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Best Oculus Quest 2 skins in 2023

If you're looking for the best stickers, wraps, and decals this guide will show our top picks
Last Updated on April 26, 2023

Oculus Quest 2 skins and protective accessories come in handy for a number of reasons and protection is one of those. The main reason to buy protective gear for your Oculus Quest 2 is that it is constantly in motion and no one is perfect. No matter what boundaries are set or how many straps are on headsets and controllers, this equipment will get knocked around from time to time. It’s the same with any kind of portable equipment. If it’s mobile, it will probably also be prone to damage.

Products at a Glance

The best example of an everyday technology product having a protective casing or ‘skin’ would be the mobile phone.  When the 90s hit, mobile phones began to shrink and have internal battery packs. Mobile phone protection usually came with leather and a clear plastic combination. The leather cover would cover the casing of the phone whilst having cutouts for chargers and antenna. The clear flexible plastic would cover the screen and keys, making it often awkward to press the already clumsy rubber buttons of the time.

Ultimately, mobile phones still didn’t need much in the way of casing due to the materials being used during manufacture. That is until the rise of the smartphone in 2007 when Android, iPhone, and Blackberry ruled. Shockproof cases, screen protectors, silicone skins, and more became commonplace in the technology world, which spilled into other portable technology. Now, from Nintendo Switches to tablets and the latest tech like, users are spoilt for choice when it comes to protecting their costly tech. Good news when it comes to protecting your Oculus Quest 2. 

Features and specifications

Like any other cases or skins, the best Oculus Quest 2 skins come in various shapes and sizes. You may have come to this buyer’s guide looking for sticker skins for Oculus Quest 2; if so click here for some cool finds. For those looking for some protective gear for their VR headset, read on.

Users will want various traits from the best Oculus Quest 2 skins and protective equipment. Sweat resistance, shock resistance, or even a more comfortable fit are just some of the requests people have for Oculus Quest 2 accessories.

We’ve had a look around the web to provide you with a few different options for Quest 2 skins. From silicone skins for controllers to a full accessory kit that covers almost every aspect of Oculus Quest 2 that needs protecting, there’s something in this guide for every budget and every need. So check out our best picks below:

Our Recommended

Product Reviews

  • Glasses friendly
  • Leaves room for ventilation
  • Controller grips can move around at times

The chances are that after handing over $300, you’ll be looking for protective equipment Quest 2 skins you can depend on. A bundle such as the Colohas VR Cover for Oculus Quest 2 is a great option to make sure all aspects of Oculus Quest 2 are protected.

This package includes a silicone face cover, lens protectors, a front face protector cover, and two silicone controller covers. All of these silicone-based skins will do a good job at protecting an Oculus Quest from day-to-day bumps and scrapes, but won’t offer any kind of shock protection.

The face cover is made of high-grade environmentally friendly silicone which is hygienic. It’s quite easy to clean and stops any kind of light leakage into the headset which may disturb the VR experience. The silicone covers on the controllers are also textured which means users will have a better grip on the Oculus Quest 2 controllers.

  • Dust and dirt resistant
  • Easy to install
  • Not compatible with third-party head straps

This skin is actually a protective shell that is specifically designed for Oculus Quest 2. It features a honeycomb design which offers heat dissapation and adds to its contemporary design aesthetic. 

It’s also good at making sure an Oculus Quest 2 headset stays clean whilst preventing cracks, scratches, splashes, and offering protection against minor bumps. While users should always make sure their playspace is free from obstacles, there is some added protection should a user knock their headset on something, thanks to the AMVR VR headset protective shell.

This shell is durable and lightweight too. It’s made of high-quality hard plastic, you can set it up in three simple steps, and it’s easy to clean as it’s fully washable. Just make sure it’s not wet before attaching it to the Oculus Quest 2.

The AMVR deserves its place in our Best Oculus Quest 2 skins round-up due to the reassuring protection it offers.

  • Soft, washable, and quick-drying
  • Absorbs shock
  • Heats up over time whilst in use

This silicone shell Quest 2 skin covers the full Oculus Quest 2 virtual reality face unit and protects it fully. It also makes sure it dissipates heat correctly as to not damage the Oculus Quest 2 unit.

The casing on the VR unit is covered in thermoplastics that are designed to help with heat displacement from the main unit – and the design means ventilation in offered in four critical sections to ensure the unit cools correctly.

