Why isn’t Chat GPT working?

Possible causes and fixes to Chat GPT errors

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Chat GPT is a wildly popular online AI chatbot. As time has passed its popularity has skyrocketed resulting in many users jumping on the AI bandwagon. From time to time, the OpenAI website may face some technical difficulties, where you might see that the AI bot is not working. But, why isn’t Chat GPT working?

For those who aren’t familiar, Chat GPT is a phenomenal AI language model, released near the end of last year. The chatbot can do a wide range of pretty exciting and revolutionary tasks such as essay writing, coding, and as of late passing university-level exams.

In recent news, the technology behind OpenAI’s chatbot is soon to be introduced in the digital media company, Buzzfeed, to create some of the site’s written content!

Those who are eager to try out this language model may be wondering how to deal with the error. This guide will detail the whole “Chat GPT not working” matter. So, carry on reading till the end.

Why is Chat GPT down?

There are various reasons why Chat GPT may not be working for you. A common cause stems from a bunch of users trying to use the chatbot at the same time. Usually, this leads to a server overload issue (capacity problem), where many people get locked out of the site.

Although, this isn’t the only cause. On some occasions, problems can arise from issues on your end. Classic causes are internet issues, corrupt browser cache or cookies, or your geographic location.

Chat GPT is available in most developed countries. However, interestingly there are some places in the world where Chat GPT is not available. Countries that seem to ban the use of the AI bot are China, Russia, and Egypt among others.

So how can you go about solving these problems? We detail these fixes below so you can get Chat GPT up and running again.

Fixing the Chat GPT error

There are various ways you can go about fixing the Chat GPT ‘not working’ error. Below we have outlined a few options for you to try:

  1. Check the Chat GPT Server Status – checking whether or not the server is down is a great way of understanding why you cannot use Chat GPT. Sometimes this is not the case, but it is a good place to start.
  2. Clear your browser cookies and cache
  3. Check your internet connection
  4. Try using different internet browsers such as Chrome, Edge, or Firefox
  5. Contact Chat GPT support

Chat GPT was created by OpenAI and is currently in its prototype phase. It was built using a sizable set of data enforced by training and was equipped with the GPT-3.5 architecture.  

Since its release, the chatbot has gained a lot of attention from across the globe for its ability to communicate in a conversation that mimics human speech.

Its popularity has originated from many viral posts showing the chatbot doing some exceptional things. The latest headline is around GPT-3.5 passing the law bar exam.

Additionally, Chat GPT has become a popular companion for students who are using the model to assist in their essay writing. This has caused great concern among academics and anti-cheating software creators. But since the technology is still relatively new, many authorities do not know how to react just yet.

How much does Chat GPT cost?

You’ll be happy to know that Chat GPT is currently free for all on the OpenAI website. Recently, OpenAI has released a paid subscription option, named Chat GPT Plus.

For $20 a month, subscribers can access a range of attractive benefits, including access even during peak times, faster response times, and priority to new features and improvements.

So, depending on how often you use the tool, OpenAI has given users the option to upgrade to guarantee the AI’s functionality and efficiency.

Final Thoughts

Chat GPT errors are somewhat common, with many Reddit users reporting their experience online. In this guide, we have outlined a few possible causes and fixes so you can start using Chat GPT again. If you are having trouble creating an account, why not read ‘Why does Chat GPT need a phone number’ next?