Best Gaming Chairs for Big and Tall Guys 2022 (Wide & Large)

best gaming chair for big guys
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With games like Fortnite, League of Legends, and DoTA 2 dominating streaming sites like, gaming is becoming a new national pastime.

If you have spent any time on streaming channels, then you’ll know all of the most popular streamers are using gaming chairs. These souped-up office chairs (let’s be realistic, that’s what they are!) are made with extra padding and reinforcement for extra comfort during long gaming sessions.

One problem though: most popular gaming chairs are better suited for gamers with a smaller frame and may not be large enough for those with larger bodies.

Small seat beds, short seatbacks, and smaller load capacities are all issues bigger gamers run into when trying to find suitable chairs for big and tall guys.

In an effort to help out bigger gamers, we have compiled a list of the 10 best gaming chairs for big guys in 2021.

Meanwhile, if you have a budget of under $200 you will doubtless find this article right up your alley.


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Best Gaming Chairs for Big and Tall Guys 2022 (Wide & Large)


Aluminum frame gives extra stability

2 hydraulic cylinders for higher capacity

Excellent quality materials are long lasting


Cannot recline and lock

Aluminum frame makes back stiffer than other chairs

First up on our list the DXRacer Tank Series Gaming Chairs. DXRacer is one of the more popular office and gaming chair manufacturers, known for their high quality and well-engineered products. The Tank series of large gaming chairs are specifically designed to be bigger for those that might need, or want, it.

The first thing that stands out about this chair is its size. The chair stands over 53 inches from the ground and is over 30 inches at the widest part of the seat. This makes the chair a good deal heavier than normal (about 65 pounds) but large enough for tall and wide gamers. The seating offers an impressive amount of cushion and two gas cylinder hydraulics which is slated to support up to 450 pounds.

The chair has a strong aluminum frame that runs up the back. The metal frame makes the chair much more stable but can take away some comfort if you are used to softer chairs.

A negative consequence of the frame is that you can’t tilt and lock the chair in a reclining position. The armrests are also fixed in place, which is especially annoying for taller gamers who are more likely to need some adjustments; honestly, at this price point, that’s the least they could do. While this DXRacer is rather pricey, it’s also durable, so it will last you for a while. It also comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame and a 24-month warranty on parts.


ery affordable

Very high weight capacity (485 pounds)

Adjustable armrests


Relatively cheap construction

Metal siding can dig into the legs

The Galaxy XL Big and Tall Gaming Chair from SkyLab is a relatively new chair on the market. The best feature of the Galaxy is its price point, which is a lot lower than many other chairs in this niche. The chair has a simple yet stylish visual design that would look good in-home or at the office.

The wide seat has a lot of padding and the back is shaped to mimic the natural curvature of the spine. The product description boasts “omni-directional armrests,” however, they aren’t as adjustable as we would’ve liked. This is pretty annoying, especially considering we had anticipated more adjustability.

The Galaxy does allow you to recline and lock the seat, but some users report that it can become loose if you put too much pressure on the back while it is reclined. It is slated for a whopping 485-pound capacity, though this is an absolute maximum value and it can not operate for long periods of time at this weight.

The biggest drawback of the Galaxy is its construction. It is very affordable, but this comes at the cost of the quality of materials. Specifically, the wheel castings and armrest joints will degrade over time. However, it is still a great deal, and it should last a while if you take good care of it.


Built-in USB massage pillow

Retractable footrest for reclining

Good customer support



Plastic parts have tendency to snap

Another affordable chair for the bigger gamers out there, the Ficmax High-Back Ergonomic Gaming Chair is heavy-duty and offers a lot of padding. The chair’s construction is sturdy and its frame is made of a metal alloy, surrounded by layers of high-density foam for comfort and stability.

It is a bit more mobile than some other big gaming chairs for large men and has a 360-degree rotation and up to 180-degree recline, which is a nice touch for an aluminium alloy chair. This is probably because, despite it being described as a chair for “heavy” gamers, its weight capacity is only 300-pounds, which won’t be enough for many searching for high quality gaming chairs. The front part of the seat does not seem to have any contouring either, so you may find yourself slipping forward if seated upright.

Unlike a lot of other chairs on the market, the Ficmax has a built-in USB powered electric massage motor in its lumbar support pillow. Just plug it in and you get a nice lower back massage while gaming/working. While it is somewhat of a novelty, it can be a really nice edition, especially if your job requires being on your feet a lot.

