Best Secretlab Gaming Chair in 2021

If the coronavirus lockdown has taught us one thing we weren’t expecting in these trying times, is that the chairs we are sat on while we all work from home, are killing our backs.

What we have long perched on for short periods of time – old chairs, cheap chairs from Ikea, inflatable nonsense from Amazon, and  – worst of the worst – the dining chair are going to finish us off. Only the cockroaches will survive.

When home quarantine finally eases and we leap up to collectively head outdoors for the first time in months, we all have these ideas about some kind of hedonistic outpouring of free love, when realistically we are all just going to collapse in an orthopaedic heap requiring minor spinal surgery.

The current lockdown gives us the perfect buyer’s excuse to make a purchase we have all wanted to make, but have never fully been able to justify to our significant others, as well as to ourselves – a shiny new gaming chair.

Invest in your skeleton

Thankfully, PC Guide has teamed up with top computer furniture manufacturer SecretLab for some great offers on their top-of-the-range models. You really need never suffer a computer-related twinge ever again.

A good gaming chair should be considered an investment. It’s strange how we invest so much on a TV, a keyboard, a framed picture of the kids for the lounge but when it comes to our bodies we neglect them every time. When did you last buy a mattress? Good pillows? A decent chair to spend hours of your life in?

Well, maybe now is the time. With a SecretLab chair, you can customise it to your heart’s content and using their slick website, put through an order with the minimum of fuss, and before you know it you can start to work from home in a bit more comfort than you have these last few weeks!

Size matters

The art of buying the correct SectretLab chair is knowing your height and weight. Then simply tap it into their handy on-site calculator and the perfect choice for you will be revealed.

Once you have the model you want down, it’s off to the customization – material, colour, and extras you want can all be added on. Lumbar support and memory foam pillows are included in most models and their Throne range is even suitable for the smaller household gamers without their legs dangling to reach the floor.

Now in their testing times, it’s no secret we aren’t all getting the full amount of exercise that we need so thankfully there is a range of chairs for bigger guys and girls. The Titan is a great all-rounder but if you want what the Titan brings, and you are bigger still they even do a Titan XL – they really do have everybody covered.

What about if you are neither small nor big and fit in that Goldilocks zone of being ‘just right’ – well then the SecretLab Omega covers that base and is probably their most popular model. It’s been rated as one of the most comfortable gaming chairs in the market today, has great padding and is not a generally all-round great piece of furniture that you are going to own for many years to come.


Depending on which model you choose you are going to need to make a call one what material you want your finish to come in:

Secretlab PRIME 2.0 PU Leather – This new and improved polyurethane leather (2.0) is what the guys are using on all their 2020 models and is four times stronger than its previous iteration. It is also spill-resistance so that can of Monster Energy Drink is going drip right off without ruining your expensive new toy.

NAPA leather – If you aren’t sure what NAPA leather is, think of the material that high-end car seats are finished with. Smooth and soft it’s about as luxurious as leather gets.

Secretlab Softweave Fabric – If cowhide isn’t for you and you want a more vegetarian chair then the Softweave fabric is the signature finish. Engineered to be breathable while remaining comfortable. The fabric dissipates heat quicker, stopping you from getting sweaty and being the perfect material for the hotter climates or extended gaming sessions. It’s also able to be cleaned with a standard off-the-shelf fabric cleaner.

Once you have picked your material your next choice is colour. If you picked NAPA level, it’s simple, it only comes in black. Softweave fabric is limited in its choice but the PU leather comes in a wide range of dyes for you to customize yourself to death.

You really can create a chair here to match the rest of your decor – and if you are a streamer, this is more important than you think. Good aesthetics bring more views! You have to look the part!

Home office options

If you have got this far thinking you don’t want a garish chair that looks like a racing car seat in your minimalistic office, that’s fine. It’s wrong, but it’s fine. It just so happens that you are still in luck as Secretlab has recently launched a new brand they are billing as the alternative to the office chair -they call it NeueChair, and you can get it at the SecretLab website too.

These seats look more like your traditional high-end office chair, bursting with lumbar support, perfect for your neck and back when you are say home-working for extended period of time. Covered with three layers of breathable mesh they also look great too. Be sure to check them out if you aren’t sure a traditional gaming chair is the right thing for your set up.


Gaming chairs aren’t cheap. Great gaming chairs certainly aren’t but we can’t stress enough that this is an investment. Not only in a piece of furniture that should last for years but an investment in you, in your skeleton and in your future comfort.

We underestimate our posture all the time and one of the main complaints we have seen in recent weeks – not only from the general public but from ourselves too is that working in the chairs we already have at home for any length of time is actually hurting. We have been spoiled at the PC Guide office by sitting in Secretlab chairs all day. I’m not going to keep it a secret that this $40 thing I have from Ikea is not cutting it anymore.

Yes, you could get a cheaper gaming chair. Secretlab gear is not the cheapest but you know at least when you take the plunge that you are going to get one of the comfiest rides on the market today, and you can’t say that with the myriad of brands you have never heard of. Why take the chance?

Visit this link and change your comfort levels for years to come today.