What is ChatPDF and how do you use it?

Save time by letting AI read your PDFs for you

What is ChatPDF and how to use it?

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Another AI application has gone viral. This time the AI model promises to assist you in reading and understanding lengthy PDFs. So, what is ChatPDF and how do you use it?

ChatPDF is a free, online tool that can assist you with any PDF-reading task. By uploading your PDF file to the platform, you’ll receive an AI-generated summary and potential questions you could ask, to help you learn more from your document.

ChatPDF takes it to the next level though. Once your PDF is uploaded you can interact with their AI chatbot to ask any question your heart desires. It will even include references showing you where it got its information from!

Students, professionals, and educators have struck gold with this tool. Gone are the days of reading lengthy PDFs. Now your research can be completed in seconds.

If you’re interested in using ChatPDF, continue reading as we cover how to use the platform.

How to use ChatPDF

ChatPDF is really straightforward and easy to use. The platform doesn’t even require you to signup. Here are the steps to use ChatPDF:

Head over to ChatPDF

Make sure you have your PDF file downloaded and ready to go. Then simply head over to www.chatpdf.com.

Upload your PDF

On the homepage, you’ll see a box where you can drag and drop your PDF. Upload your document by either dropping your file there, browsing through your computer, or inputting the PDF URL.

Ask a question

Now that your file is uploaded, you can start asking questions. A new window should now open up revealing ChatPDF’s chatbot. First, you will receive a short summary about your PDF, as well as a few questions that they suggest you ask. You can really ask whatever you want here, so definitely make the most of it.

Is ChatPDF completely free?

Technically it is not completely free, it actually has two subscription plans. The free plan comes with the ability to upload 3 PDFs a day of up to 120 pages and 10MB. As well as, enough credits to ask 50 questions.

If you upgrade to ChatPDF Plus for $5 a month, this will increase to 50 PDFs of up to 2,000 pages and 32 MB. You’ll also be able to ask up to 1000 questions.

Final Thoughts

All in all, ChatPDF is a powerful tool that can be used to cut down the time it takes you to read a PDF file. It allows users to learn and understand PDF documents quickly, which is helpful for anyone trying to conduct research, gain knowledge or review information.

If you are a student or professional looking for a new way to automate any sort of PDF-related task, then ChatPDF is the number one option for you. So what are you waiting for? Head over to ChatPDF and try it out today.

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