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Best AI writing assistant tools in 2024 – our top picks

Generate high-quality content with AI writing tools
Last Updated on March 21, 2024
Top picks for AI writing tools.
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If you are looking for the best AI writing assistant tools, you come to the right place. Our team of experts have been testing all the leading platforms and now we have the top 5 tools available in 2024.

AI writing tools have become mainstream these days, and you can easily find dozens of writing tools on the market. However, not every AI writing tool is capable of producing high-quality content. Choosing the right AI tool that aligns with your use cases is a tricky task, but nothing can hold you back from generating high-quality content after you find the right one. Along with creating content, these AI writing tools also help with SEO optimization, overcoming writer’s block, and beating brainstorming.

These days, you can find both free and paid AI writing tools in the market. The free ones come with basic features, and only a few of them can generate content that can actually be used after some tweaking. On the other hand, the paid ones, such as Jasper AI and Sudowrite, offer advanced features and can generate in-depth and well-researched content.

To help you out, we have shortlisted some of the best AI writing tools that can effortlessly write any type of content in a matter of seconds. So, let’s jump into it.

I would also recommend that you take a look at the Best ChatGPT Detectors. Using AI Detectors will provide confidence that content created with AI Writer tools appears human. If I had to choose one it would be this.

What are the best AI writing assistant tools?

  1. Jasper
  2. Rytr
  3. Sudowrite
  4. Writesonic
  5. Article Forge

Best AI writing assistant tools overall – Jasper

Jasper is one of the best AI writer tools that offer well-researched and highly accurate ai-generated content within seconds. The AI tool is popular for its long-format writing content, articles, blogs, product descriptions, marketing scripts, and more. It uses OpenAI’s GPT 3 technology to generate high-quality content for any niche.

It easily integrates with other apps such as Chrome extensions, surfer SEO, and more. Jasper has a wide range of feature sets that are capable of producing training courses and conferences along with writing content. The model has real-time internet access, which allows it to write news articles without making mistakes. The standout feature of the Jasper is that it can write content in over 30+ languages. It allows you to choose the tone of voice, the desired number of outputs, and templates while creating content.

In our Jasper AI review, we praised Jasper for its powerful AI content generation capabilities and advanced feature set. We tested the Jasper AI to find out its true potential, and it didn’t disappoint us.

First, we instructed Jasper to write a product description. Before generating the result, Jasper asked us to add unique selling points and testimonials about the product and offered an option to select the target audience as well so it could adjust the tone of the content accordingly. After feeding all the necessary information, Jasper AI crafted a high-quality product description, which can be seen below.

Product description

Even though the quality of the description was great, the overall length wasn’t. So, we asked it to keep the description limited to 100 words, and it was able to generate something that could actually be used after some minor adjustments.

Product description short

There were some downsides we came across while testing the Jasper AI tool, such as the content sounding too robotic at times. However, this is something that is already expected from an AI writing tool. But other than that, there wasn’t anything seriously wrong with the software.

Due to its versatile features and high-quality content generation ability, we gave Jasper AI five out of five stars in our review, and it shines as a worthy contender on our best AI writing tools list. Overall, Jasper is best for high school students, content creators, and master students who want in-depth, accurate, and long-format content.

Jasper Pros

  • Offers unlimited word generation
  • Creates content in over 30+ languages
  • In-built plagiarism checker
  • Generates well-researched, in-depth, long-form content with high accuracy
  • Manages content workflows
  • User-friendly interface
  • Over 20+ writing templates
  • Generates quick and accurate results


  • It’s expensive
  • Sometimes, the content tone feels robotic
  • Generated content may need to be fact-checked
  • Generated content requires a human touch


Jasper offers three-tier subscription plans- the Creator plan starts at $49/mo, the Pro plan retails at $69/mo, and the custom Business plan is made for businesses.

Best free AI writing assistant tools – Rytr

Rytr is an all-in-one AI writing tool that leverages AI to create quality content while maintaining a human-like tone. Ryter uses OpenAI’s GPT 3 model for researching and generating plagiarism-free content. However, there is also a Plagiarism tool in Rytr that checks ai-generated outputs thoroughly.

Rytr allows you to generate content in 30+ languages with over 20+ tones and styles to choose from. You can also summarize long-form outputs and create content. The AI tool offers an exciting feature called Continue Ryting. In case you are not satisfied with the initially generated output, you can generate more in-depth content with this feature.

Rytr has also made our list of the best AI essay writers, and we think it’s incredibly useful for students or those pursuing further education.

Rytr Pros

  • Generate human-like content in 30+ languages
  • Offer over 20+ tones and styles
  • Continue Ryting feature
  • Grammarly Integration
  • Free Plan


  • Word-count limitations


Rytr monthly paid plans start at $9/mo. It also offers a free plan, which is great for anyone who wants to generate short and creative content within a matter of seconds.

