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Best All-In-One Printer In 2024

Last Updated on January 5, 2024
best all in one printer

If you’re looking for the best all-in-one printer, we’ve got you covered right here with our top picks.

Printers can have a great deal of importance in our lives. First, they are one of the most effective ways to get documents into and out of the digital realm. Second, in this day and age where it’s easier than ever to take pictures, it’s surprisingly much harder to get those pictures into our hands.

Of course, an unreliable printer can lead to lost time being put into its maintenance, which is why having one of the best all-in-one printers is so useful, as they provide scanning, copying, and faxing along with the regular printing. In this article, you will highlight some of the best all-in-one printers that are capable enough to provide a pleasant printing experience for everyone.

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Best All-In-One Printer In 2024

  • Excellent printing speed
  • Lots of connectivity features
  • Not so good for photo printing

Brother printers are widely known all over the world, as they are one of the leading companies in this market. Amongst Brother printers, the MFC series is one of their most famous. Of course, all of this leads us to this offering from Brother. It is an all-in-one laser printer, which supports 50-sheet ADF and a 250-sheet paper tray.

The printing speeds of this printer are top of the line, with a speed of 24 pages per minute; it also supports duplex printing. The quality of its prints are fairly good for a laser printer as it provides sharp text, although the image quality lacks the detail one would find with a high-end inkjet printer.

The printer offers a 3.7-inch touch screen and provides a lot of connectivity options including wireless, Ethernet, and USB. It also provides support for printing through Cloud services such as DropBox, One Note, and Google Drive.

  • Built for heavy-duty printing
  • Double-sided scanning
  • Copying speed is not very impressive

Canon is one of Brother’s primary competitors and both companies are doing very well lately. Canon MB5420 is an inkjet color printer that is targeted towards small businesses or home offices.

The printer provides single pass duplex printing and the Automatic Document Feeder has a 30-sheet capacity. There are two paper drawers at the front of the printer which can hold 250 sheets each. There is a 3.5-inch touch screen for user interface along with six big buttons.

The printing quality is quite good and even the image printing is really up to the mark when tested with glossy papers, but the results seemed a bit washed out on regular paper. The copying speed of the printer is a bit lower than that of the rated speed, which was a bit disappointing. This printer is built to withstand a lot of printing and one can do tons of printing without worrying about printer maintenanc

  • Low operational costs
  • Three page-input sources offer ease of use
  • Lack of Bluetooth support

Here we are with another Brother printer, the MFC-J6945DW, an inkjet color laser printer. It is a wide format printer with a maximum printing paper size of 18 x 11 inches.

The printer provides three trays for papers, two with a 250-sheet capacity and one with a 100-sheet capacity, leading to a total of 600 pieces. Along with a speed of 20 PPM, multiple connectivity options such as USB, Ethernet, Wifi-Direct, and Wifi; no Bluetooth, though, which is kind of weird.

This printer provides great printing quality as well. In particular, it is worth noting that the quality of its images is much better than similarly priced laser printers. Moreover, the printer is designed with operational costs in mind, which means that it will provide you much better operational costs than other printers.

  • NFC tap and print feature
  • Provides a USB port at the front
  • No duplex printing

The Samsung Xpress C1860FW is a laser color printer supported by HP and is a great alternative to the previously mentioned printers for home office use. It offers Ethernet and USB connectivity, but as far as connectivity goes, wireless connectivity is where it really shines, especially with Samsung’s phones. The NFC tap-and-print feature is also really handy– as is the front USB port.

At 19 PPM, the printing speed of this printer is quite good and its image quality is excellent much like the Brother MFC-J6945DW. This printer can handle up to 250 sheets in its paper tray; the output tray has a 100-sheet capacity.

  • Provides large color touch screen
  • Supports Apple AirPrint
  • Costly in terms of per page printing

The Canon Color ImageCLASS MF634Cdw is an all-in-one laser color printer which is a high-end MFP (multi-function printer). The printer provides a 150-sheet capacity for the input tray and another multipurpose tray for varied uses. The printer provides a 5-inch touch screen and offers duplex printing and scanning.

