LinkedIn Recruiter 2024 – AI jobs platform

Can machine learning find you a job?

LinkedIn Recruiter 2024 - AI recruitment software platform.

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Recruiters are turning to AI for their next hire – could artificial intelligence get you your next job? Riding the wave of AI adoption in big tech, LinkedIn have announced generative AI platform Recruiter 2024. These LinkedIn talent solutions in addition to LinkedIn learning are set to accelerate talent acquisition.

What is LinkedIn Recruiter 2024?

VP of Product at LinkedIn, Hari Srinivasan, shares his thoughts on AI jobs recruitment via the LinkedIn Talent Blog. The blog post, titled “Reimagining Hiring and Learning with the Power of AI”

“As the skills required to do our jobs change at a breakneck speed, the role of HR has never been more important, as our CEO, Ryan Roslansky, shared at our 12th annual Talent Connect event this morning. In fact, 90% of HR professionals say their role has become more strategic in the last year,” explains Srinivasan. “That’s why today we’re piloting new tools like our new release of Recruiter 2024 and LinkedIn Learning’s AI-powered coaching experience to help with some of the heavy lifting so HR professionals can focus on what matters most.”

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Josh Bersin is an industry analyst looking into how the new AI-assisted recruiting experience can help find the right candidates from a larger talent pool than ever before.

“AI is quickly transforming recruitment, training, and many other HR practices. LinkedIn’s new features in Recruiter 2024 and LinkedIn Learning can massively improve recruiter productivity and help all employees build the skills they need to grow in their careers.”

Josh Bersin, CEO, The Josh Bersin Company

How does LinkedIn Recruiter 2024 work?

Recruiter 2024 helps businesses find qualified candidates by connecting your search requirements with the millions of data points LinkedIn has on suitable candidates. In fact, it operates in a similar way to OpenAI’s AI chatbot, ChatGPT.

With conversational search, you can explain to the chat bot what you’re hiring for, and why. In addition, you can explain your top-down hiring goals, and the generative AI technology will deploy talent strategies your HR leaders may not have thought about. This is down to the conversational language built into a kind of AI tech called an LLM (Large Language Model). This type of AI uses NLP (Natural Language Processing) to understand your needs on a genuinely deep level, to the point that it can recommend information, ideas, and strategies that you didn’t know you didn’t know.

LinkedIn’s VP of Product, Hari Srinivasan, shared via the LinkedIn Talent Blog, that “With the new Recruiter 2024 experience, talent leaders can use natural language and put their hiring goal in their own words like “I want to hire a senior growth marketing leader.” And with generative AI combined with our insights, we can infer the type of candidate the hirer is looking for and provide higher-quality candidate recommendations from a much wider pool of candidates — moving beyond the brand-name companies that have traditionally been the default.”

Will AI replace recruiters?

It’s possible that recruitment will one of the professions hit hardest by AI automation in 2024. LinkedIn’s new generative AI can pull unique insights from more than 950 million professionals, and 65 million companies currently registered. The Recruiter product knows exactly the type of candidate to recommend, based on a greater wealth of hiring and employment data than any other ‘social’ platform.

If Recruiter 2024 can provide higher-quality candidate recommendations, and ultimately hit hiring goals faster than a human recruiter, we’re set to see a shift across multiple industries.