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We see what’s going on here. So you are thinking of using Chat GPT for a university assignment. Well, of course, you must then be wondering: Can universities detect Chat GPT?

Since its release at the end of last year, Chat GPT has taken the world by storm. The AI bot developed by OpenAI has some extremely advanced capabilities. Just a couple of days ago Chat GPT successfully passed the law bar exam. As a result, this AI model has become a topic of interest/concern for many students and universities alike.

Due to its free nature and ability to write human-like essays on almost any topic, many students have been reaching for this model for their university assignments. And if you are a student hoping to use this in the future, you may have concerns about whether your university can detect Chat GPT.

As it currently stands, your university will most likely not be able to detect Chat GPT. Since the model is relatively new, AI detection software hasn’t really caught up.

Well-known plagiarism checker Turnitin has already announced that they are partnering with universities to develop an anti-cheating software for these sorts of cases.

OpenAI has also announced that they will be adding watermarks to Chat GPT’s responses to indicate when a text was generated using their model.

Nevertheless, your university professors may still have an inkling. Many have reported that Chat GPT produces mediocre responses that lack any critical analysis. Which may be an indicator to anyone assessing your assignment.

Chat GPT essays

Getting an AI bot to write your assignments comes with various pros and cons. Obviously, there’s a massive pro of not actually having to do the work yourself! Besides that, Chat GPT will also construct a completely coherent, well-researched essay of any length as long as you prompt it.

What about the cons though? Chat GPT is clearly a pretty great tool, but something you should be wary of is Chat GPT’s limitations. As outlined by OpenAI, the model does not guarantee to spit out correct information. It also has the potential to produce biased content.

Another issue with using this tool as your homework golden ticket is plagiarism. You really do not want to be messing about, when it comes to potential plagiarism on assignments.

Unless you purchase high-quality software to run your Chat GPT essay through, you won’t truly know how badly plagiarized it really is.

Can Turnitin detect Chat GPT?

Turnitin is a well-known plagiarism checker used by most universities and colleges. The software is built to detect whether students have copied someone else’s work in their assignments.

Turnitin is designed to simply detect plagiarism and not detect the use of Chat GPT. However, if you have concerns about getting caught for using Chat GPT by Turnitin, it really only boils down to if Chat GPT’s response is plagiarized.

According to the developers, none of Chat GPT’s responses are necessarily copies of the specific text. The model generates its texts by analyzing the data it was trained on. Where it then creates its response in its ‘own’ words.

OpenAI does say the model does not intend to plagiarize any text, although it does have the potential to produce a response closely similar to another source already out there.

Many users online have been testing Chat GPT essays with the well-known plagiarism checker, Turnitin, and have shared their results.

Plagiarism Expert put Chat GPT to the test. They asked the bot to write a 500-word essay about the impact of climate change.

When they put Chat GPT’s response into this plagiarism checker, it was found to only have 45% similarity. Considering this is an essay you have not had to write yourself, this isn’t too bad. Although, 45% plagiarism if anything is still something to worry about.

Final Thoughts

So what is the moral of the story? Well, from what it looks like, if you do use Chat GPT to write an essay, we cannot guarantee it to be plagiarism free. Then again, there are different ways to use the tool to help you with your homework without getting caught in the act.

On the other hand, when it comes to whether universities will know if you have used Chat GPT, this is still up for debate. In the future, it seems that new AI detection software will be rolled out. As a result, there will come a time when universities are aware of students using AI to cheat on their assignments.