How to Use and Get Rid of Split Screen on iPad

Get more done and bring your iPad a little closer to a laptop

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Even though Apple will not admit it, the iPad is inching ever closer to a laptop-esque device. Official keyboard case, fully-featured applications, and iPadOS 15 brings with it more interactivity with macOS, even the inclusion of Apple’s new M1 chip is in the latest Pro variant.

So when Apple introduced Split Screen onto the device for multitasking, it never really explains how to do it unless you look elsewhere online. Well, we’re that elsewhere online for you to get to grips with it.

It’s an incredibly useful feature that’ll save you tonnes of time!


Open an App

iPadOS only activates split-screen when having a fullscreen application. So load up whatever app you need and then drag from the bottom to bring up the app bar. The app you want to have in split-screen will need to either be in the Dock’s permanent section or on the edge, in the recently used apps.


Drag and Drop

Drag the app all the way up until it forms like a bubble. If you drop it now before it snaps into place, you’ll be able to have it free-floating on either side of the screen. This can be great for Twitter or YouTube, but only apps that allow for a ‘mobile’ view in this state will work.

Once you reach the special spot, the app will immediately snap into the right area and you’ll now have it on split-screen.

Bear in mind this won’t work with every app, but a majority of the major apps you do use on iPad will do this.


How to Use

Much like other operating systems, you’ll find that the split-screen view works in the same way. If you drag the black bar, it’ll shrink or grow the app to your desired size, but this is usually just from mobile size to a third-quarter size.


Turn off iPad Split Screen

If you want to turn off Split-Screen on your iPad, you’ll need to simply just drag the app all the way across until it closes. Think of it like a really hard swipe. If you close the app down by swiping up and returning to the home screen, you’ll find that both apps will be back as you left them when you reopen them again.


iPad Apps as Windows

If you want compatible apps to hover over the top of your fullscreen application, you can take the same methods as above, but instead of holding it into a place where it’d transition into the traditional split-screen, simply let go and it’ll appear as a moveable, floating window.

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