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Best Brother Printer 2024: Top picks for small business & home

We break down the best Brother printers available today
Last Updated on January 5, 2024
Best Brother Printer

We’re big fans of Brother printers here at PC Guide: with a great range of products for an array of situations, and with prices of some printers under $100, there is sure to be a model for you – but what’s the best Brother printer? We’ve compiled our favorites into a simple list – so that if you need a new printer and love the Brother brand, you have an easy one-stop shop for all the best options. Whether you need a printer for the home, the office, or a hybrid of both; check out our picks for the best printer available now.

Products at a Glance

How We Choose the Best Brother Printer

We’ve extensively explored Brother’s lineup of printers and handpicked five different models based on their functionality, print quality, and speed. We’ve made sure to pick the best Brother printer for each use case: covering budget, large format, and office printers. 

Depending on your priorities, you may decide to opt for one model over the other. If all of our choices were outside your price range, Brother also made up just under half of our best printers under $200, so be sure to peruse them for a more budget-friendly model!

Our Recommended

Best Brother Printer 2024: Top picks for small business & home

  • Fast and efficient
  • Low cost-per-page
  • High paper capacity
  • Large footprint
  • Poor photo and graphics quality
  • Expensive

For a printer that ticks all the boxes, we’ve picked the MFC-L8905CDW as the best Brother printer. This model combines impressive print speeds with impressive print quantities and with an overall low cost-per-page. With plenty of versatile features, this is easily the best Brother printer for any application!

At 32 pages per minute, the MFC-L8905CDW is among the fastest printers we’ve encountered. It also offers multiple connectivity options that include USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, even Apple AirPlay, and other cloud-based services. There’s also a 3.7” LCD panel that lets you control the printer and monitor the print status conveniently. The generous paper tray can hold up to 300 sheets at once, and you can expand the capacity further to 1,000 pages with an optional secondary paper tray.

There’s little to dislike about the MFC-L8905CDW, but there are some things to mention: it is a very bulky printer, making it less suitable outside of an office environment. Similarly, though it is capable of photo printing, we wouldn’t advise it. LaserJet printers overall aren’t great for anything particularly graphics-oriented, and despite this model being a cut above the rest, it doesn’t quite compete with some other printers for graphic design. 

Overall, we still highly recommend the MFC-L8905CDW. Whilst it’s quite cumbersome and not rated for premium graphics printing, this jack-of-all-trades printer is still a great asset to anyone looking to do some serial printing!

  • Affordable
  • Large paper capacity
  • Poor choice for photos

The Brother MFC-J4535DW is a versatile machine that can handle all your printing, scanning, and copying needs. Ideal for offices, this is our pick for a highly affordable all-in-one print solution for those who need quality printing for general purposes. 

With a print speed of 20 pages per minute, the MFC-J4535 isn’t as fast as our top pick – but it can still put out prints at a very respectable speed. The dual 400-sheet paper trays mean that this printer can go a while without needing to be restocked. Coupled with high-yield cartridges, it’ll be some time before you need to change anything under the hood.

For everything document-related, the MFC-J4535 works well. However, for any photo scanning or color-intensive work, you may be disappointed in the results. We’d also recommend investing in some of the high-yield ink cartridges, as the ones that come as standard with the printer don’t last long at all.

But for an effective all-rounder that comes with Brother’s best features, this is a great choice. The MFC-J4535 is our favorite all-in-one printer from Brother!

  • Good printing speed
  • Good print quality on photos
  • Low page yield

We crowned this Brother printer as the best printer under $100 in our dedicated article, and for good reason! For a fraction of the price, Brother offers reliable and efficient printing of both documents and photos with the MFC-J1010DW. For a reliable print solution at a reliable price, this is our top pick for a budget Brother printer!

The MFC-J1010DW supports USB, wireless, and Bluetooth printing as standard; along with easy-to-use printing from the cloud. For standard documents, the print speed averages 17 pages per minute – slower than some, but commendable at this price point. It also does a better job with photos than some of our other picks: producing high-quality borderless photos with a great color gamut.

