How To Reset Samsung Tablet to Factory Settings

Get your tablet back to fully working order

how to reset samsung tablet

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There comes a time where your Samsung tablet will have to be reset. Whether that’s because you’re having troubles with your device or are looking to sell it on, a full reset is always worthwhile doing. But, to get the job done you’re going to have to follow a few steps to do it properly, ensuring you select the right settings to get to your desired outcome.

With this article, we’ll take you through the short, but important steps, for how to reset Samsung tablets so you can get your device back to factory settings nice and quickly with no errors.

Before we being though, this process will reset your Samsung tablet to factory settings, wiping the whole device. This means that you’re going to want to back up all your data and copy over any precious photos to your PC so you don’t lose anything.


How To Reset Samsung Tablet

factory reset samsung tablet

Now you know the risks and you’re happy to go ahead, let’s get that Samsung tablet reset to factory settings.


Open Apps Menu

Swipe up from the bottom of your Samsung tablet to see all of your installed apps.


Locate Settings app

Find the Settings app and open it.


Locate “Privacy”

Find the Privacy option and enter this section.


Find the ‘Factory Data Reset’ option

To proceed with resetting your Samsung tablet locate ‘Factory Data Reset’ and enter into the next menu.


Reset Samsung tablet

To finalize your Samsung tablet reset touch the ‘Reset Tablet’ option and then ‘Erase Everything’ to confirm.

So there we have it, you should now know exactly how to reset your Samsung tablet. As previously mentioned, resetting is a pretty easy process but the options are well hidden in the Settings app so if you don’t know where you’re looking you might drown in the options available to you.