Is the Galaxy S23 wireless charging?

Charging never felt so free on the S23

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Wireless charging is one of those features that you perhaps never knew you needed. With the launch of the next iteration of Galaxy S-series smartphones around the corner, many are wondering: Is the Galaxy S23 wireless charging?

Samsung uses Qi Wireless Charging on their current flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S22. All their models in the series, the S22, S22+, and S22 Ultra support up to 15W wireless charging, including Samsung’s revolutionary reverse wireless charging feature – the PowerShare.

Wireless charging is a high-end feature and is actually nothing new for the tech giant. Samsung introduced this technology back in 2015 on the Galaxy S6. Since then, every new Galaxy S-series smartphone has been blessed with this feature.

Although Samsung has kept a very tight lip over the potential features of the new Galaxy S23, we definitely expect wireless charging to be one of them. Let’s take a closer look at Samsung’s wireless charging technology.

Samsung Qi wireless charging 

Developed by Wireless Power Consortium, the Qi (“chee”) wireless charging method began back in 2009. Its technology is used by a bunch of leading phones including the Samsung Galaxy range and Google Pixel.

The way Qi Wireless Charging works can be a little confusing. But, to summarize, the technology relies on “closely coupled” electromagnetic induction. Placing a phone on a Qi-certified charger, triggers an inductive form of power transfer between the pad and your smartphone – charging your device without the need for a cable.

Samsung currently uses this technology in their flagship phone, Galaxy S22. And we expect to see nothing less on the new Galaxy S23.

Samsung wireless charging updates

We have some exciting news to share about upcoming wireless charging accessories from Samsung. There are rumors that Samsung is building a new wireless charging accessory, named “Hub”.

As the name suggests, we expect this accessory to have the ability to charge multiple devices at once. This may include the Galaxy phone and other gadgets like the Samsung smartwatch.

News from GalaxyClub suggests this new device could replace the current Wireless Charger Trio, which is available on the Samsung website. Additionally, there are also reports of the new accessory gaining Bluetooth certification. This may be a surprising new add-on, however, it could suggest additional smart features – maybe the potential to send alerts when devices are fully charged.

Keep in mind that these are all rumors. However, with the launch of the Galaxy S23 this February, we hope that Samsung will release more news about this accessory very soon.

Final Words

We are only days away from the launch of the Galaxy S23. Despite, Samsung keeping a lot of specs under wraps, we can safely say that wireless charging is likely to be one of them.

Our experts at PC Guide have been searching the web to bring you the latest news on the new flagship. If you are looking to find out what other rumored specs are on the Galaxy S23, read here.