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GPT-4 usage cap – How to increase the ChatGPT usage limit

ChatGPT message caps and how to work around them

Reviewed By: Kevin Pocock

Last Updated on March 12, 2024
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The GPT-4 usage cap limits your input queries, allowing a certain number in a given time frame. Commonly, this will be a maximum of 50 messages (text prompt inputs) every 3 hours. We feel your frustration as a paying ChatGPT Plus subscriber, unable to use GPTs, ChatGPT plugins, or any of the other new features of this ground-breaking generative AI. If you’re seeing the ChatGPT error message “You’ve reached the current usage cap for GPT-4, please try again after X”, then here’s the solution.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about the GPT-4 usage cap; covering the GPT-4 usage cap capabilities and how to increase the ChatGPT usage limit, for better results, extensive interaction, and more in-depth conversations with your ChatBot.

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What is the GPT-4 usage cap?

The GPT-4 usage cap is a limit to the number of messages you can send to ChatGPT in a given amount of time. This error message refers to the usage limitation placed on ChatGPT to prevent spam and DDoS attacks. Even paid users with a premium plan such as ChatGPT Plus users or ChatGPT Enterprise are subject to this message limit – free users were previously capped at the original message cap of 25, while premium users were allowed a higher limit of 50. But then, 50 was made universal for even ChatGPT Plus customers.

The GPT-4 usage cap.
The ChatGPT error message triggered by these message caps often reads “You’ve reached the current usage cap for the GPT-4 model. You can continue with the default model now, or try again” after some time. Depending on where the message is displayed, which may be a cautionary instance below your selected model, or an error message after you’ve exceeded and not heeded the limit, it might mention the limit in objective terms. Commonly, this will be “50 messages every 3 hours”.

How to increase the ChatGPT usage limit

If this is a frequent issue for you, and you’d like to know how to use an increased limit, read on.

To fix this problem and get back to browsing, paid users can resort to the “default model”, which is GPT-3.5. Sadly, this does mean your premium access to server bandwidth is forfeited for the time being. As a result, you’ll have the share the same access to AI text generation as everyone else, and with at least “100 million weekly active users”, as confirmed by OpenAI CEO Sam Altman on OpenAI DevDay, that’s a limited amount.

Instead, it may be worth considering a different option to acquire a raised limit, such as switching to a ChatGPT alternative. A different AI chatbot, like Bing Chat, will do largely the same thing, especially because Microsoft’s version uses the exact same LLM (large language model) as OpenAI! In fact, the tech giant even has its own AI image generator, Bing Image Creator, which runs on DALL-E 3 (Stylized DALL·E 3), just like ChatGPT’s image output feature.

What is the usage cap for the ChatGPT API? How do I increase it?

Alternatively, you could try using the OpenAI API. This method requires a little technical know-how but allows for the greatest control over your GPT-4 usage cap. With the Chat GPT-4 API, you can harness the power of OpenAI’s most powerful LLM, but decide the functionality yourself.

There is no rate limit for using the API – it just costs money. Therefore, to increase your rate limit, simply make more money. Pick your poison.

Considering that ChatGPT Plus subscription users pay money just to be restricted anyway, it could be worth it for you. The cost is based on the number of tokens you’re generating, but if you’re the only one using your API-based tool you have full control of how much you’re spending. You could also allow others to use your tool, as an app (big learning curve here!)

API access is not an immediate self-serve process. However, if rate limits are the only thing in your way, it’s worth giving it a shot. With no token limits as with the OpenAI subscription plans, you can take your AI content creation to the next level!

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How much does ChatGPT-4 cost per month?

Considering what we’ve talked about in this article, and how even ChatGPT Plus members are limited by usage caps, it’s important to note how much this subscription costs. ChatGPT-4 is easily accessed online for free, however, if you’re considering becoming a ChatGPT-4 Plus member it will cost you $20 per month. This price is certainly not cheap, so it’s important to understand what benefits you’ll be getting out of paying for continuous service.

GPT-4 usage cap – How to increase the ChatGPT usage limit – Conclusion

To conclude, increasing your ChatGPT usage cap is not quite as clear-cut as we first hoped. Completing this task involves one of the methods outlined above; either using OpenAI API or switching to a ChatGPT alternative. Increasing your ChatGPT usage limit is doable, but it requires some time and decision-making on your part.

Steve is an AI Content Writer for PC Guide, writing about all things artificial intelligence. He currently leads the AI reviews on the website.