Chat GPT Plus – what you need to know

Introducing OpenAI's new subscription plan

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The rumors are true! OpenAI has announced it will be releasing a Chat GPT subscription plan. Get ready for Chat GPT Plus.

The AI company is launching this subscription service for those looking to get exclusive benefits when using OpenAI’s language model.

For $20 a month, subscribers should expect to receive guaranteed access to Chat GPT even during busy times, faster response times, and special priority access to the latest features and improvements.

Considering the AI model has been experiencing server problems – with the notification “Chat GPT at Capacity” – and then halts new users from accessing the model, the news of a new Chat GPT paid plan is no surprise.

Due to its popularity, it’s become increasingly challenging to access Chat GPT lately. Many avid users have even been looking for alternatives after being completely blocked from the site due to high traffic. So, if you are a frequent user of Chat GPT, this subscription service may be an attractive purchase for you.

At the moment, the new subscription plan is only available in the United States, although they do hope to expand the service to other countries.

If you are interested in signing up, OpenAI has already released a waiting list. And in the next coming weeks, the AI company will begin inviting users to join the plan.

Those who still enjoy using Chat GPT but do not want to pay, need not worry. OpenAI has said they will still support free access in the future.

How much is Chat GPT Plus?

OpenAI’s new subscription plan will start at $20 a month. Since the service is only available in the United States, it is unclear how much it will cost in other regions. However, OpenAI does plan to release the service in other countries across the globe.

Is Chat GPT free or paid?

Yes and yes. According to OpenAI, Chat GPT will remain free for the foreseeable future. However, they have also recently released a paid subscription plan called Chat GPT Plus.

Subscribers of this service will enjoy unique advantages over free users. However, the subscription plan is not available yet. For those interested, you can join the Chat GPT Plus waitlist via their website.

What are the benefits of Chat GPT Plus?

Chat GPT Plus members will get guaranteed access to the chatbot, even at busy times. You can also expect faster response times too, and priority access to new and special features.

Final Thoughts

Considering the popularity of Chat GPT, it is no surprise that OpenAI has released a paid version of the model. The subscription service has not officially launched yet. But, if you are interested you can sign up for the Chat GPT Plus waiting list now.

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