Best AI writing assistant tools for book writers – Sudowrite

A website with top picks of AI writing tools, where 'suddwriter is not the judge'.

AI-powered Sudowrite writing platform is more focused on offering creativity, freshness, plot twists, and more in generated content. With AI capabilities, Sudowrite allows you to generate in-depth quality content with high grammatical accuracy. The AI tool can write creative social media captions, product descriptions, social media posts, web content for landing pages, and blog outlines effortlessly within seconds.

The standout feature of the Sudowrite AI writing assistant is that it reads up to 30+ drafts simultaneously and offers new, fresh, and improved ideas. Just like Jasper and Rytr, Sudowrite can also generate in-depth content in several languages. This AI tool targets fiction authors looking for great story ideas to complete the work.

Sudowrite is the best tool for book writers and content creators looking for a creative angle for their stories or web content.

Sudowrite Pros

  • Generates in-depth content in multiple languages
  • Best for web content, Novel writing, and product descriptions
  • AI content generator feature reviews existing content and offers suggestions


  • No built-in plagiarism checker
  • No good for business purposes


Sudowrite comes with three-tier subscription plans – the basic plan kicks off at $10/mo, the professional level starts at $25/mo, and the enterprise plan retails at $100/month. It doesn’t have a free plan but offers a free trial for new users.

Essential AI Tools

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Jasper AI

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Best AI writing assistant tools for long-form content – Writesonic

Writiesonic is the best AI writing software designed specifically for researchers who want long-format, in-depth, well-researched content for research papers with high grammatical accuracy. The AI software tools allow you to generate, edit, summarize, and paraphrase the existing content.

Wrtiesonic has a GPT-3 powered Sonic editor tool that generates high-quality blog posts, articles, sales scripts, YouTube scripts, and email formats, and you can even create ebooks with that feature. It also has Chatsonic OpenaAI’s GPT-4 powered chatbot AI assistant with real-time internet access that offers more accurate information on a wide range of topics.

Sonicwrite is the best tool for high school students and bloggers who want long-form content with accurate information and zero grammatical and spelling mistakes.

Writesonic Pros

  • Generates up to 10,000 words content in multiple niches
  • In-built Sonic editor with grammar checker – optimizes formatting and spelling
  • GPT-4 powered Chatsonic AI chat assistant
  • Effortlessly summarizes and rewrites long content


  • Free trial limited to 10,000 words generation
  • Slightly expensive


Writesonic monthly paid plans start at $19/mo.

Best AI writing assistant tools for SEO content – Article Forge

A website with an orange banner and a top picks blue background.

The last option on our list is Article Forge, an advanced AI writing tool known for creating high-quality SEO-optimized content. Article Forge uses natural language processing and deep learning model algorithms to generate more than 1500 words of unique and high-quality content in a matter of seconds with high grammatical and information accuracy.

It has an easy-to-use interface that allows new users to generate content more efficiently, and the AI capabilities will automatically add images to your generated articles. The AI tool can seamlessly integrate with WordPress CMS, making article scheduling a lot easier. You can even directly schedule it from the Article Forge. It has an AI Detection feature that ensures a human-like tone while creating content. The AI tool offers 100% freedom on AI-generated content, meaning you can edit and customize the content according to your needs. and later easily export it in different file formats.

Article Forge is a powerful AI writing tool that is best for master’s students and content creators who want well-researched, unique, top-quality, highly optimized SEO content.

Article Forge Pros

  • Generates 1500+ words of SEO-optimized quality content in a single prompt
  • AI detection feature to maintain human-tone
  • Automatically adds images to articles and blog posts
  • Free trial allows to generate unlimited content


  • It’s expensive
  • Average at generating social media posts and ad copy


Article Forge premium subscription starts at $57/mo. You can save straight 51% if you choose an annual plan that brings down monthly plan pricing to $27/mo. It also offers a free trial with the freedom to generate unlimited content.

What is the best AI writing assistant tool?

Finding the best AI writing tools is quite a hectic task, but there are some of the best AI tools available on the market that offer top-notch AI-generated content, and one of them is Jasper. Jasper is the best overall AI writing tool for students and content creators. It offers high-quality, unique content in over 30+ languages with 20+ different styles and tones. Furthermore, Jasper has advanced writing features to make every output appear as human-like content.

If you want a free AI writing tool that generates quality posts and articles, Rytr is the best option you can look up to. Ryter also allows you to create content in multiple languages with high accuracy. The AI tool has an intuitive, user-friendly interface with over 40+ template options to choose from, making content creation easy for everyone.

If you want a premium paid writing tool, I recommend Jasper.ai. As detailed above it boasts unlimited word generation in over 30 languages with the convenience of having a built-in plagiarism checker. As Jasper.ai have developed their customised LLM this gives a good differentiation point to OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

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Jasper AI

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