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Notion AI best practices: Everything you need to know

Why understanding Notion AI is crucial
Last Updated on April 15, 2024
Unlock the full potential of Notion AI with our guide on the Notion AI best practices. From data security to capabilities, we've got you!
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In today’s rapidly evolving digital environment, mastering Notion AI best practices is key to achieving peak organization and productivity. By understanding and applying these practices, users can fully leverage Notion AI’s robust features, streamlining task management, project coordination, and personal workflow optimization in an increasingly complex and fast-paced digital landscape.

By fusing the capabilities of artificial intelligence with robust task management features, Notion AI has become an indispensable tool for those looking to streamline their digital lives. Whether you’re editing documents, summarizing key points, or managing complex projects, Notion AI offers a range of features that can significantly enhance your efficiency.

In this comprehensive article, we’ll explore the essential aspects of Notion AI that you shouldn’t overlook. From its AI tools designed to automate mundane tasks to the unique Notion AI features that set it apart from other platforms, we’ve got you covered. If you’re looking for a review, check out our comprehensive Notion AI review too.

Notion AI productivity: More than just a tool

Notion AI is far from being just another app on your device; it’s a productivity game-changer. By harnessing the power of machine learning, it automates a plethora of mundane tasks, freeing you up to focus on strategic projects and creative endeavors.

So, how can you maximize its potential to supercharge your productivity? Let’s dive in.

Understanding AI capabilities in Notion AI

The first step to unlocking the full potential of Notion AI is understanding the extent to which machine learning can enhance your productivity. Whether it’s generating a summary for a long article or using prompts to help you brainstorm ideas, the AI capabilities are designed to make your life easier.

Automation: Streamlining your workflow

Automation is at the heart of Notion AI’s productivity-boosting features. For instance, you can set up templates for recurring tasks or meeting notes, allowing you to focus on the content rather than the format. Additionally, the platform can fix spelling errors automatically, ensuring that your work is always polished.

Integration: The power of synergy

One of the standout features of Notion AI is its ability to integrate seamlessly with other tools and platforms you might already be using in your Notion workspace. This means you can import agendas from other apps or even utilize translation services without leaving the platform.

Grammar and spelling

While Notion AI is not a dedicated grammar tool, its machine learning algorithms can help you fix spelling and grammar issues, making sure your documents are error-free.

Meeting notes and agendas

Notion AI excels in helping you keep track of meeting notes like Otter AI and agendas. With customizable templates, you can quickly jot down important points and action items, ensuring you never miss a beat.

Translation services

If you’re working in a multilingual environment, Notion AI’s translation feature can be a lifesaver. Translate documents or messages within your Notion workspace, bridging the language gap effortlessly.

Notion AI tips and tricks

Explore the best practices for utilizing Notion AI
Explore the best practices for utilizing Notion AI.

Notion AI is a powerful tool that can help you with various tasks, from content creation to project management. But how can you make the most of it? Here are some tips and tricks that will enhance your user experience and productivity.


One of the best things about Notion AI is that you can customize it to suit your preferences and needs. You can create your own workspace, add pages, blocks, and widgets, and change the layout, theme, and icons. You can also integrate Notion AI with other apps and services, such as Google Drive, Slack, and Zapier.

How to customize your Notion AI workspace

To customize your Notion AI workspace, you can use the sidebar menu on the left. You can add new pages by clicking on the + icon, or drag and drop existing pages to rearrange them. You can also create subpages by nesting them under a parent page.

To edit a page, you can click on the ••• icon in the top-right corner and choose from various options, such as duplicate, delete, move, or share.

How to customize your Notion AI blocks and widgets

To personalize your Notion AI blocks and widgets, you can use the toolbar in the top-left corner. You can add different types of blocks, such as text, headings, lists, tables, images, videos, code snippets, and more.

You can also add widgets, such as calendars, clocks, weather, quotes, and more. To edit a block or widget, you can hover over it and click on the ••• icon to access more options.

How to customize your Notion AI layout and more

In designing your Notion AI layout, theme, and icons, you can use the settings menu in the bottom-left corner. You can change the appearance of your workspace by selecting from light or dark mode, or creating your own custom theme. You can also change the icons of your pages by uploading your images or picking from a library of emojis.

Shortcut keys

Another way to improve your Notion AI experience is to learn and master shortcut keys. Shortcut keys are keyboard combinations that allow you to perform actions faster and easier. 

For example, you can use Ctrl + / to open the command menu, Ctrl + N to create a new page, Ctrl + Z to undo an action, Ctrl + F to find text on a page, and more.

To view a list of shortcut keys in Notion AI, you can press Ctrl + / or click on the ? icon in the bottom-right corner. You can also customize your shortcut keys by going to settings > keyboard shortcuts.


