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Smart home hubs are growing, even more so thanks to users improving their homes throughout the boredom of multiple lockdowns over the past year or two. Finding the best smart light switch for your home can be a bit of a pain, more so as some require neutral wires to power the switch itself. Also, you’ll need to make sure you buy the right switch to match your current light switch circuit. It will either be two-way or three-way, scroll down to our FAQ for more information on this.

A lot of smart home users don’t see why they should have to buy smart switches when they could just buy light bulbs instead. They have a point, but turning a standard light switch off that has a Wi-Fi bulb on-circuit un-links it from your smart home hub or app. This requires setting up again and can become quite irritating. With the best smart light switch solution, you can use the switch or use your smart home hub to turn/dim/time lights remotely.

How We Chose The Best Smart Light Switches

Rather than looking into different budgets this time around, we looked into different options based on user needs. From full-blown smart home hub controls to 3 gang switches, there’s the best smart light switch solution here for everyone. Let’s get into it.

Our Recommended

Best Smart Light Switch In 2022

Best Multifunctional

Alexa and Google Assistant compatible

Control via App


Wires aren’t very flexible when installing

Want to turn off the landing light but you’ve already gone upstairs? Don’t worry, that’s what a 3-way best smart light is for. A 3-way best smart light switch allows two switches to control one light, like the aforementioned example. It might sound complicated, but providing you’re replacing another 3-way switch, this best smart light switch should be easy enough to install. There’s even an included step-by-step guide to help users out.

Although this product is a 3-way best smart light switch, it can also operate as a standard one pole switch (standard on/off switch) which gives a bit of wiggle room for any sockets that you plan to convert to 3-way down the line.

Supported by the Smart Life app, this best smart light switch also plays well with Alexa and Google Assistant. This means full voice control capabilities directly from your smart home hub setup. If you’re struggling with setup or have any issues, there’s a 12-month satisfaction warranty with a 24/7 customer service line.

Best Smart Home Control

Built-in Alexa

Sonos, Ring, and Smart Lock Compatible



Looking to replace your smart home hub with a nice array of Sonos speakers and a smart home control instead? Maybe you’d like a switch that has Alexa built-in alongside something that can show you who’s at the door via your Ring video doorbell? Don’t worry, the best smart light switch Brilliant takes care of everything.

With its built-in Alexa functionality, most smart home appliances and gadgets will play nice with it. What’s more? It looks super cool, Tony Stark had 55 of them before his mansion was destroyed in Iron Man 3, honest. The one switch panel fits into a standard 1 gang electrical box, making installation super easy providing you can fit the required neutral and ground wires.

It includes a 5” LED touchscreen camera with a privacy shutter and a built-in motion sensor. Instead of just controlling the light bulbs on its circuit, why not go down the Wi-Fi bulb route and control your home’s lighting straight from the Brilliant Smart Home Control? The choice is yours, but a smart assistant that doesn’t clutter up shelves and countertops is extremely appealing. It’s not Jarvis, but it’s the next best.

Best Single Switch

Gentle Off Function



The faceplate can be hard to remove for installation

This best smart light switch is best for those venturing into the world of smart home hubs and basic electrical wiring work. It’s also suitable for users with small homes or someone who just wants the one best smart light switch. The idea behind this best smart light switch is to be controlled remotely via app or voice whilst keeping its analog functionality.

Using the case app, users can hook this best smart light switch up to their favorite smart home hubs such as Alexa, Google Assistant, and Microsoft Cortana. This is where voice functionality is supported and comes in surprisingly handy when you’re about the house and don’t have your handset handy.

Kasa has incorporated fade in and out functionality for slow transitions when turning lights on and off, it works great for the kids’ bedtime routine. This best smart light switch also supports scheduling, allowing users to set times to auto turn on and off, which comes in very handy when on holiday for example.


App and voice controllable



Need a strong Wi-Fi signal for bigger homes

For those looking to take on a bigger smart home hub project, this best smart light switch comes in a pack of four. Treatlife claims their smart dimmer switches are easy to install but require a neutral wire fitting to power the light switch itself. Users will need to have dimmable bulbs that don’t exceed 150W LED/CFL or 400W incandescent bulbs.

0% to 100% dimming allows for users to set the mood for any occasion from that romantic night in, to that big family dinner you’ve been dreading. Each switch has a brightness memory function, allowing users to switch back to the previous brightness setting easily.

Although Treatlife switches work with the Smartlife/Treatlife app, the best smart light switch is always more impressive when used with a smart home hub like an Echo Dot or Google Nest. Not to worry, as they are also Alexa and Google Assistant compatible. Timers and schedulers are also available for the ultimate best smart light switch experience.


App compatible

Timer/Scheduler/Countdown features


The plastic casing is a good fit but looks cheap

A multi-gang best smart light switch comes in handy when handling lighting in large rooms. In MoesGo’s case, this 3 gang best smart light switch can control other smart light switches via Wi-Fi. This is a brilliant alternative to having 3-way switches hard-wired in, but also a little pointless if your home has the wiring work done and dusted. Spoiler alert: Most homes will.

Instead of having three single-pole switches fitted next to one another, multi-gang switches just look more presentable. It’s touch, app, and voice-enabled via Alexa and Google Assistant, which means it carried the standard features seen in a best smart light switch.

Its multi-control also covers timers, schedules, and countdowns. Thanks to its app, operation of these features and lights can be given to family members, adding to its ease of use. Another alternative here would be to train Google Assistant or Alexa to recognize a family member’s voice.

There’s the best smart light switch for everyone. Light most home improvements, you need the right product for the job, so it’s a tough call to pick the best product out of this buyer’s guide. Each product mentioned has the basic smart functionality you’d expect from a best smart light switch:

  • App-controlled
  • Alexa/Google Assistant compatible
  • Scheduler, Timer, and Countdown options

Of course, there are more expensive options with more features and gimmicks, but ultimately a best smart light switch comes down to needing a 3-way or single pole switch and more.

Things To Consider

What’s the difference between 2 and 3 way light switches?

Both 2 Way and 3 Way switches are SPDT switches. But 3 Way switches have an extra pin called ‘Grounding pin’, which is not present on 2-way switches. 2 Way Switches have 3 screws, whereas 3 Way Switches have 4 screws. But irrespective of that, in both cases, you can employ 2 switches to control the load.

What Does SPDT stand for?

A Single Pole Double Throw (SPDT) switch is a switch that only has a single input and can connect to and switch between the 2 outputs. This means it has one input terminal and two output terminals. A Single Pole Double Throw switch can serve a variety of functions in a circuit.

What’s A Neutral Wire?

The neutral wire provides power to the light switch, even when the lights are off. (A neutral wire does not control the lights.) The neutral wire may or may not have been connected to your previous switch. Neutral wires are typically white and maybe found bundled inside the back of the switch box.

What Does a 3 Gang Light Switch Do?

It can control up to three light circuits whilst looking more aesthetically pleasing than having three separate light switches.

What Is a Single Pole Switch?

A single-pole switch has one input and one output, it has two states; “on” or “off”.

Our Verdict

Best Multifunctional

Coming in at roughly the same price, and sometimes cheaper, than single-pole switches, it makes sense to go for the product with more features whilst retaining the functionality you need. This best smart light switch comes in a pack of four and serves all the functions you’ll be needing in your smart home, either from an app, touch, or via voice with the use of your smart home hub.


Make sure to bookmark our Smart Home hub for the latest on smart tech.

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