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Best 3D Printer Under $300 in 2022

3D printing on a modest budget
Last Updated on February 17, 2022
best 3d printer under 300

With 3D printing technology reaching relative maturity since its DIY-Kickstarter origins, the barrier of entry has lowered considerably. While the very best 3D printers stick cost a pretty penny, some of the better and useful technology has trickled down to lower-priced options. No longer is it a case of making some serious sacrifices to build quality, functionality, and features to keep costs down. A novice maker testing the waters for the first should find plenty to like in a budget printer.

That said, buying a $300 printer needs to come hand in hand with the right expectations. These are cheap, humble 3D printers. The reality is that they simply won’t perform as well as more expensive options, nor will you get the same convenient, user-friendly features, calibration, or versatility. Nevertheless, there’s plenty of value to be found here if you look in the right place.

To that end, we’ve trawled through the ever-swelling spread of 3D printers to pick out the very best priced under $300 and compiled them into this handy guide.

Products at a Glance

Our Recommended

Best 3D Printer Under $300 in 2022

  • Superb print quality for the price
  • Ease of assembly and use
  • Decent build volume
  • Tricky filament loading
  • Print quality
  • Semi-assembled
  • Filament sensor
  • 50 micron resolution
  • Loud printing
  • Build volume
  • Ideal for beginners and easy to use
  • Removable build plate
  • Ships completely assembled
  • Connectivity
  • Limited to PLA filament
  • Small build volume
  • Fully enclosed design
  • Out-of-the-box printing
  • Build volume
  • No auto-bed leveling
  • Limited connectivity
  • Dual extrusion
  • Multi-color/multi-material printing
  • Build volume
  • Auto bed levelling
  • Loud

Our Verdict

Editor's Choice
best 3d printer under 300

Best 3D Printer Under $300 in 2022

Our top recommendation for 3D printers under $300 is the Creality Ender 3 V2. A best seller for a good reason, it offers excellent print quality for the price, is easy to assemble, near-silent, and packages in a decent build volume.

Similarly impressive is the Anycubic Mega S. With good print quality, an enviable feature set including some choice quality of life specifications, beginners and seasoned makers should find plenty of value in this 3D printer.

For plug-and-print ease of use, it’s hard to go wrong with the sleek FlashForge Finder. The filament range is limited, but the printer makes up for this with reliable printing performance, superb connectivity, and plenty to please beginners that want to get up and print as soon as possible.

Those looking for an enclosed 3D printer should consider the QIDI Technology X-one2. Safe, versatile, and reliable, it’s a strong option for novices that want easy out-of-the-box printing.

Finally, our dual extrusion pick, the Giantarm Geeetech A10M, is hard to beat and has a feature set usually reserved for more expensive 3D printers, including auto-leveling and a generous 220 x 220 x 260 mm build volume for the price.

We’ll now wrap up our guide to the best 3D printers under $300. Feel free to drop into the comments section below with any questions or recommendations of your own.