On the face of it, a budget mechanical keyboard may seem a little hard to find due to the cost and premium nature of the mechanical switches, materials used, and the tech that goes into them. Thankfully, now mechanical keyboards have become increasingly popular, one can only assume manufacturing costs have been reduced, enabling well-known brands, as well as some you don’t necessarily associate with keyboards to produce fantastic budget editions.

Granted, you won’t be receiving the most feature-rich mechanical keyboard on the market but that’s what happens when you choose a budget option. However, with our top budget mechanical keyboard picks, you should be able to separate the best from the rest, picking one that suits your needs as well as being wallet-friendly.

Our Verdict

All in all, as mentioned earlier, you can get a really good mechanical keyboard on a budget. The options we’ve gone for provide some top mechanical switches, essential for gamers and typists alike while also being really aesthetically pleasing, fitting into gaming setups as well as the more traditional office environments. This is proven especially by the Philips SPK8614 mechanical keyboard. However, while all of our budget mechanical keyboard picks do have some respectable build quality, you do get what you pay for. So, rather than opting for the Razer Blackwidow for example, if you want better switches, more premium materials, and general longevity, you’re going to have to have deeper pockets and opt for a Razer Huntsman Elite variant.

Things to consider


As shown with our picks above, you can get mechanical keyboards in different sizes. You can have a full layout, or the more compact layout, dropping that right-hand number pad. You might think ‘what’s the point in losing the number pad?’ well, for those with limited space, a smaller keyboard will be beneficial especially on those smaller desks. Additionally, gamers who don’t utilize that section at all have no need for it, so opting for the more compact variant seems a sensible choice. They’re lighter and more portable too thus making it far easier to transport to those pro gaming events.


So, while all of the keyboards we have listed have mechanical switches, there are in fact different variants, giving keystrokes varied feedback and overall feeling. Paying a more premium price for the likes of Cherry MX Black switches means you’ll be getting optimal performance but even with Outemu Blue switches, you’ll still get that mechanical feeling and much better typing experience than that of the bog-standard keyboards you usually see.


Aesthetics are not the most important aspect but one that certainly needs to be considered, especially when trying to get that perfect setup. If you’re a gamer that wants an RGB backlit mechanical keyboard or one that slots right into a color-coordinated office, there is a wide range of designs out there. Additionally, due to the customizability levels of keyboards themselves, you can change the keycaps to revamp the whole look, making it last longer in the process.

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