Is the Galaxy S23 scratch-proof?

Scratch-proof or scratch-resistant, let's explore

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Samsung is set to launch its latest smartphones in the Galaxy S-series. Although the tech giant is yet to announce what new features and specs these models will have you may be wondering: Is the Galaxy S23 scratch-proof?

As of writing, the Galaxy S22 is Samsung’s current flagship smartphone. They released this model with a beautiful 6.1-inch Dynamic AMOLED 2X display. It is the greatest Dynamic AMOLED technology currently on the market, which supports Samsung’s famous flexible screen capabilities.

Whether or not the Galaxy S22 is scratch-proof or scratch-resistant boils down to the smartphone’s construction. AMOLED technology refers to the actual capabilities of the screen. It is responsible for anything to do with how the screen illuminates, the colors displayed, the refresh rate, etc.

Scratch-proofing or scratch resistance is to do with, you guessed it, trusty Gorilla Glass. As it currently stands, the Galaxy S22 does have Gorilla Glass in the phone’s construction. This actually sits on top of the AMOLED screen, protecting it from scratches and damage.

Does Samsung Galaxy S23 have Gorilla Glass?

So, let’s explore whether or not the upcoming Galaxy S23 will have Gorilla Glass. Although Samsung has not officially made a statement we can definitely expect to see Gorilla Glass on the S23.

Unfortunately, Gorilla Glass only makes the smartphone scratch-resistant and not scratch-proof. If this is a particular concern for you, the best option to protect your screen would be to purchase an additional screen protector.

Samsung could very well use the same Gorilla Glass Victus Plus panels that are on the S22 or upgrade it to a better version. Whichever option Samsung does choose, we expect the S23 screen to be only scratch-resistant.

What is Gorilla Glass?

Gorilla Glass is a durable, scratch-resistant technology mainly used on smartphones and tablets to protect screens. They are strengthened with alkali-aluminosilicate, lightweight, and compatible with touch screens.

The Galaxy S22 uses Gorilla Glass Victus Plus panels which are, according to Corning, the toughest Gorilla Glass yet. But don’t be fooled. The S22 is probably the most resilient Galaxy S-series out right now, but damaging the screen is easier than you think.

A drop test conducted by APP found the Galaxy S22 unusable when dropped face down at six feet. Resulting in a lot of loose and shattered glass – not great news. Six feet is typically higher than most heights people drop their smartphones. Nonetheless, this is not the durability we hoped for.

Final Thoughts

With the Galaxy Unpacked event next month, it is not too long until we know what features will be on the Galaxy S23. Although, we can safely say that scratch resistance will probably be one of them.

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