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Best AI video generators in 2024 – our top picks

Which is the right pick for you?
Last Updated on February 16, 2024
Which is the best AI video generator in 2024?
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If you are looking for the best AI video generators, we found out best video generators available on the market that you can try out today.

AI video generators are artificial intelligence software tools that create videos based on text prompts. With just a brief description of your desired result, the AI-powered tool will produce video clips for you that you won’t find anywhere else. Depending on your payment plan, you can then download and upload this unique footage wherever it needs to go. Some video AI generators accept inputs of image files to inform what they generate.

There are a fair few AI video generators available, and more on the way such as OpenAI’s new text-to-video generator Sora. Selecting the right one for you can be tricky, and that’s why we’ve done most of the hard work for you right here.

We break down the best free and paid options for social media, content marketing, and creative applications. Some options will be quick and easy solutions for your smartphone, and others will provide the highest quality and control on the market. We’ll help you find the right one for you.

What are the best AI video generators?

  1. Runway
  2. InVideo AI
  3. SDXL
  4. Wondershare Filmora
  5. Synthesia

Best AI video generator overall – Runway ML

A website utilizing the best AI video generator to advance creativity.
A website utilizing the best AI video generator to advance creativity.

Runway (also known as Runway ML) is the overall best AI video generator in 2024 because it produces the highest aesthetic quality possible with current technology. It’s at the cutting edge of what artificial intelligence can do in the medium of video and provides more tools and features than any other option on this list. Its range of use cases exceeds any other option, while still providing excellent ease of use via the stylishly designed UI.

With inpainting, or erase and replace, you can remove subjects from your video entirely, or use generative AI to envision something new in its place. Should you choose to remove a subject, the software will fill the newly empty space on your canvas with an approximation of what the background behind that subject would look like. This approximation is of course also performed with generative video AI. Experienced video editors will particularly enjoy that Runway includes some more traditional tools you’ll be familiar with, such as motion tracking and green screen functionality, conveniently within the same software platform.

Runway pros

  • Freedom for creativity
  • The highest quality of long-form generative video AI available now
  • More tools and features than other options
  • Free trial


  • There’s no mobile app. However, as long as you’re able to use a desktop computer or laptop, this will still be your best bet.
  • No templates

Who should buy Runway?

This option is for those who want the best of the best. A true all-rounder, our overall winner is suitable for the widest range of corporate and creative use cases. Ease of use is also a key factor, as well as an extensive list of features – the best on the market. Video editors will already be familiar with several of the tools included, giving them a head start when using Runway for the first time. We also answer the most obvious question of all – Which is the highest-quality AI video generator? The answer is Runway.


You’ll find a full list of features included with each Runway payment plan here.

  • Standard Plan ($12/month per user)
  • Pro Plan ($28/month per user)
  • Unlimited Plan ($76/month per user)
  • Enterprise Plan (Scalable for your business)

Best free AI video generator – Synthesia

Best free video AI

If you need a quick, easy, and most of all free solution, then here it is. Synthesia offers a super simple solution for those who want to turn a script into a professional-looking video for their business.

The video quality is higher than other options of this type, both in aesthetic terms and in terms of the generative AI. You’ll find professional lighting, tidy backgrounds, and well-dressed presenters, as well as realistic movement interpolation, and high-resolution output. AI voice generation is included along with your video, which you can use for explainer videos on company social accounts, as well as internal training videos. The corporate background music and video templates should help you to hold someone’s attention for at least a few minutes.

Synthesia pros

  • Excellent ease of use
  • Convenient free forever plan
  • Guided tutorial for beginners


  • The AI avatar voiceover is easily identifiable as AI-generated, due to subpar realism and expressiveness. This is a universe critique of the artificial intelligence video creation process, as there is no perfect text-to-speech software just yet.
  • No collaboration option. This means that you can’t draft a video for approval from colleagues before using generation credits. Instead, you’ll take the script, generate the video, and then send it for approval.

Who should buy Synthesia?

This option is ideal for corporate professionals who need talking head videos but don’t have the time or budget it takes to arrange a video shoot. It turns your scripts into high-quality professional videos in minutes, for free. It also offers Shutterstock integrations for both image content and background music, making it a well-polished and comprehensive tool. It’s suitable for corporate training videos, and social media content requiring


Synthesia lists its pricing in GBP, but we have converted it here to USD (Currency conversion by Google on February 7th, 2024). You can compare the feature set included with each plan below, here.

  • Forever free plan
  • Starter ($29.05/month)
  • Creator ($87.14/month)
  • Enterprise (Scalable for your business)

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Best AI video generator for marketing professionals – InVideo AI

InVideo AI text prompt generator

With InVideo AI, you strength of your video creative is as strong as your written word. If you can describe it, you can visualize it. The text-based functionality of this option is enough to enhance your social media workflow when creating video content or visuals for Instagram, YouTube videos, Facebook, TikTok, or your blog post. It can do all this using only a text description (known in this context as a text prompt).

You’ll find a helpful set of features, including voice cloning. This allows you to replicate the sound of your voice or that of any voice actor who consents to having their voice cloned. Your AI avatar (the AI-generated actor in your video) will now speak as you do, allowing you to present video without the need for a camera or microphone! InVideo studio has social media content formats front and center, with templates for Instagram, video ads, intros, and outros. You’ll even find templates for birthday celebrations and video invitations. This in addition to a YouTube channel full of tutorials, and an Instagram page providing inspirational examples should cut short any trace of writer’s block.

