How To Factory Reset iPad

Wipe your iPad with these simple steps

factory reset ipad

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If you’re looking to offload your iPad to another family member or wanting to sell in order to get an upgrade over your current model, you’re probably best doing an iPad factory reset. This will wipe your iPad completely so that all of your data will be removed and the next user can start anew.

To do an iPad factory reset though you going to need to know the steps you’ll need to take. Below, we’ll be running you through all of these so that you can get your factory reset done nice and quickly and avoid any potential pitfalls that could arise.


How To Factory Reset iPad

Sadly, there is no one press factory reset button on iPads so you’re going to have to delve into the settings and find the specific options to get the process started. Here’s how to get it done.


Open Settings

Find the Settings app and tap to open.


Open General

Locate the General option and enter this menu.


Press Reset

Go down to the bottom of this menu where you should find a Reset option. Press this.


Erase all content and settings

After pressing Reset, an Erase all content and settings option should appear. Enter your passcode to proceed.


Erase iPad

The Erase iPad option should now display. Tap this then Erase iPad again to confirm.


Enter Apple ID & Password

To finalize the factory reset, enter your Apple ID and password and tap Erase in the top right corner.

And that’s all folks! You should now have everything you need to factory reset your iPad. If you have any problems or issues while in the process, simply start the factory reset steps again and you should be good to go.