What is Murf AI?

What is Murf AI? The easy AI voice changer & voice cloning service for content creators.

What is Murf AI

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What is Murf AI? Murf AI is a versatile AI voice generator offering text-to-speech, voice cloning, voiceover, and voice changer services. With the ability to “Make studio-quality voice overs in minutes”,  users can create “lifelike AI voices for podcasts, videos,” audiobooks, and more. So how does it work, and how can it benefit you?

What is Murf AI?

Content creators in need of natural sounding voice recordings just got a new tool for their arsenal. Youtubers and voice actors alike can benefit from the Murf Studio platform, which generates high-quality voiceovers from scripts.

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What does Murf voice changer do?

The voice changer, included in the pro plan of Murf Studio, takes an audio recording that you submit, and swaps your voice for a different one.

As the website explains, you can “record your voice from anywhere, upload it to Murf and swap your voice for the same script with a professional sounding AI voice in seconds. Record freestyle, with or without a fixed script. Surround noise, interruptions or errors while recording, and any other unwanted parts can all be edited out before you generate the new voice over.”

This AI voice changer allows you to deliver professional voiceovers without a studio. With a monthly subscription to the pro plan (or free trial thereof) the realistic voice changer retains the emotion, pronunciation, and nuance of your narrations, without the mic quality and background noise.

How to use Murf AI

To use Murf AI, simply copy & paste your script into the text-to-speech software and download natural-sounding voiceovers as audio files. The audio files can then be added to youtube videos, advertisements, explainer videos on your company website – wherever you want, with commercial usage rights from $19 per user/month.

Can you use Murf AI for free?

A subscription plan to Murf Studio for a single user ranges from $0/month to $26/month. This doesn’t include the Enterprise plan, which comes with a minimum requirement of 5 users at $99 per user/month, equating to $495/mo.

The free version includes:

  • No downloads
  • Testing of all 120+ voices
  • 10 mins of voice generation
  • 10 mins of transcription
  • A shareable link for audio/video output
  • Up to 3 Users
  • No credit card requirement

The basic plan ($19 per user/month) includes:

  • Unlimited Downloads
  • Use of 60 basic voices
  • Use of 10 languages
  • 24 hours of voice generation per user/year
  • A  collaborative workspace to share with peers
  • No AI voice changer
  • Commercial usage rights
  • 8000+ licensed soundtracks
  • Chat & Email support

The pro plan ($26 per user/month) includes:

  • Unlimited downloads
  • Use of all 120+ voices
  • Use of all 20+ languages & accents
  • 48 hours of voice generation per user/year
  • 24 hours of transcription per user/year
  • A  collaborative workspace to share with peers
  • Use of the AI voice changer
  • Commercial usage rights
  • 8000+ licensed soundtracks
  • Higher priority support


Is Murf voice changer free?

No, Murf AI voice changer access starts at $26 per month as part of the pro plan.

Is Murf free for commercial use?

No, commercial usage rights start at $19 per month as part of the basic plan.