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Best Nintendo Switch VR Headset in 2024

A deep dive into the best Nintendo Switch VR headsets currently available, comparing each for comfortability, quality, value for money, and overall performance
Last Updated on January 11, 2024
Nintendo Labo VR Starter Kit

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If you want to take your Nintendo Switch gaming to the next level, the best way to do it is by investing in a VR headset. From collecting coins on Mario Kart to adventuring around the landscapes of Legend Of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, you’ll be further immersed in the worlds you love than ever before.

Upon doing a little research, the compatibility of VR with Nintendo Switch looks limited. The only headsets Nintendo officially authorises are their own Labo Toy VR Kits, which doesn’t provide a lot of variety in price or functions.

However, the good news is that there actually are more headsets compatible with the Nintendo Switch, if you know where to look. That’s where we come in; here at PC Guide, we’ve been doing all the hard work so you don’t have to, rounding up the best VR headsets for Nintendo Switch.

We’ll be comparing price, performance, special features and general ease of use. Plus, we’ll throw in some handy FAQs at the end to answer any burning questions you might still have.

Products at a Glance

How we picked the best Nintendo Switch VR headset

We looked at the VR headsets out there which are currently compatible with the Nintendo Switch, judging which ones work best with Nintendo’s games. We also took into account price, performance, value for money and general design quality.

Our Recommended

Product Reviews

  • Affordable: The affordable price point offers excellent value for money.
  • Versatile: This headset can be used alone thanks to the built-in software programming that is filled with games, or can even be used to play VR-supported games, such as The Legend Of Zelda.
  • Child-focused: This VR headset is generally marketed towards a younger audience even though it is suitable for all ages, and this is reflected in the design of the headset.

One of the most popular VR headsets used by Nintendo Switch players is the Nintendo Labo VR Starter Kit. It’s Nintendo’s own-brand VR headset, and as such works extremely well with most of their VR-ready games for Switch.

Deemed by Nintendo as being the “entry point” into the world of VR gaming for Nintendo Switch consoles, the Nintendo Switch VR Starter Set Kit has everything you need to begin playing VR-supported games on your Nintendo Switch.

To use this Nintendo Labo VR Kit, you will need to have your Nintendo Switch console, as well as the matching Joy-Con controllers so that you can begin immersing yourself in the exciting world of Nintendo Labo, where you can both play popular Nintendo VR games, as well as even make your own!

Most suited to children and the young at heart, the Nintendo Labo VR Starter Kit will allow you to play a variety of different engaging and exciting games that vary from battling through an alien invasion, all the way to hippo feeding! This is all thanks to the interactive programming tools that come within the kit, which ensures that players of all ages will be able to enjoy hours of endless fun.

Plus, offering a VR experience like no other, the versatile gaming system of the Nintendo Switch will allow you to transform from a home console into a handheld system in a matter of moments so that you will be able to enjoy a wide and versatile catalog of crowd-pleasing games that can be enjoyed alone or with the whole family. Does it get any better than that?

Turns out – it does! In addition to all of those great features above, this starter kit is also compatible with a variety of VR-supported games, including The Legend of Zelda, Breath of The Wild, Mario Kart, and more! If you’re looking for the best VR headset for your Nintendo Switch, you’re not going to be disappointed with this one.

  • Ergonomic design: The ergonomic design of this headset ensures that you and your family will be able to enjoy your favorite VR-supported games without having to deal with any aches or neck strain!
  • Budget-friendly: This headset is significantly more affordable than Nintendo’s own line of VR headsets, which is something to keep in mind if you’re on a budget.
  • Only compatible with selected games: This VR headset is only compatible with a limited number of games.

Offering a slight alternative to Nintendo’s line of Labo Toy-Con VR Headset Kits, another headset that you can use for your Nintendo Switch virtual gaming is the bestselling OIVO HR Headset.

If you’re simply looking for a basic VR headset that’s going to allow you to play your favorite VR-supported games on your Nintendo Switch, then the OIVO VR Headset is everything that you’re looking for, and then some.

Ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable wearing experience, this VR headset from OIVO has been made out of both EVA and Oxford materials, which will ensure a snug yet lightweight fit that won’t feel uncomfortable or as though you are being weighed down while wearing them.

Besides being able to enjoy the comfortable padding of this headset, you will also be able to make use of the adjustable head strap which will allow you to tailor the fit to suit the individual shape and size of your head. We also really like the lightweight feel of the materials, which will help to keep you from becoming overheated.

Another standout feature of the OIVO VR Headset is the safety hook and loop design that it comes with. To give you the peace of mind that you aren’t going to accidentally get too immersed in the game and accidentally fling your switch, OIVO has included a hook and loop that will allow you to attach your Nintendo Switch console to your OIVO VR headset. Clever or what?

Plus, thanks to its waterproof material and durable glass, you even have the option of using this headset in an outdoor setting if you so desire, without fear of it becoming damaged due to the wet weather! Thanks to that, this VR headset would be the perfect solution for family camping trips or backyard get-togethers, as little ones and family members can get together and play VR-supported switch games without having to worry about the rain.


  • 6 cameras: Ensuring expansive and immersive movement, this VR headset utilizes 6 cameras.
  • Plenty of power: Thanks to a 2880x1700 resolution and a 90Hz refresh rate, this VR headset offers superior gaming visuals.
  • Complicated to set-up: In order to use this headset with your Switch, the set-up process is quite lengthy and requires a capture card, which may be an issue for some.

If you’ve already started doing some shopping around on the internet for a VR headset for your Nintendo Switch, then you might have noticed that there aren’t too many options available on the market.

Now, even though the HTC VIVE COSMOS VR Headset hasn’t been marketed as being intended for a Nintendo Switch console, it can be used with your Nintendo Switch console, so long as you have the right hardware to do it.

In order to use this HTC VIVE COSMOS VR Headset, you’re going to need to make sure that you have a PC and capture card. Then, once you’ve made sure that you have all of those things, it will be pretty straightforward for you to use this headset for your Nintendo Switch! Insert your capture card to your PC, head to video settings, and match your resolution settings to 720p60 to match your Switch – and you’ll be good to go.

Speaking of the HTC VIVE COSMOS VR Headset, all you need to do is take one look at this headset to see why it is one of the best currently available on the market! Offering a premium performance (and a premium price tag to match) this advanced VR headset will allow you to enjoy expansive movement thanks to its 6 tracking cameras, while its 90Hz refresh rate and 2880×1700 resolution will ensure Ultra HD!

Thanks to its convenient flip-up design, you will be able to simply snap up the headset and instantly return back to your bedroom or living room whenever you want to return to reality. Plus, ensuring that you’re able to enjoy your favorite Switch game, this headset can be used to play all Nintendo Switch-supported games.

  • Budget-friendly
  • Compatible with Nintendo Switch Accessories
  • Comfortable and adjustable fit
  • May not fit everyone

The Orzly VR headset is the perfect budget-friendly option that offers a good immersive experience. This headset is exclusively designed to complement your Nintendo Switch and its accessories.

The Orzly was created with comfort in mind. The ultra-soft padding will mean you won’t feel any discomfort or pressure whilst embarking on your next gaming adventure. It has extra large crystal clear lenses for optimal viewing and soft breathable cushions for long-lasting use.

You can also customize the headset further for your comfort. The Orzly VR headset also comes with focus dials that can be used to alter the headset to match your eyesight. – Allowing you to enjoy crisp and clear VR graphics.

Additionally, this headset works seamlessly with your Nintendo Switch’s functions. You can access the charging port, power button, volume buttons, and air vents without any hassle. You can also use the Joy-Con controllers or any other compatible accessories with this headset.

Things to consider

So which VR headset for switch is right for you? It all depends on which factor you think is the most important. Now that you’ve read our guide to the top options, it’s time to start thinking about exactly what will inform your decision. Take a look at our buying guide below if you need some reminders of what to consider.


