Our 5 Best X570 Motherboards in 2021


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With AMD’s recent triumph in the CPU market, there are a lot of people out there who, for the first time in years, are considering jumping ship from Team Blue to Team Red.

The 3rd gen Ryzen lineup of CPUs brings multithreaded performance and high single-core clock speeds, unlocked motherboards and CPUs, high-quality cooling solutions out of the box, and overall better value. 

When you’re shopping for a motherboard that’s going to run high-frequency RAM and plan on overclocking your processor, it’s important to shop for high-quality products. Good, gaming-designated motherboards have better power delivery, providing XMP profiles for your RAM (a technology which allows you to run your RAM at high frequencies with a few clicks), and allowing you to reach good, stable overclocks on your CPU and GPU. 

Ryzen’s success wasn’t a secret, yet until Gen 3 processors were launched, Intel still had superiority when it came to high-end, enthusiast-oriented products. The Ryzen 3000 series addressed these issues, AMD outperforms Intel’s CPUs in both single and multicore tasks on both low and high-end chips. That being said, the only thing that’s keeping you from switching your CPUs is your motherboard. Let’s take a look at 5 of the best X570 motherboards that you can buy in Q4 2019. You’ll notice that our picks are limited to gaming-designated products.

While the aesthetic is a bit eccentric if you’re going for the clean, business look, you should know that gaming-branded components are built using better materials and have more safety and utility features included, giving you a better user experience.