Is Chat GPT plagiarism free?

AI and plagiarism - we take a look at where we are with it all...

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Chat GPT is a hot topic right now, as we come to terms with a new level of artificial intelligence-based chat. But, given the many ways AI is tested, and because people want to test how sophisticated such chatbots are, whether Chat GPT is plagiarism free is a question on a lot of lips.

Chat GPT can produce applications that communicate in a seemingly human-like way. But plagiarism is one measure of how ‘original’ any text is. Whether that be for testing how successful a chatbot may be, or potentially identifying an unknown AI-generated bit of text.

Chat GPT and plagiarism

Perhaps unfortunately for anyone wanting to clearly unmask AI, engines with sophisticated language learning capabilities are…sophisticated. The latest chatbots no longer copy and paste chunks of text into a response. Even if those applications aren’t widespread yet and some still appear clunky.

Chat GPT’s use of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) sets it apart, and identifying its text by just looking at it is probably impossible.

But, as NPR pointed out in a December report on AI and plagiarism: “OpenAI…has signaled a commitment to preventing AI plagiarism and other nefarious applications”. In one way, if Chat GPT is plagiarism free that’s can be seen as a sort of success for development. But it also causes problems of integrity, potential cheating, and more.

OpenAI seems to be addressing this by developing a ‘watermark‘ that will show when a copy has been AI-generated.

Chat GPT Plagiarism Score

How plagiarism-free is Chat GPT? That’s a hard question to answer. Turnitin, a company offering solutions to ensure originality in writing says it can. It states it has technology that detects AI-generated writing by tools like Chat GPT.

On the other hand, some reports suggest that Chat GPT-derived text scores as low as 5% for plagiarism when tested. For some tools, under 20% is an ‘acceptable’ score. But it will depend on the tool used and the type of copy.

Is AI content plagiarism free?

There’s perhaps a clash of morality and capabilities when it comes to AI content being plagiarism free. Certainly, AI content that passes plagiarism tests can be considered well-developed and engineered. But the key question may be whether AI content being plagiarism free is a good thing.

For OpenAI to be working on a watermark to flag Chat-GPT-created text seems sensible. Creating human-like applications to interact with is one thing. But who wants to be duped by them?

Is ChatGPT plagiarism?

No, ChatGPT isn’t necessarily plagiarism in and of itself, but the produced text can have re-used phrases within it, which does raise the argument. Additionally, while ChatGPT can have its uses, leveraging it for such things as school work, or for tasks you are being paid to do on your own, shouldn’t be the way to go about it. Especially given the fact that teachers now are finding ways of detecting when a paper has been written by ChatGPT.