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Intel’s AI Everywhere – New Core Ultra series announced

What's new for Intel AI?
Last Updated on December 14, 2023
Intel is hosting an event called "AI Everywhere" to launch their new Xeon processors for AI-acceleration.
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Today, Intel is hosting the AI Everywhere event, featuring keynote speaker Pat Gelsinger, the CEO of Intel. From 3pm GMT onwards, we are hearing from the Chief Executive and other industry leaders about how Intel is accelerating ‘AI Everywhere’ with new Intel® Core™ Ultra Processors and 5th Gen Intel® Xeon® processors. This cutting-edge PC hardware is designed to power the coming age of artificial intelligence in data centers and home offices around the world. Here’s everything you need to know.

What is Intel AI Everywhere?

Intel AI Everywhere is a technology announcement event, held by one of the world’s leading microprocessor manufacturers – Intel. The processors being unveiled today, Thursday 14th of December, 2023, are the cutting-edge of artificial intelligence hardware. Together with NVIDIA, which became a trillion-dollar company this year thanks to record sales of its AI-accelerating GPUs, these are the companies holding all other software breakthroughs hitting the media headlines.

What’s new? – Launch event summary

Following an upbeat explainer, detailing the many different ways AI affects our world, we joined Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger on a New York rooftop. He calls the AI Processors a “trillion dollar market by the end of the decade”. The opportunity, he says, is augmented intelligence – the opportunity to augment our human form with AI-powered senses that remove our natural limitations.

Intel EVP Michelle Johnston Holthaus for AI Everywhere.
Intel EVP Michelle Johnston Holthaus for AI Everywhere.

Gelsinger was joined on stage by Michelle Johnston Holthaus, EVP and General Manager of Intel’s Client Computing Group. She revealed that Intel plans to ship upward of 100 million AI-powered processors, or five times all competitors combined in the same time period. Holthaus then brought on stage independent music artist Kawehi to demonstrate how the new Intel Core Ultra lineup applies to generative AI for music. The duo took a risk in live playback of AI-generated music. While the artistic quality was nothing you’d hear from a major label, it was identifiably music, with several different instrumental elements in key with each other – not an easy thing to achieve, although Google continues to make progress with its MusicLM AI model.

Intel also unveiled new silicon in the form of Intel Arc graphics processors. These GPUs, or Graphics Processing Units, will compete with NVIDIA, which currently leads the way in the GPU and AI acceleration hardware markets.

Intel announces Intel Arc GPU, bringing AI Everywhere.
Intel Arc GPU announcement at AI Everywhere.

As for availability, we now know that some new Intel Core CPUs are available today – with Core Ultra laptops available to buy. Intel 14th Gen mobile CPUs, formerly called Meteor Lake, were launched today and are already seeing heavy demand.

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How are 5th Gen Intel Xeon processors designed for AI?

The new 5th Gen Intel® Xeon® processors being unveiled today have “AI acceleration in every core”. While acknowledging that discrete AI accelerators exist, being specialist chips designed to make AI processes such as training and generation faster, Intel claims that its Xeon chips will eliminate any desperation for them. Of course, they’re still an optional addition.

Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors offer a unique and highly sought-after element called ECC, or error correction code, compatibility. Only Xeon scalable processors fully support ECC RAM, which is server-grade memory that protects itself against failure. RAM failure isn’t common in a personal desktop format, but scale up your memory capacity and you’ll scale up error rates along with it. Consumer-grade PCs don’t come with ECC RAM as standard, but for server-based installations with very high capacities, Xeon processors protect businesses against mission-critical failures.

The spectrum of Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Intel® Xeon® Platinum Processors are designed for AI in their robustness for big data applications. With ChatGPT receiving traffic of over 100+ million active weekly users, each performing a computationally intensive request, only the best hardware can keep up. B2B customers will have a limited time to get their hands on one, illustrated by OpenAI pausing subscriptions for nearly a month as demand for ChatGPT soured beyond GPU bandwidth following OpenAI DevDay.

Also revealed on stage during AI Everywhere were test results showing that the new Xeon processor would enable LLMs (Large Language Models) to inference up to 23% faster than alternatives. The CEO of Gallium Studios, Lauren Elliott, also boasted 6.5x faster processing on Intel for his gaming studio than on previous GPU-based solutions.

How does the Intel Core Ultra Processor family accelerate AI?

The Intel Core family is the consumer-grade lineup of processors that you’ll have access to in your next desktop and laptop computer. Intel® Core™ Ultra will bring AI to the personal computer form factor, “driving this next generation” of the PC.

The Intel Core Ultra features AI Everywhere, with 3 accelerators for improved performance.
How the Intel Core Ultra series features 3 accelerators for improved performance.

It is 40% better than Intel’s competitors at Adobe Premiere Pro. It’s also 2.5x better than the previous generation on popular tasks. In terms of energy efficiency, COre Ultra has up to 30% lower power consumption on web browsing. Compared to competitors, 79% lower power consumption on popular tasks. Intel Core Ultra is the only CPU to successfully run each of 20 different AI models, across an equal number of use cases.

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