The use of templates in Notion AI is a practice that enhances productivity by providing pre-designed frameworks for various purposes and projects. There are several types of templates available that you can utilize to streamline your tasks. Here are some samples of templates available for Notion AI:

  1. General AI Templates: Notion provides a range of customizable AI templates designed to supercharge your workflow in different areas like meeting notes, wikis, and projects. Some templates available include a featured AI Blog Post Generator which could be beneficial for content creation.
  2. AI-Powered Templates: A collection of over 20 templates has been compiled by Gridfiti to simplify both work and personal life tasks. These templates are designed to work smarter and faster, and one of them is an AI-Powered Second Brain template, which could act as a central hub for organizing your thoughts and tasks.
  3. Workflow Enhancement Templates: The Notion Template Gallery offers a collection of 9 templates specifically designed to supercharge your document writing process. These templates harness the power of Notion AI to enhance project management, ensuring clarity and speed in execution.
  4. Prompt Templates: Notionland provides a collection of 50 pre-made Notion AI prompts designed to help users get the most out of their Notion AI experience. These prompts can be copy-pasted and used for various purposes within Notion AI.
  5. AI Prompt Pro Template: This is a versatile and user-friendly template that aims to streamline interactions with AI. It provides a platform for generating high-quality and customized prompts for various applications, ensuring a more organized and efficient approach to task execution.

These templates provide a structured approach to using Notion AI, making it easier to organize and execute tasks efficiently. By exploring and utilizing these templates, you can significantly enhance your productivity and make the most of the Notion AI platform.

Use Notion AI for content creation

One of the main features of Notion AI is that it can help you with content creation. Whether you need to write an article, a blog post, a social media post, or any other type of content, Notion AI can assist you with its natural language processing capabilities.

Notion AI uses GPT-3 technology from OpenAI to generate high-quality text based on your input. You can use Notion AI as an add-on for Google Docs or WordPress, or as a standalone app. You can also use ChatGPT to chat with Notion AI and get suggestions for your content.

Notion AI with Google Docs or WordPress

To use Notion AI for content creation in Google Docs or WordPress, you need to install the Notion AI extension for Chrome or Firefox. Then you need to sign up for a free plan or upgrade to a premium plan for more features. Once you have done that, you can open a new document or post and click on the Notion AI icon in the top-right corner. 

You will see a sidebar where you can enter your topic, keywords, tone, and length. Then you can click on generate to get your first draft. You can edit, refine, or regenerate your draft as needed.

Using Notion AI in its app

To use Notion AI for content creation in its app, you need to go to app.notion.ai and sign up for a free plan or upgrade to a premium plan for more features.

Then you need to create a new project and choose from various types of content, such as article, blog post, social media post, email, landing page, etc. You will see an overview where you can enter your topic, keywords, tone, length, and other details. Then you can click on generate to get your first draft. You can edit, refine, or regenerate your draft as needed.

Notion AI is a user-friendly interface that can help you with content creation and other tasks. By using these tips and tricks, you can optimize your Notion AI experience and productivity. Try it out today and see what Notion AI can do for you.

Is Notion AI powered by GPT?

The intricacies of Notion AI’s architecture, particularly its association or lack thereof with GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) technology, pique the interest of many.

In this segment, we delve into the dynamics between Notion AI and GPT, unraveling how this association, or the lack of it, influences the functionality of this tool.

Understanding GPT: The AI Mastermind

GPT, standing as a colossal figure in the artificial intelligence landscape, is renowned for its prowess in understanding and generating human-like text. It’s a technology that has significantly impacted the domain of AI-generated content, making waves with its ability to create coherent, contextually relevant, and remarkably human-esque text.

Its summarization capabilities are a boon for content creators, providing a tool that can sift through large volumes of text and distill the essence into concise summaries.

Notion AI and GPT: The Intersection

Exploring the realms of Notion AI reveals a platform poised as a robust project management tool, catering to a myriad of needs for individuals and teams alike. The question that arises is whether Notion AI harnesses the power of GPT to augment its capabilities.

The synergy between Notion AI and GPT can be envisioned as a fusion that elevates the functionality of this project management tool to new heights. The potential of integrating GPT’s advanced text generation and summarization capabilities within Notion AI opens up a world where managing projects, particularly for content creators, becomes a more streamlined and insightful process.

Imagine drafting a Notion plan for a content project; having GPT’s advanced summarization at your disposal could mean having crisp overviews generated at a click, saving time and energy. Moreover, the potential of having AI-generated content suggestions within Notion AI could be a game-changer, providing a rich canvas for creators to paint their ideas on.

The Implications

The potential integration of GPT within Notion AI doesn’t just stop at enhanced summarization or content generation. It beckons a future where the lines between a project management tool and a creative assistant blur, paving the way for a more intuitive, interactive, and intelligent workspace. It’s about crafting a space where your project management tool doesn’t just organize your tasks, but actively assists in the creative process, propelling your projects towards success.

In dissecting the relationship between Notion AI and GPT, we unravel the technical narrative and step into a future where AI is an active participant in our creative ventures. Making the journey from concept to completion a well-guided, inspired, and efficient endeavor.

Is Notion AI Reliable?

