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Best gaming keyboard & mouse combo in 2024 – wired, RGB and budget picks

Our top 4 picks to help you find the best gaming keyboard & mouse combo
Last Updated on January 11, 2024
Best gaming keyboard & mouse combo

A dynamic duo of a gaming keyboard and mouse can make or break your gaming sessions. Ensuring you have the best gaming keyboard & mouse combo is not just a luxury—it’s essential for a top-tier experience.

In this article, we delve deep into the factors that define this excellence, ensuring that when you gear up for your next gaming marathon, you do so with unmatched precision and comfort.

Products at a Glance

How do we pick the best gaming keyboard & mouse combo?

Our selection process is rigorous, and driven by both objective measures and subjective experiences. We start by analyzing the technical specifications of both the keyboard and mouse. This includes evaluating the type of switches used in the keyboard, the actuation force, key lifespan, and the sensor’s accuracy and range in the mouse.

We consider factors like polling rates, DPI settings, and customization options, ensuring that the combo provides an optimal balance between performance and flexibility.

But numbers only tell half the story. Real-world performance, user reviews, and hands-on testing form a significant part of our evaluation. We pay close attention to feedback from seasoned gamers, understanding their preferences, and pain points.

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Our Recommended

Best gaming keyboard & mouse combo in 2024 – wired, RGB and budget picks

  • Vibrant RGB illumination
  • Comfort-centric design
  • Low-latency wireless performance
  • Wireless connectivity
  • May not cater to niche gaming needs
  • Premium price point
  • Battery life can vary based on usage

Corsair’s K57 RGB wireless keyboard pairs seamlessly with the Harpoon RGB wireless gaming mouse, offering a cohesive gaming experience.

The keyboard boasts Capellix LEDs providing vibrant RGB, while the Harpoon mouse ensures accuracy with its high-precision optical sensor. Both devices have strong battery life and ensure low-latency gaming, making this combo one of Corsair’s standouts.

Diving into those night-long gaming sessions? This keyboard combo has got your back. The comfort level is top-notch. The K57, with its detachable soft rubber palm rest, feels plush for those prolonged sessions.

The Harpoon mouse, though compact, fits snugly in hand. It’s a duo that prioritizes user comfort alongside performance. Whether you’re a casual gamer or venturing into the eSports arena, you’ll appreciate the blend of aesthetics and ergonomics.

  • Precise sensor in the mouse
  • Dynamic RGB on the keyboard
  • Balanced and cohesive combo
  • Mouse might be small for some
  • Specific niche features may be missing

The Corsair K55 RGB PRO keyboard offers dynamic RGB backlighting and macro support, making it a solid choice for gamers looking to get a bit more out of their setup. Pair it with the Harpoon RGB Pro, and you’re in for a treat.

This mouse isn’t just about aesthetics; its heart lies in the PixArt PMW 3327 sensor ensuring precision in every move. And at 85 grams, it strikes a balance between lightweight agility and solid grip.

Now, the Harpoon RGB Pro might seem humble, but it’s a trooper. It’s the kind of mouse that grows on you. Its size, although leaning towards the smaller side, is versatile enough to accommodate a range of hand sizes.

And while it doesn’t boast the feather-like weight of some competitive gaming mice, its heft gives it a reassuring presence. The K55, on its

  • Ergonomic design across both devices
  • High DPI range on the mouse
  • The mouse isn't top-tier
  • Some might prefer tactile switches

Stepping into the arena next is the Redragon S107 wired mechanical keyboard combo – it is an experience in its own right. Outfitted with 104 keys, RGB backlighting, and a mechanical feel, it promises to be the ultimate all-in-one gamer kit, essential for those high-octane gaming sessions.

The 100% full-size model boasts RGB backlighting that’s all programmable, lighting up your desk just as it lights up your in-game performance. And let’s not forget about its great ergonomics and space-saving design.

But what’s a keyboard without its trusty sidekick? Enter the 3200 DPI gaming mouse. This might not be your top-tier mouse, but paired with this keyboard, it provides unbeatable value.

With adjustable DPI buttons, an ergonomic design, and RGB lighting, it’s hard to find fault with it. The optical sensor and mouse scanning speed of 48ips, ensures you’re spot on with your shots every single time.

  • All-in-one value kit for gamers
  • Ergonomic design across both devices
  • Durable and spill-resistant keyboard
  • Limited customizability
  • Not suitable for ultra-competitive gaming
  • Some may desire a higher DPI mouse

Here’s a combo that screams value: Redragon’s S101 Gaming Keyboard and the M601 Mouse. Let’s start with the keyboard. It’s not just the vibrant RGB backlighting (with seven different modes, no less) that catches the eye. It’s the attention to detail.

We’re talking about keys that are designed for silent performance and durability, an ergonomic design that doubles up as a great typing tool for office work, and a built-in wrist rest. Spill something on it during an intense game? No worries, it’s designed to withstand that.

Now, the M601 Mouse. It’s a wired mouse that complements its keyboard counterpart perfectly. The ergonomic design ensures your hand remains cramp-free, while the red backlit gives it a distinct Redragon feel. You can adjust its DPI up to 3200, making it versatile for both intense firefights and regular desktop usage.

Features and considerations

When considering a gaming keyboard and mouse combo, functionality and ergonomics take center stage. The keyboard should have keys that are responsive, with adequate tactile feedback, anti-ghosting features, and customizable RGB lighting for those who value aesthetics.

It’s equally important for the keyboard to have a sturdy build, with materials that are durable and can endure long gaming sessions. The mouse, on the other hand, needs to offer precision tracking, adjustable DPI settings, and ideally, customizable buttons to suit different genres of games. Its design should also ensure that the grip is comfortable, minimizing fatigue during extended gameplay on your gaming PC.


Why do gamers use 60% keyboards?

Gamers often opt for 60% keyboards because they offer a compact and efficient layout that frees up desk space. This compactness makes it easier for players to reach essential keys faster and allows for more room to move their mouse, especially at low DPI settings.

What size keyboard is best for gaming?

A 65% keyboard is often considered the best size for gaming. It strikes a balance between the compact nature of a 60% keyboard and the functionality of a tenkeyless or full-sized keyboard.

Our Verdict

Finding the ideal gaming keyboard and mouse combo is more than just about aesthetics or brand loyalty. It’s about how these devices seamlessly blend into your gaming ecosystem, providing an edge when needed and comfort at all times.

Whether you’re a casual gamer seeking budget-friendly options or a hardcore enthusiast looking for performance-oriented gear, there’s something for everyone on our list.

We’ve explored options that provide wireless freedom, top-notch wired performance, and unbeatable value. Each combo offers its own strengths, ensuring that every gamer finds a match that resonates with their personal style and gaming needs.

Our top pick for the best keyboard and mouse combo goes to the Corsair Wireless Gaming Bundle. These peripherals are the perfect addition to your gaming setup thanks to their perfect blend of aesthetics and ergonomics.