Is ChatGPT free? In short – yes

Hi ChatGPT, are you free to use?

Chat GPT free

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ChatGPT is an ai chatbot application released by OpenAI near the end of last year. Those looking to take advantage of this model, may be wondering: Is ChatGPT free? In short – yes. But, read on as we reveal more below.

ChatGPT works by opening a question-and-answer style human dialogue between you and the bot. Allowing you to ask it pretty much anything your heart desires. This artificial intelligence even has the ability to solve coding problems, write well-constructed essays and if you’re feeling it, even discuss philosophical issues around AI itself.

The model comes in two versions – a paid plan and a free plan. We outline what these are below and whether or not ChatGPT will be free forever.

ChatGPT free or paid?

As it currently stands, you can use ChatGPT for free straight from OpenAI’s website. OpenAI has stated that ChatGPT is in its feedback stage. That would make sense as ChatGPT free use allows for plenty of feedback. As well as a huge variety of users testing and using it, OpenAI can likely collect data for analytics, as well as monitor real-time usage for server and support needs.

OpenAI may be using interactions with the AI to improve the service in gathering data on how humans communicate to. It makes sense that the company would be using the free and paid options to fine-tune the model even further.

It is unlikely to stay free forever though, and OpenAI has its own paid plan, which is available to more and more users of the application. OpenAI’s ChatGPT Plus subscription plan costs $20 per month. The paid option gives similar access to the free service. When it comes to new features, basically what you get is priority access even in busy times, faster response times, and exclusive access to the latest features. This may be particularly attractive to you, especially if you have been experiencing the ChatGPT capacity error.

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Is ChatGPT free for commercial use?

Yes, ChatGPT is free for commercial use. However, there are some considerations as commercial use does mean users need to be careful when using such services. OpenAI has pointed out its position in the following statement:

“It is free for anyone to use and modify it for any purpose, including commercial use. But it’s important to remember that OpenAI doesn’t offer any warranty or support for GPT, and it’s up to users to make sure that how they use the model doesn’t break any laws or rules.”

This means that you may use interactions with ChatGPT for commercial projects without OpenAI objecting. However, you should also be well-versed in the legal requirements of any area you are working in. As well as any rules and regulations about using AI-powered services. OpenAI also makes clear that if anyone is looking to modify GPT for their own purposes, there may be ethical and legal implications of using the AI-powered technology.

If you are looking to access OpenAI’s models in a commercial sense this does come at a cost too. This can be done by using OpenAI’s API.

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The OpenAI API is a tool for developers who want to make the most of OpenAI’s language models- including but not exclusive to ChatGPT. It is a paid service, although OpenAI has made it free for those looking to use it for non-commercial and educational purposes.

The API pretty much allows you to input text to receive generated responses to tasks such as question answering and text summarization. To access OpenAI API, simply head to OpenAI Playground to get started.

If you are a developer who is looking to get your hands dirty, you can even access OpenAI’s pre-trained models on GitHub. Where you can modify the models for free and fine-tune them using your own data.

To find out which models are available, their pricing information, and how it works head to OpenAI’s site for more details.

Will ChatGPT remain free?

Even with the recent release of the ChatGPT Plus subscription plan, it seems that ChatGPT will remain free – for now anyway. Those hoping to still access the model for free will be happy to hear that OpenAI will endeavor to keep a free version of the service running.

However, at the moment, the ChatGPT website doesn’t feature any ads. So, it seems that OpenAI will need to monetize the platform in some shape or form. Considering that the AI model is also in its feedback phase, it is highly likely that they will charge for the official version once it is released.

Is ChatGPT free forever?

Forever is a long time! As far as we know though, access to ChatGPT will be free ongoing – or as long as it exists. This could change should OpenAI wish to remove access to non-paying users though.

It’s impossible to say whether Chat GPT will be free forever, but unless OpenAI changes its pricing model it’s likely to remain so for now.

Is ChatGPT Plus free?

You might have heard about ChatGPT Plus, a subscription version of the app which is being piloted. This will give you quick access to the chatbot at busy times and a first look at any premium features. It’s priced at $20 a month. We have our own thoughts on whether ChatGPT Plus is worth it here.

Is ChatGPT Unlimited?

Yes, ChatGPT is unlimited in use and free to use just as long as you can access it. This may be restricted by demand – like when the ChatGPT is at capacity – and you may experience slower response times. However, there appears no hard limit on use when in the application.

Final thoughts

OpenAI currently offers ChatGPT for free on its website, with a pilot ChatGPT Plus option too. Using ChatGPT commercially is free, although if you are hoping to use OpenAI’s language models in a commercial sense, this does cost.

ChatGPT is a pretty wicked tool that is out on the internet right now. Considering the launch was only in November, it has rapidly blown up, and many are finding that with the right prompt and instruction, ChatGPT is able to produce some excellent responses on seemingly any topic.

It’s also worth noting that there are a number of ChatGPT alternatives that you could try out too, like Google Bard, Jasper Ai, and more.