The printer has a rated speed of 19 PPM and the connectivity is quite good too, with special features like Apple AirPrintCanon Print Business, and Google Cloud Print. Oddly, it doesn’t support NFC.

The cost per print with this printer is quite high, which is why we have ranked it lower than some other printers, although the printing quality of this printer is quite much on par with those printers.

Buyer’s Guide

Buying a printer can be quite perplexing. There are a lot of companies offering high-end printers (and low-end printers), printers have a much higher failure rate than other computer-related products, and there are also a lot of different types of printers (inkjet, laser, etc). Therefore we have put up a guide for people who are considering to buy an all-in-one printer.

Laser Vs Inkjet Printer

First of all, you need to decide whether you need to buy a laser or an inkjet printer. The inner workings of these two printer types vary a lot.

In layperson’s terms, inkjet printers have a lot of nozzles which spray drops of ink onto the paper. Meanwhile, in laser printers, the paper is moved along a drum with toner particles. These particles get stuck on the paper and then the paper is passed through rollers. The heat and pressure of the rollers permanently fuse the toner particles to the paper.

Now, if you want a better blend of colors and beautiful-looking graphics, then the inkjet printers will suit you better, as their coloring capability is better than that of laser printers. Laser printers, on the other hand, have a faster printing speed than inkjet printers and their prints are much better in terms of longevity.

The cost of inkjet printers or the inkjet cartridges is usually lower than those of laser printers or toner cartridges respectively but the maintenance cost of inkjet printers is quite higher.

Color Or Monochrome Printer

Perhaps a more important distinction, but easier to make decision, is between color and monochrome printers. Obviously, color allows you to print in color and, as mentioned above, monochrome would be a single color, in this case, that color is black.

Ultimately, this is a pretty easy decision since most people just want color printers. However, if you don’t use color very much, there are a few advantages. For instance, monochrome printers are often cheaper and they usually print faster too.

Maximum Paper Size

The maximum paper size of your printer isn’t that important… until you suddenly need to print something on a piece of paper larger than the than A4 or US legal size standards, then you should definitely look for a printer which supports larger formats.

The standard maximum size of paper for printing is US legal which is 8.5 x 14 inches and most of the people have printing requirements equal to or lower than this size. Some of the printers provide support for printing papers with a size of 11 x 17 inches, which makes these printers known as wide format printers.

If you want to look at other paper sizes, go here.

Duplex Printing (And Duplex Scanning)

Duplex printing is when both sides of the piece of paper are printed on at the same time. Unsurprisingly, this can be an immensely useful feature that can save a lot of time. You might not need this particular feature right now but that might not be the case in the future.

Not all of the printers we mentioned above come with this feature and, as you’d expect, the duplex printing speed is lower than that of the single-sided printing.

While duplex scanning works way different on a technical level, it’s the obvious inverse of duplex printing: scanning both sides of the paper at the same time.

Printing Speed

Printing speed is a specification which greatly matters to people in offices, where a lot of printing is done on a daily basis; time is money after all.

If you don’t care to waste longer for your prints, then this is obviously pretty important (if you want to avoid work then it’s equally important… just in the opposite direction). Obviously, in this scenario, faster is better, but 15 PPM should be acceptable for most situations. A printing speed closer to 25 PPM would be considered towards the higher end.

If you’re a home user, however, you shouldn’t need to buy a high-speed printer (unless you’re running a small business from home) as the printing speed is one of the specs that most directly affects the price of the printer.


The connectivity of a printer can greatly affect its usability. A lot of modern printers provide wireless printing but other than that some of the printers offer other features as well such as cloud printing. This can be really important if you are going to be printing from a lot of different devices, whether it be an office with various computers or your own personal collection of phones, laptops, and tablets.

Is it better to get an all-in-one printer?

We’d say they’re worth it getting even if you don’t find yourself using the scanner regularly, but if you do want to save some money, there are plenty of print-only machines you can go for.

What is the lifespan of an all-in-one printer?

Generally speaking, you’ll likely looking at around 3 – 5 years, depending on how well you maintain it.

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best all in one printer

Best All-In-One Printer In 2024