While being soft and skin-friendly, the TATACO Oculus Quest 2 VR Shell Silicone Face Protector Cover is durable in design and can help to disperse shock due to its design and silicone quality.

It’s also a perfect fit for the Oculus Quest 2 virtual reality face unit. Designed to match the exact shape and design of Oculus Quest 2 from its concave front unit design to its soft curves, there’s no danger of this silicone cover falling off during play.

  • Improves grip
  • Wicks sweat
  • Power users may want a tighter grip

The KIWI design touch controller grip cover is another product specifically designed for the Oculus Quest 2, and it serves multiple functions.

One of the more interesting functions of the KIWI design controller grips is making it easy to access the battery compartment of the Oculus Quest 2 controllers. There’s no need to remove these skins when replacing batteries thanks to the unique design.

KIWI’s grips prevent the touch controllers from being thrown out of your hand while playing games and protect the touch controllers from scratching and soiling too.

The texture of the protective shell increases friction, grip, and wicks sweat, while the grip cover is lengthened at the bottom making it more comfortable for people with large hands to hold and easy to reach all buttons.

Additionally, the reserved hole allows for the original wrist straps to remain in place, which is an added layer of security.

  • Silicone controller grips
  • Silicone face padding
  • Head strap isn’t the best quality

This MASiKEN bundle is a good option for users who are looking to find the best Oculus Quest 2 skins to protect an Oculus Quest 2 setup at a great price. While the virtual reality headset unit is a silicone cover, users will also get a replacement elite head-strap,  controller covers, thumbstick covers, and a silicone face pad.

Silicone is used quite a lot for covers due to it being durable, shock-absorbing yet comfortable, and soft. It can be easily molded to fit multiple design needs too, both practical and aesthetic. The VR unit cover allows multiple openings for its movement sensors and heat dispersion and doesn’t block any ports.

The included headset strap gives more support for the back of a user’s head, giving more balance to Oculus Quest 2 and making the unit less heavy at the front. The top strap is still affixed with velcro while the sites are made of plastic for sturdier build quality.

There really is a good selection for anyone seeking the best Oculus Quest 2 skins, although we’d really recommend any of the ones here. From users looking to protect their whole setup to a player looking to upgrade their Oculus Quest 2 headset protective skin, there’s an option for just about everyone. While the majority of these skins are made of silicon, there are also hard-plastic skins that offer sturdier protection – and also purely cosmetic ones for those who are confident in not damaging their Oculus Quest 2.

Of course, we wanted to give you our verdict on which product we thought was a cut above the rest. While this is mostly down to opinion or an individual user’s needs, we feel there’s a clear stand-out offering in this guide that provides value for money and great functionality.

For those looking for more accessories, we have an excellent guide to the best battery packs for Oculus Quest 2, as well as the best cases.

Won’t a sticker set protect from scratches and bumps?

While they will certainly protect against light scratching and bumps, they won’t protect the Oculus Quest 2. Yes, we know the Stormtrooper skin looks great, but if users plan on protecting their equipment, silicone or hard plastic skin would be best.

Won’t an Oculus Quest 2 skin affect heat distribution?

We wouldn’t recommend using any VR headset for over an hour in one sitting, but things should still run cool. Most Silicon and hard plastic covers should have cutouts or heat distribution designs to make sure overheating isn’t an issue. Just make sure this is the case before buying one.

Silicon or Hard Plastic?

Silicon provides better grip and comfort, whilst hard plastic is more resilient to bangs, scrapes, and more. This is entirely down to a user’s preference, but we would go with silicon for controllers and hard-plastic for the Oculus Quest 2 unit.

Our Verdict

Sometimes cheap and cheerful wins out against premium products and Colohas VR Cover for Oculus Quest 2 is our ultimate verdict for this buyer’s guide. Granted, it’s not the flashiest and complete protective skin set for Oculus Quest 2, but it’ll protect that expensive setup from moisture, dinks, cracks, and scratches as users make the most out of BeatSaber and SuperHot VR.

The skins fit and look the part whilst having the correct cutouts to disperse heat and to not block buttons and sensors. There are even a couple of thumb grips for the analog sticks and a silicone lens protector for making sure the Oculus Quest 2 lenses don’t get damaged. These optics should remain highly polished and clean for the best VR experience.