InVideo pros

  • It has its own custom GPT. ChatGPT Plus subscribers can enjoy a deep level of integration between these two popular AI tools, generating video clips from text prompts in the user-friendly interface of OpenAI’s ChatGPT.
  • It includes useful video editing tools outside of the key features of text input and video content creation.
  • Will generate both video and audio from a script, and will sync them together in a convenient user interface.
  • All elements can be edited and iterated after the initial generation.


  • There is no cinematic quality to the tool. This is largely due to the reliance on stock footage, and lack of a cinematic-quality AI model.

Who should buy InVideo AI?

InVideo is ideal for marketing professionals who require a high degree of control over their video content, and a high speed of production. This is especially true for individuals and teams with narrated content, as the AI transcription tool will save a great deal of time. Those looking for a tool that simply works for most styles of video, relying purely on a text prompt, will be satisfied. Once you’ve mastered the key features, it also provides some more advanced tools to level up your creative control.


Go here to compare the features included with each of these plans.

  • Free forever plan
  • Plus ($20/month)
  • Max ($48/month)

Best AI music video generator for visual artists – Stable Diffusion’s SDXL Turbo

A capture of the best AI video generator website.
A capture of the best AI video generator website.

SDXL is a foundation model created by Stability AI. What separates SDXL from other options is that, as an open-source model, it can be repurposed and customized beyond any other option on this list. The latest version, SDXL Turbo, is also one of the best options for aesthetic quality, able to outperform to a similar level of quality as other state-of-the-art options, at substantially lower computational cost.

Music artists are increasingly turning to AI to affordably produce what used to be a costly marketing endeavor – music videos. This includes independent and major-label artists alike, with Kanye West among them.

SDXL pros

  • The highest level of customizability
  • Free to download and use for personal and research purposes


  • The main con of this option is also its greatest strength. There’s a steep learning curve that comes with this level of creative control, and as a result, SDXL is only suitable for those with programming experience (or the time to learn).
  • There is no first-party interface for the model. You’ll find third-party UI on Hugging Face and Github, the most popular among them being the Automatic1111 WebUI.
  • Due to the lack of a first-party interface, there are no tools in the same sense as the other software on this list. Features and tools will vary between third-party interfaces.

Who should buy SDXL?

SDXL Turbo is the best option for you if you need the highest level of creative control possible. Open-source software can be downloaded for free and modified at the code level. As a result, you can execute absolutely any wild, creative, abstract idea you have in mind for your music video, including concepts that are prohibitively expensive or impossible in the real world. It’s ideal for creative projects, and not so much for corporate use cases. Obviously, not everyone knows how to code – we never promised it would be the most beginner-friendly. Provided you have some programming experience, Stability AI’s SDXL is the perfect AI model for music videos.


Unlike the other options on this list, Stability AI does not charge for the use of the AI model itself. This is because you’d be running the model locally on your computer, and taking on the computational expenses yourself. SDXL and SDXL are released under an open-source license and are free to download and use for personal and research purposes.

Instead, Stability AI makes money with a membership plan. With a Professional or Enterprise membership, you can use the entire suite of Stability AI models for commercial purposes.

  • Non-commercial (Free)
  • Professional ($20/month)
  • Enterprise (Scalable for your business)

Best AI video generator app – Wondershare Filmora

Best AI video app for iOS and Android

Can you produce an AI video on your phone? Not all AI video platforms have a mobile app, but we’ve found the best one that does. With over 50M+ downloads, Filmora is one of the most popular AI technology-powered video tools. Rated 4.5 on the Google Play Store, and 4.7 on the Apple App Store, Filmora is the best tool for content creators on the go. It combines AI-generated videos with video editing capabilities, tying them both into a complete smartphone-sized package.

You won’t find such an impressive set of AI tools in all video editing software, and in that respect, it stands out. Improve the aesthetic quality of your videos by removing imperfections, allowing generative AI to replace them by intelligently using the pixels around your selection area. You’ll even find AI audio tools for removing background noise, or automatically adjusting the length of any song to fit the length of your edited video.

Filmora pros

  • Offers desktop software and mobile app versions
  • A complete video editing workstation, with AI-enhanced tools
  • Easy-to-use intuitive interface


  • There is no 3D tracking functionality, as you’d find in more mature video editors like After Effects.
  • It’s not as beginner-friendly as options designed for one specific use case

Who should buy Wondershare Filmora?

Filmora is ideal if you need a solution to bring with you while away from your usual workstation. We believe Filmora to be the best AI video app for your phone because it allows you to generate high-quality video on both Android and iOS. Is an AI video generator best used via your smartphone? For convenience alone, the answer is yes for some. There is also a desktop application, so can continue your work when you’re not limited to your smartphone!


Wondershare lists the features included with each of the following plans here.

  • Free (The app is free to download with limited functionality)
  • Perpetual Plan ($63.99 one-time payment)
  • Annual Plan ($42.49/year)

What is the best AI video generator in 2024?

There are several impressive options on the market. Between the free mobile apps and the professional-grade desktop tools, it’s hard to know which one suits your needs at a glance. We made our decision largely based on the quality of the output, in both aesthetic and technical terms. Does it look good? Is it at least 1080p? We also factored in the usability, and while our overall winner doesn’t have a mobile app, it’s beginner-friendly enough on a desktop computer.

In short, we conclude that Runway is the best option overall. We reached this verdict due to its industry-leading quality of generative video AI, a feature list that is head and shoulders above the competition, as well as the free-forever plan which allows you to try before you buy. It’s well-designed, easy to use, and it’s the most well-polished software of its kind. We’d be remiss to forget that Runway is pushing the boundary of what artificial intelligence can do in the realm of video. The research happening within Runway HQ is interesting, to say the least, and from a scientific standpoint, it certainly deserves the top spot.

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