How To Connect Canon Printer To Wi-Fi

Let’s look at the correct and simple way to connect your Canon printer to your Wi-Fi network.

How To Connect Canon Printer To Wi-Fi

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Canon printers are great devices that allow you to print photos from your smartphone, computer or tablet. They also offer other features such as scanning documents and copying images.

Most recent models will also allow you to connect to Wi-Fi so that you don’t need to use wires to connect your device to your printer.

Wi-Fi is a standard way to transfer data over a local network. It allows computers and mobile devices to communicate with each other without using cables. Today we’ll be looking at how to connect your Canon printer to your Wi-Fi connection.


Putting Your Printer On Your Wi-Fi Network

When wirelessly sending a document or picture to your printer so that it can print it out, you must make sure that both devices (the printer and the device in which the document is located) are on the same Wi-Fi network.

So, make sure that you know which Wi-Fi connection you are on and use it for all of your devices.



Connecting To Your Printer Through WPS Connection

This is the easiest way to connect your printer to your Wi-Fi, and it doesn’t take much time at all. To use this method, you will need to ensure that your router has a WPS button.

The router should also be WPA or WPA2 in terms of its security protocol, so check this is correct before going any further.

The first step is going to be to ensure that everything is turned on and running properly. Turn on your Canon printer, as well as the device that you are sending the document from. Now ensure that your router is on and has a stable connection to the internet from it.



Press The WPS Button

Press the WPS button on your router. Now move to the printer and touch the Home button on the touchscreen. Click and hold ‘Wi-Fi’, before pressing LAN Wireless Set Up and then OK.



Establishing A Connection

Now your Canon printer should be looking for a Wi-Fi network to connect to. Once a list of Wi-Fi names comes up, click on yours and type in the password.

Wait a few minutes before touching any of the components you are using to establish this connection. Printers tend to take a little while to properly connect to a Wi-Fi connection, and Canon printers are no different.


Printing With Your Wireless Printer

Now that you have successfully connected your printer to your Wi-Fi, printing with it should be easy.



Connecting Your Printer To The Wi-Fi

First, make sure that your Canon printer is connected with the Wi-Fi and has an established internet connection.



Device And Printer Folder

Now press the Windows key + R and type control/name Microsoft.DevicesAndPrinters in the text box that pops up. Click OK to open the Devices and Printers folder. Here you can click the Add Printer box and add your Canon by following the instructions that it gives you.




Click OK to finalize the connection between your computer and your Canon printer.

You should be able to now find the file that you want to print, select Print from the menu, and watch it come to life before your eyes.

What If Your Printer Doesn’t Work?

Some people have more difficulty with printers than others, and some machines require more diagnostics than others. This can be done by talking to Canon themselves to see if you can resolve the issue, or reading the literature that came with your printer.

This should have come with your printer, and it will often contain a Frequently Asked Questions booklet that will take you through a number of troubleshooting issues. Try these to ensure that your printer is not connecting to the Wi-Fi properly.

Once you have tried all of these and still have had no luck, contact Canon for professional advice.


In summary, connecting your printer to Wi-Fi is very simple. It does involve a bit of work, but once you get used to it, it’s really quite straightforward.

You will need to make sure that your Wi-Fi router has the correct tools to connect to your Canon printer. If it doesn’t then you will need to use a wired connection.

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