DALL-E 3 API – How to use the DALL-E API

Unlock your creative potential with the DALL-E 3 API

How to use DALL-E API.

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Generative AI is the next buzzword you are going to hear for an entire year. It has tremendous capabilities to transform your imagination into realistic visual graphics. OpenAI’s latest image generation model DALL-E 3 comes with the power of artificial intelligence, pushing the boundaries of creativity. In this guide, we explain how to use the DALL-E API.

What is DALL-E 3

OpenAI introduced its image generation model called DALL-E 3 in September 2023 to take on the MidJourney. In simple terms, the DALL-E 3 model takes the prompt from users and generates realistic images based on natural language. OpenAI’s latest model is quite powerful,  easily understands the details and nuance of the prompt, and delivers exceptionally stunning visuals compared to the predecessors (DALL-E 2 and DALL-E) and the latest competitor Midjoureny

The DALL-E API AI model offers three ways to interact with images. You can create AI images from scratch based on the textual description. The second method is- the API AI model allows you to edit the images by having the model replace some areas of existing images. The third way allows you to create variations of an existing image through the DALL-E 2 AI model only. The API model automatically rewrites the default prompt to enhance the details and quality of the images.

Pricing Details

OpenAI also introduced the API version of DALL-E 3 which offers easy ways to access the capabilities of this model. Moreover, the DALL-E API version allows developers to directly integrate the capabilities of this model into their applications. 

DALL·E 3Standard1024×1024$0.040 / image
Standard1024×1792, 1792×1024$0.080 / image
DALL·E 3HD1024×1024$0.080 / image
HD1024×1792, 1792×1024$0.120 / image
DALL·E 21024×1024$0.020 / image
512×512$0.018 / image
256×256$0.016 / image

How to Use DALL-E 3 API

To use the DALL-E 3 API, first, you need to set up the OpenAI key which helps to access the DALL-E 3 model. Once you finish setting up the key, you’ll be all set. 



Specify the model specify the model

To use the generate option, the user needs to specify the model which is DALL-E 3 model



Enter a detailed prompt

Enter a detailed prompt that describes the image you want to create.



Size selection

DALL-E 3 offers a dimension of 1024 x 1024 for the generated images.



Choose the quality of the image

You can also choose the quality of the image whether it is Standard or high-resolution images.



DALL-E 3 model offers up to ten images

The DALL-E 3 model offers up to ten images at a time using the n parameter, it depends on your requirements.



Send the prompt to the model

Lastly, send the prompt to the model, and it will generate a high-definition realistic image.

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Is the DALL-E 3 model free? How to use it free

No, the DALL-E 3 generative AI is a paid model but yes you can try it for completely free if you have an internet connection and access to the Bing search engine. Open the Bing website and go to the chat icon then type the textual description of the image you want to generate and hit the button. It will generate high-resolution AI images for you.