ChatGPT Plus – features and benefits explained

OpenAI's subscription plans explained - ChatGPT Plus and ChatGPT Enterprise.

ChatGPT Plus features and benefits

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We’ve had OpenAI’s paid plan since February 2023, and since then it’s had various improvements – across both desktop and mobile! So what are the ChatGPT Plus features and benefits?

Several months ago, the AI company launched subscription service for those looking to get exclusive benefits when using OpenAI’s large language model. Considering the AI model has always experienced server problems – with the notification “ChatGPT at Capacity” – the news of a new Chat GPT paid plan is no surprise.

Is ChatGPT Plus free?

For $20 a month, subscribers will receive guaranteed access to ChatGPT even during busy times, faster response times, and special priority access to the latest features and improvements such as GTP-4. One of these latest updates includes a new ‘custom instruction’ feature that creates a personalized experience with ChatGPT by setting persistent custom instructions for all future conversations with the chatbot. To achieve the same thing before this update, users would have to repeat the instruction in each and every prompt, which is more than just tedious – it also affects the output. Not ideal.

Due to its popularity, it’s become increasingly challenging to access ChatGPT lately. Many avid users have even been looking for alternatives after being completely blocked from the site due to high traffic. So, if you are a frequent user of ChatGPT, this subscription service may be an attractive purchase for you. Here’s everything you need to know about ChatGPT Plus.

ChatGPT Plus features and benefits

Following the popularity rise of ChatGPT, availability is limited at peak times. OpenAI has made sure to curate a subscription package that has many attractive benefits, offering you a lot more features than just simple prompts.

ChatGPT access without limits

Arguably one of the biggest benefits of ChatGPT Plus is the access to ChatGPT without limits. However, not without payment information. Guaranteed general access to the AI chatbot is a benefit for ChatGPT Plus users, even at peak times. Subscribers will enjoy faster response times than with the free version of ChatGPT. Essentially, paying for a subscription means you will be able to bypass any ‘server at capacityerrors and jump straight into the software.

GTP-4 and ChatGPT Plugins

Subscribers will get priority access to the latest updates and new features, including GPT-4, ChatGPT plugins, and beta features. We’ve explained some of the best ChatGPT Plugins here. The implementation of the GTP-4 model means that answers will be more accurate due to its advanced processing. It also means that for Plus subscribers, ChatGPT will also be able to read images. It is worth noting that ChatGPT will still not be able to produce images of its own.

Web Browsing beta

As well as faster responses, ChatGPT answers for ChatGPT Plus will become even more complex as the chatbot now has the ability to browse Google on the internet with the Web Browsing beta. It is described on the ChatGPT website “an experimental model that knows how and when to browse the internet”. Subscribing will allow users to feel the benefit of ChatGPT being able to browse the internet as the amount of content it can discuss, as well as potential query topics, expands.

Custom instructions feature

The ChatGPT custom instructions feature is now available for all users worldwide, including the free plan. Announced via OpenAI blog post on August 9th, 2023, the release notes show that the free plan now allows access to the feature. This does not include UK & EU just yet, which are the next territories for the rollout.

This new feature will allow ChatGPT to remember user preferences and information when generating responses in your chat threads. OpenAI has been taking steps to ensure that its language models are more steerable, and can more accurately respond to the unique needs of every user. Prior to this update, users who had preferences regarding how the LLM (Large Language Model) would respond had to instruct it to respond that way as part of the prompt itself. This user experience update makes ChatGPT easier to control, and less repetitive to use.

As advised by Natalie via the OpenAI blog, the process of using the custom instructions feature is very straightforward.

To add your instructions:

  • Click on your name
  • Select ‘Custom instructions’

How much does ChatGPT cost, and how do I get it?

OpenAI’s ChatGPT Plus subscription plan costs $20 a month.

Where is ChatGPT Plus available?

ChatGPT Plus is now accessible to users worldwide. Some territories are notably excluded due to government restrictions on internet access, or explicit censorship of AI, including but not limited to North Korea.

How to upgrade to ChatGPT Plus

Here’s how to upgrade to ChatGPT Plus in a few short steps.

  • Create or sign in to your OpenAI account using your email, Google, or Microsoft account.
  • Open ChatGPT, and select the ‘Upgrade to Plus’ button located on the bottom left-hand corner of the page. This will open the ‘Upgrade Plan’ page.
  • Click ‘Upgrade Plan’ enter your payment details, and get right into enjoying ChatGPT Plus.

You can use ChatGPT Plus both on the ChatGPT website and more recently, the iOS app. ChatGPT Plus users will be quickly empowered with the versatility of ChatGPT at their fingertips at all times.

Is Chat GPT free or paid?

Yes and yes. The artificial intelligence firm maintains a free version, referred to simply as ChatGPT. In addition, you can upgrade to ChatGPT Plus for $20/month. These are currently the only two payment tiers for ChatGPT, although OpenAI co-founder Sam Altman has expressed interest in another tier, most likely a “lower cost” monthly subscription than $20/month.

Final Thoughts

ChatGPT has been a hot topic since its release as a research preview, and it is no surprise that OpenAI has released a paid version of the model. The capabilities of this artificial intelligence only continue to grow, and ChatGPT Plus subscribers will be able to be ahead of the crowd when it comes to their early access of new features and updates, such as custom instructions.

If you’re considering investing in ChatGPT Plus, you can have a look at ‘is ChatGPT Plus worth it’? For more information about how much OpenAI’s payment plans cost and how to access them, why not read our article Is ChatGPT free now.