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Best 3D Printers For Kids

A perfect way to encourage creativity and technical skills
Last Updated on July 31, 2023

In the not-so-distant past, you would have needed a set of skills, and a hefty amount of cash, to own and operate a 3D printer. Nowadays, this simply is not the case. With a wide range of 3D printers available, the technology is open to all kinds of people – and that includes kids!

3D printing is no longer simply for adults or professionals. More and more parents are using budget, simplified  3D printers to help their kids improve their engineering and mathematical skills. Plus, they’re super fun, which is sure to encourage children when using them.

One of the great things about today’s kid-friendly 3D printers is how safe they have been made over the last few years. This means there are plenty of good options for children ton use without fearing for their safety.

Today, we are going to showcase some of the best 3D printers for kids. Each one will offer something unique for those curious minds.

Products at a Glance

How we picked

How we picked the best 3D printers for kids

We took a long, hard look at the best 3D printers for kids on the market, but with some key specifications. Firstly, budget; you don’t want an expensive piece of kit if children are in any way involved. We also tried to focus on relatively simple 3D printers which wouldn’t be too hard for kids to get to grips with. Finally, performance was also looked at – even though these 3D printers were picked with children in mind, they still offer good results for the price they are going for. Remember, the build volume on these printers will be lower than some of the more professional, high-quality models available from high-end manufacturers.

We haven’t recommended any resin printers, as the fumes could be harmful for young children.

Our Recommended

Best 3D Printers For Kids

  • Easy to set up
  • Child friendly
  • Relies on internet

This affordable 3D printer might not get the job done for adults as it was designed to meet the 3D printing needs of children. It features a one-touch control which goes a long way in ensuring that children do not get bored while using it. As soon as this device begins running, you will not need to make any adjustments. The implication of this is parents or guardians do not need to spend so much time watching over their children while they get busy with this 3D printer. That’s not all. It is quite small. So, handling it is not challenging.

One thing that stands this 3D printing out from other 3D printers in this article is its toy catalog. It has a huge toy catalog that you can trust to keep your children occupied for a long time.

  • Not so toy-like - Teens will love that this system is built like regular “adult” 3D printers
  • A quick-swap printhead system - Lets kids be more creative and make more complex items
  • Not many spools will fit - Space for spools is just under 200mm diameter so you’re restricted in this aspect

If your tweens or teens love 3D printing, they will adore the Monoprice Voxel 3D printer. This is less like a toy and more like a professional, traditional 3D printing machine. So it makes a great ‘next step’ printer for those a little closer to adulthood.

It sports a wide range of features and printing options as well as a quick-swap printhead system. This allows kids to be more creative than ever before.

The power and flexibility this printer offers will allow kids and teens to make more intricate and complex objects.

  • Suitable for children and adults - Aimed for 13+ ages, adults can also take full advantage of this printer
  • Hassle-free design, set-up, and printing process - Easy to use for novices in the 3D printing world
  • Expensive - This is one of the costliest printers on our list

This is for children over the age of 13. Looking more like a microwave than a 3D printer, the Sindoh 3dwox dp200 3D printer is an innovative piece of equipment.

Not just aimed at kids and teenagers, but this is an ideal choice for any adult interested in 3D printing. The filament for this printer is located inside making it a little larger than others on the market.

The printer’s cube shape makes it much easier to place it on the counter beside you which is unlike open-designed printers that need extra space to access the covers and filaments. It’s available on Amazon now, so check it out!

  • Affordable - Its cheaper price tag makes it the perfect gift for your “not so” little ones
  • Wi-Fi connectivity - Lets children dial up a print object online and start printing quickly
  • Filament is used up quickly - Once used up, it can be quite difficult and expensive to replace the filament

Now for a more affordable option. The da Vinci 3D Printer is compact (6” x 6” print space) and this is what makes it a perfect choice for young aspiring printers.

There’s fantastic ease of use, and the printer includes Wi-Fi connectivity. This allows beginner users to dial up a print project online so it can get working in no time.

Also included is an environmentally friendly filament in the box. Many filaments in 3D printers can be toxic at high temperatures. With curiosity ruling many children, the safer the components, the better.

  • Compatible with various 3D object libraries - Can access a large spectrum of objects to print
  • Large design - Although a little cumbersome, this can print big objects allowing more creativity
  • Quite slow - May take a while to print off larger objects so be prepared to wait

The 3D20 printer from Dremel is one of the largest printers on our list. While its price tag is a little higher than others, this printer has excellent safety features to keep your children safe.

The 3D20 printer has a fully enclosed design so kids won’t trap their hands inside but it’s also flexible enough for teenagers and adults to enjoy to the fullest.

this printer can produce larger objects than many of its competitors. Along with reliable customer support from Dremel, you will never be stuck when using this machine.

Buyer’s Guide

Now you’ve taken a look at some of the best 3D printers available for children and young people, you might want to start narrowing down your search. Take a look at some of most important factors to consider when picking one out.


Think about the space you have free for the 3D printer. Some models can be quite large so you may struggle to fit them neatly in the corner of a room. Measure your available space and compare it to the printer’s dimensions before spending any dollars. Mini printers might be good option, especially if they have a small bedroom.

User-friendliness and safety

If the printer requires software (most do), then you should ensure it is up-to-date. This is so you can easily print without any potential problems. User-friendly printers will help you if you encounter any errors and can improve your overall print quality. Things like a touchscreen, a good sensor, and a built-in camera can help with ease of use and accuracy, as can auto bed leveling. You’ll also want a straightforward setup.

It must also be safe for children to use. Always opt for a printer that is made for children. Many have age restrictions so make sure you find this out first. Those with a fully enclosed design are the safest option as these will prevent your child from touching any area inside the printer that can be very hot.

Precision and quality

Some 3D printers create more accurate prints than others. If you want to get value for money, do some research into the device and how precise its printing results are. If you want the smoothest and highest-quality prints, you may have to stretch your budget somewhat but if your child just wants to make simple shapes and have fun, then the accuracy may not be so important. In both cases, you want something with a relatively straightforward learning curve.


What can my child make with a 3D printer?

Depending on the printer, the possibilities are endless! Some fun examples of toys to make include:

  • Spinning tops
  • Puzzles
  • Dice
  • Superhero figurines and dolls
  • Animals
  • Children’s tools and toolboxes
  • Skeleton
  • Miniature buildings

While many objects can be made for simple enjoyment, 3D prints can also be educational so making skeletons or building blocks can help your child learn about biology and engineering. Let your child’s imagination run wild and the adventure begin.

Are 3D printers safe for kids?

As we mentioned, safety is paramount when a child is using a 3D printer. The ideal models should have an enclosed design to prevent a child from accidentally making contact with the heated components inside. These can cause serious burns and injuries.

But not 3D printers that are targeted toward children are very safe and pose little risk to your child’s safety.

Are 3D printers safe for 12 year olds?

With the right supervision and a child-friendly product, 3D printers are a great and perfectly safe resource for children to get creative with. 12 years old is the recommended age for most budding 3D printers to get started! 3D printing will very likely be an incredibly important industry in the future – so introducing your children to the world of 3D printing early on is a great idea.

Our Verdict

Editor's Choice

Best 3D Printers For Kids

Specifically aimed at the younger user this is a 3D printer that keeps prying little fingers nice and safe. Getting kids interested in the whole maker movement is an admirable ambition. be aware though, they will always still need an adult nearby as 3D printing can be filled with frustrations as well as fun.