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Best Budget PC Case in 2022

The best budget PC case picks for gaming, storage, and cooling
Last Updated on March 14, 2022
Best Budget PC Case

Building a custom PC is a delicate balancing act. Saving some money here and there on things like the case and the fans can lead to more room in your budget for a better GPU or CPU. On the other hand, if your case doesn’t provide you with proper airflow then you could damage your parts and a lackluster I/O can make using your rig a pain.

Don’t worry, though, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t good, cheap computer cases. In fact, we’ve done the research and have come up with 5 cases that can help you reach equilibrium in this balancing act. If you’re interested in finding the best budget case out there then take a look at our budget PC case reviews below.

Products at a Glance

Our Recommended

Best Budget PC Case in 2022

  • LED Lighting
  • Top internal layout
  • Great cooling options
  • Unusual PSU placement
  • Top airflow
  • Dust filters
  • Looks great
  • Dated storage slots
  • Great storage slots
  • Toolless design
  • Lackluster I/O
  • Small form factor
  • Good airflow for such a small case
  • Pre-installed 200mm fan
  • Could look better
  • Multiple I/O placements
  • Great value
  • Surprisingly spacious
  • Lackluster airflow

Our Verdict

All in all, if we were to put a stamp on the absolute best budget PC case, we’d opt for the In Win 101 PC Case. It looks very aesthetically pleasing, not just due to the stealth black look and transparent side panel but because of the integrated LED lights. Usually, this lighting is reserved for the higher-priced PC cases so you’re pretty great value for money too. When looking at the internals, you can’t be disappointed either with its solid layout, GPU bracket, and the ability to top mount your PSU. Moreover, with the ability to fit a water cooled 120mm radiator in the rear, a 240mm radiator on the side opposite the tempered glass, and a massive 360mm radiator in the bottom, there’s a plethora of cooling options that is a surprising and welcomed feature.