It’s also got an extendable footrest. Unfortunately, the footrest can throw off the chair’s balance, but you can remove it while not in use. Speaking of removing things, some pieces, such as the wheel casters, are prone to breaking. Ficmax does offer a one year warranty on parts and a lifetime warranty on the frame, though.


Adjustable head/lumbar support

USB massage pillow

Memory foam seat adapts to bodies shape


Not a lot of vertical adjustability, not for those with very long legs

Top heavy

Extra-wide seat may feel “loose” to some

The KILLABEE Big and Tall is an impressive wide gaming chair, standing almost 53 inches tall and weighing almost 60 pounds. The alloy frame is very tough and the ultra-thick seat bed is made out of springy memory foam that, over time, adapts to the shape of your butt and hips. It even includes two adjustable pillows for lumbar and neck support.

Like the Ficmax, the KILLABEE has a USB powered massage device built into the lumbar support pillow and an retractable footrest. It has a very wide back which is good for those with broad shoulders, though the seat bed might be too wide to be comfortable for some.

The armrests are adjustable, but they don’t have a switch so you might find yourself accidentally shifting them while moving around in the chair. We don’t really understand why this is part of the chair’s design– it’s probably one of the chair’s biggest drawbacks.

The chair also does not have much vertical adjustability; I guess in that way it does way more for the “Big” part of their target audience than their “Tall” part. It does has a wide recline range, but again, for bigger bodies, this may mean more potential fault points in the frame.

The memory foam seat is very soft, but the PU leather gets dirty easily, which can make the seat feel tacky and sticky. Luckily, it can be washed with most normal cleaning solutions, and nothing special is required.


Very high weight capacity (440 pounds)

Breathable PVC leather seat cover stays cool

Durable steel alloy frame


Flimsy plastic components

Poor customer service

The VERTAGEAR P line of heavy-duty gaming chairs is built to last, the PL 6000 included. The heavy duty frame/base is made of a reinforced steel alloy and is rated for a max capacity of 440 pounds.

The PVC leather seat of the VERTAGEAR is perforated with holes that let the chair breathe and keep your butt cool. While the same can’t be said of the PU leather back, it’s not unique on this list when it comes to PU leather backs.

It somewhat lacks in vertical adjustability but the arms are adjustable in 4 directions, which is a huge win in terms of ergonomics and comfortability. Unfortunately, the back seat is not reclinable, but it does flex a bit so you can at least lean back a small amount.

What To Look For In A Chair For Big Gamers

Before you buy a gaming chair, there are actually several things you want to keep on eye out for. Thankfully, unlike most computer related products, they are pretty straightforward, but that doesn’t mean they’re less of a pain to keep track of when searching through a bunch of different chairs.


The most important thing to check out is the maximum weight capacity for chairs. Most gaming chairs top out at 250 pounds. This, along with the chairs being shorter and narrower, makes them less fit for larger gamers.

In contrast, most plus-sized gaming chairs can support in excess of 300 pounds. Some of the better gaming chairs on our list can even support up into the 400 pound range. We recommend getting a chair whose weight limit is about 50 pounds more than your average weight.


Gaming chairs are normally prized for their adjustability. However, for big gamers this can be somewhat of a double-edged sword. In particular, chairs that allow you to lean back can compromise the structural integrity of the chair.

Width And Height

The main reason why big gamers need particular chairs aside from a higher weight capacity is that many normal chairs are just too narrow or short to comfortably fit your frame. That’s why chairs for big gamers are normally larger than average, featuring a wider seat and a taller/wider back.

While all of the chairs on this list are extra tall and extra wide, they aren’t uniform. Some are taller, others are shorter. Some are wider, others are narrower. If you’re uncertain at any point, then it is probably best to double check.


Lastly, bigger gamers need a chair that can handle more stress than normal chairs. The best heavy duty gaming chairs typically have an interior metallic frame which keeps the chair’s shape and gives it the ruggedness it needs to withstand the test of time. Unfortunately, this also means heavy-duty gaming chairs are heavy.

Make sure you check product reviews so you can get something that will last. Just because something is made with metal doesn’t mean it actually had a good design. For instance, many companies like to go cheap on the casters despite them being the component that holds the entire chair up.

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