Without a doubt, one of the most important factors that you need to consider prior to making your VR headset decision is what your budget is. Before you begin shortlisting options, we strongly recommend that you take some time to outline your budget, as by doing so, not only will you make your shopping process a whole lot easier, you’ll also be ensuring that you will make a much smarter spending decision as you’ll already have a clear outline of what your price point is.


If you’re an experienced gamer (or even headphone user) then we’re sure you’ll agree with us when we say that the comfortability of a headset can quite easily make or break your wearing experience. So, for that reason alone, it’s strongly recommended that you take the time to double-check the ergonomic and comfortability features of the VR headset that you are considering buying, as the last thing you want to do is have to put up with unwanted headaches or discomfort while you try to immerse yourself in your favorite gaming worlds.

Luckily, all of the VR headsets that we have included above all come with ergonomic features that will ensure you are able to play your favorite Nintendo Switch games without any aches or strains, but if you are planning on shopping around yourself, this is an important factor to not overlook.

Safety Features

Another consideration that you should make before you select which VR headset that you would like to buy is whether or not it comes with built-in safety features. Seeing as there aren’t too many VR headsets available for your Nintendo Switch, the good news is that all of the current headsets (at the time of writing) that are compatible with your switch have been made with ergonomic features, such as EVA padding and adjustable sides. Thanks to this, these will ensure you’re able to play your favorite games without strain or aches. Plus, this is a pretty important consideration to take into account if you are buying the headset for a kid.

Which VR headsets work with Nintendo Switch?

There is only one official line of VR headsets that are officially recognized by Nintendo, and that’s Nintendo’s own Labo Toy-Con VR Kits. However, there are some third-party VR headsets that are compatible with the Switch console, and at the time of writing, they are only made by OIVO and certain headsets that can be used with a capture card.

Can you get a VR headset for the Nintendo Switch?

Yes, absolutely! As you will have seen from our roundup above, there are a variety of different Nintendo Switch-compatible VR headsets on the market and the best part? They all come at different prices, so you can rest assured that there will be a VR headset within your budget, suitable for your Nintendo Switch. You also have the option of purchasing one of Nintendo’s Labo Toy-Con VR Kits, which will allow you to do a variety of different things, from being a robot for the day to putting your skills to the test with a bazooka.

How do you put a switch in VR mode?

Great question. So, even though VR mode is available in all Nintendo Switch consoles, it can only be made available when playing a VR-supported game with a VR headset that is compatible with your Nintendo Switch. With that being said, in order to place your Nintendo Switch in VR mode, all you simply need to do is run a VR-supported game and plug in your VR headset – and you’ll be good to go, 

As a side note, if you are planning to try out a virtual reality game on your Nintendo Switch, then it’s very important to keep in mind that different factors can potentially affect your viewing experience, including the quality of the content, physical condition, and the environment in which you are playing. If you’d like to learn more about this, then you can head over to the official Nintendo website to find more information by clicking here.

Is the Nintendo Switch VR good?

Due to the small interface of a Nintendo Switch, we don’t think we’re straying too far off the beaten track when we say that the Switch console isn’t necessarily a “perfect” fit for virtual reality gaming. However, that’s not to say that the Nintendo Switch can’t be used for virtual gaming, because it can, the main point to note is that the Switch VR experience doesn’t feel as realistic as some of the other virtual reality-compatible systems out there. For this reason, while the Nintendo Switch might be an ideal choice for virtual reality gaming with family or children, it may not be the best choice for adult gamers who are looking for an immersive gaming experience like no other.

Where can I buy a Nintendo Switch VR headset?

Obviously the major online retailers like Amazon and Best Buy are good places to look. If you can’t see any good deals, check out the primary retailer (Nintendo, HTC etc) too.

Our Verdict

Ultimately, the Nintendo Labo VR headset comes out on top. This is because it has been purpose built by Nintendo themselves, and is the most compatible with any of the VR games currently available. Plus, it’s affordable, making it a low risk investment in that regard. Although it is marketed primarily towards kids, this doesn’t mean the young at heart can’t use it!