In a world where our reliance on digital tools is paramount, the reliability of any platform, especially like Notion AI, is non-negotiable. It’s not just about what the tool can do, but how dependably it can perform the assigned tasks. Let’s gauge the reliability of Notion AI under several lenses:

Data security

In the realm of Notion AI, data isn’t just stored; it’s safeguarded. The platform has measures meticulously engineered to ensure the integrity and security of your data. From stringent encryption protocols to robust access controls, every possible loophole is sealed. Your data is not only protected from external threats but managed in a way that ensures its integrity remains uncompromised. It’s about creating a digital safe where your content, be it mundane or sensitive, remains untouched and unaltered.


In the digital sea, uptime is the steadiness of your ship amidst storms. Notion AI prides itself on its remarkable uptime statistics, ensuring that the platform is available when you need it. Real-time updates and AI responses are at the core of Notion AI, and a robust uptime is what ensures these features function seamlessly. It’s about ensuring that your workflow remains uninterrupted, your updates are in real-time, and the AI responses are prompt, making your interaction with Notion AI smooth and productive.

User reviews

The community’s verdict is a critical aspect when gauging the reliability of Notion AI. Through user reviews, we can unveil a more authentic picture of the tool’s performance and reliability from the perspectives of diverse users.

Here are some notable reviews and insights from the user community across different platforms:

Unfiltered feedback

Users appreciate the ease of use and user-friendly interface that Notion AI provides. According to a review on Slashdot, Notion AI is a “successful organizer and assistant for daily usage,” with a user-friendly UI and excellent customer support. The tool is also lauded for its ability to support content creation and understand user requirements through machine learning.

Varied experiences

Different users have highlighted the various capabilities of Notion AI. For instance, a review on Esther Phang’s blog questions the worth of Notion AI in comparison to ChatGPT, hinting at a consideration of alternatives.

Another review on Elegant Themes describes Notion AI as a “Swiss Army knife for productivity,” praising its flexibility and ease of access from anywhere.

Community ratings

On G2, Notion AI has garnered a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars from over 4,800 reviews, indicating a high level of user satisfaction. The platform is appreciated for its up-to-date content, fast response times, and competitive pricing.

In-depth analysis

A more in-depth review on Medium praises Notion AI for its ability to write articles and emails in plain language, format content automatically, and analyze data to find trends and insights. This review portrays Notion AI as a tool that can help users focus on what’s most important by automating routine tasks like sending reminders and updating databases.

In wrapping up, the various reviews echo a narrative of satisfaction, ease of use, and functional capability. They provide a rich tapestry of insights that prospective users and the developers of Notion AI alike can delve into to understand and enhance the reliability and functionality of the platform.

Real-time responsiveness

The essence of AI in Notion AI is its ability to provide real-time responses, making your interaction with the platform more intuitive and dynamic. The pace and accuracy of AI responses are a testimony to Notion AI’s reliability. It’s about having a virtual assistant that’s always on its toes, ready to assist, advise, and automate tasks instantly’s notice.

In wrapping up, the reliability of Notion AI isn’t a mere claim, but a well-documented reality. Its commitment to data security, impressive uptime, positive user reviews, and real-time AI responsiveness make it a dependable companion in your digital journey. With Notion AI, you are not just adopting a tool; you are embracing a reliable partner committed to propelling your productivity to new heights.

Maria’s view 

Embarking on this exploration of the best Notion AI practices unveils a realm where efficiency and innovation converge. With every scroll, you’ve not only traversed through textual information but journeyed through the avenues of optimizing your digital workspace. The knowledge garnered here is not merely textual, but a catalyst that propels you into a domain of enhanced productivity and creativity.

Unveiling potential

Harnessing the best Notion AI practices is akin to unlocking a treasure trove of possibilities. It’s about transforming mundane tasks like drafting a meeting agenda or scheduling social media posts into an engaging, streamlined endeavor.

The practices elucidated here are not just guidelines, but the keys to unshackling the full potential of Notion AI.

Charting the path of mastery

As you step forth, armed with a holistic understanding of the best Notion AI practices, the horizon is ripe with promise. The tools and tips outlined in this expedition equip you to navigate through the digital realm with a finesse that escalates your productivity to new pinnacles.

Whether it’s crafting a compelling meeting agenda that captivates your team or orchestrating a symphony of social media posts that resonate with your audience, the prowess of Notion AI is now at your fingertips. The journey from novitiate to adept in maneuvering through Notion AI is now a thrilling prospect, each click a step towards mastery.

In retrospect, this isn’t just a conclusion but a commencement – a launchpad that propels you into a future where the orchestration of your tasks through Notion AI is not just efficient, but exhilarating. The canvas of Notion AI is now yours to paint with the hues of innovation and the brushstrokes of efficiency. So, as you venture forth, may the best Notion AI practices be the wind beneath your wings, soaring your productivity to realms hitherto unimagined.

Maria is a contributer to PC Guide, highly-interested in productivity and AI tools, and ensuring the inclusion of detailed product info and coverage across versus pieces.