

Can Midjourney create logos?

Absolutely. As this article shows it can create logo designs and then some. Midjourney is a great tool for inspiration for branding and this guide should help you get results you can be proud of, and take forward with you and your business or project.

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