So why isn’t this the best Brother printer overall? Unfortunately, what you may save on the upfront cost may be funneled right back into the cost of ink. With a lower-than-average yield, the cost-per-page is higher-than-average, which can be frustrating for those who value efficiency. Those who value build quality may also be disappointed, as this model is a little flimsier than some of its older Brothers – not noticeably so for a layman, however.

That said, we still highly recommend the MFC-J1010DW as a money-saving printer that manages to pack a lot of value into a small price tag.

  • Good ink efficiency
  • Fast printing speeds
  • Good print quality
  • Small paper capacity
  • Built-in power cord

If you’re looking for a reliable home printer that can manage all your document-printing needs, then the MFC-J4335DW is your best bet. At an affordable price point and great ink economy, this Brother printer is a great addition to any household!

Employing a super-tank model for ink storage, this printer is very ink-efficient – perfect for families not wanting to add “ink” to the weekly shopping list. At 20 pages per minute, this printer may be a bit too slow for a busy office but should be more than manageable for most homes. This printer can be connected to wirelessly or via USB, and documents come out with great quality.

We do have some issues with the MFC-J4335DW, however. The power cord is built into the model, and is difficult to replace should it break. And whilst the printer is ink-efficient, the paper tray has a mere 150-sheet capacity, so make sure that you have spare paper nearby.

For an affordable home printer, however, there are far worse options than this entry from Brother. For day-to-day easy printing, this is a top choice!


  • Large-format printing
  • Supports Wi-Fi Direct
  • Can scan, copy, and fax documents
  • High cost per page

For a larger-format printer for documents up to 11″ x 17″, the Brother MFC-J5330DW is likely your best bet. Though it is significantly more expensive than many of the consumer-grade printers we’ve suggested, the value is on display with this compactly-designed print solution!

In terms of speed, the MFC-J5330DW has a print speed of 22 prints per minute – above-average for a printer of this type. We appreciated that this printer also prints double-sided by default, too. Alongside the 250-page input tray, there’s also a 50-page rear input for specialist media such as cardstock or envelopes.  With a built-in scanner and automated document feeder, the MFC-J5330 can turn your office or household into a productivity powerhouse. 

There is a catch, however. Aside from the rather upsetting price tag, the MFC-J5330DW also has a higher cost-per-page than average. The poor ink economy means this printer’s efficiency scales down in indirect proportion to its use. We wouldn’t recommend this printer for printing off any novels! Similarly, for anything larger than tabloid-size prints, we’d recommend a large-format printer.

Despite this flat, the MFC-J5330DW is still one of the best Brother printers available for consumers. With a versatile array of print sizes and media options, this printer is great for the occasional multimedia deliverable, alongside average document-printing desires!

Features and Considerations

There are a few points to consider when shopping for a Brother printer:

Print Quality

The primary variable to consider for print quality is the printing technology used. LaserJet printers are superior when it comes to text quality, while InkJet printers produce better-looking photos and graphics. Keep in mind that some toners produce even better-looking text documents. The same goes for the best Brother InkJet printers — sophisticated ink systems with 5+ cartridges tend to yield more color-accurate photos with better contrast.

Printer Size

Some Brother printers are large industrial-grade units, but most consumer-grade printers have quite a small footprint. Before choosing a printer, make sure to check the dimensions against the space you hope to store it!


If you are looking to run a cost-effective printer, the best way to measure that is via the cost-per-page statistics – the average cost of ink and paper for every sheet printed – listed with the product. This is measured in cents rather than dollars, thankfully, but make sure that you aren’t having to print constantly on an inefficient printer.

Are Brother printers better than HP?

Broadly speaking, the best Brother printers offer the best print quality and ink economy. On the other hand, HP printers are known for their reliability and generous warranties. 

How do I connect my Brother printer to my PC?

Depending on your model, there are numerous options for connecting your printer to a PC. The best Brother printers come with WiFi connectivity, meaning that your printer will be discoverable on your home network and you can easily send documents to print wirelessly. Otherwise, a wired USB connection is generally the next-best option, though it means your PC needs to be in close proximity to your printer.

Our Verdict

A reliable printer that is perfect for day-to-day use, the MFC-L8905CDW is our pick for the best Brother printer! Fast and efficient, this printer can easily keep up with the most heavy-duty document printing; and while the initial cost is high, this printer keeps ongoing costs low!

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