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Best DDR5 RAM in 2022

You don't always need a brand to be the best
Last Updated on January 31, 2022

DDR5 is here, it’s speedy and it’s in-needy of you buying it. Yes, the next type of RAM is available after DDR4 launched way back in 2014. Remember 2014? When the world wasn’t burning?

Now you can burn virtual rubber with these blazing sticks of RAM, which are only compatible with certain Z690 and the incoming B660 motherboards. Make sure to do your due diligence and ensure the board suits your new RAM, as the DDR5 sticks have had their little nub moved to prevent you from cramming it into the wrong board and breaking everything.

What’s new about DDR5, other than it being faster than DDR4? Well, it’s considerably more expensive at the moment. There’s an ongoing chip shortage that’s causing havoc with supply chains, so the cost of electronics has skyrocketed in some areas. However, RAM is going to be more expensive going forward as the new design embedded on the sticks has increased the cost too.

Products at a Glance

Our Recommended

Best DDR5 RAM in 2022

  • Comes in packs of 32GB
  • 5200MHz
  • Durable
  • LEDs with iCUE
  • Expensive
  • LEDs with iCUE

Corsair is first out the gate and well, clearly have the reliability factor on their side. The DOMINATOR might be the more expensive of the two styles of sticks they have, but it’s also the more powerful.

Clocking in at 5200MHz and coming in 32GB sets, this is perfect for those who want more from their gaming performance, but also perfect for those who want to upgrade their content creation machines. It also has that nice LED lighting across the top if that’s more your bag.

Corsair designs their RAM for the long haul, with my last Vengence DDR4 sticks still going, even after three years. You pop these bad boys in, I doubt you’ll have to upgrade again the whole cycle.


  • Unknown doesn't always mean bad
  • Low profile RAM
  • Comes in 32GB
  • Reliability in question
  • Generic brand
  • Not as fast

A low-profile, unknown brand that seems to exclusively live on Amazon? That’s maybe the only downside here. The generic brands sometimes are the best underdogs, especially when it comes to price. While it might not be as fast as some other options on this list, the TeamGroup DDR5 sticks of RAM are probably going to just the job. The only thing we don’t know is their reliability, which going by reviews of their SSDs and other RAM sticks, is actually pretty good.

The great thing about these sticks is that they’re incredibly low profile. Flat, out the way, and easy to build your new PC around. They’re also a sleek black, without any faff around them to keep the PC potentially looking professional as you build it up.

  • Crucial rarely disappoint
  • Actually available in some capacity
  • Lower cost
  • Not as fast as Corsair
  • Comes in batches of 8GB

Death, taxes, and Crucial are there to be your lower cost, but lesser option when building your PC. Crucial are maybe the only ones out there right now putting out DDR5 RAM in sticks of 8, as well as packs.

Crucial are professionals in the industry, with no time for your fancy designs and frilly LEDs, instead opting to bring you a low profile design, giving you exactly what you need and nothing more. These are the perfect option for those in a professional setting, providing blazing fast speeds and 50% performance over the last DDR4s. If you own a workstation, these are the ones to go for, especially if you plan on upgrading incrementally to a higher capacity with the 8GB sticks.


  • Comes in 32GB packs
  • Weird looking, could cause issues when building

Clocking it at different speeds, with the old childhood myth that red makes things go faster actually being true, the GeIL DDR5 RAM is another oddity that has crept up through the ranks of the many products now on Amazon. If you opt for the red one, you’ll be getting two 16GB sticks rated at 5600MHz, while the black is clocked lower at 4800MHz. Aside from this, there’s no difference.

Their weird shape might put you off, but with clever cable management and forward planning, you shouldn’t really have any issues.

RAM will be difficult to find as more products come out, so if you plan on getting in on the ground floor, the GeIL branded RAM might be the one to nab.

Our Verdict

With its brand recognition and genuine reliability, the Corsair RAM clearly takes the prize until the other big lads in the circus of PC parts come into play. Once you fit this RAM, I doubt you’ll actually need to upgrade until DDR6 or perhaps a proper refresh of DDR5 comes around in the next few years. You pay a premium, you get a premium.